Nigel Harvey Head Teacher Personal Statement

Evidence shows that, overall, performance of disadvantaged pupils is lower than that of other pupils. This data indicates how well a school does at tackling this difference. Disadvantaged pupils are those who were eligible for free school meals at any time during the last 6 years and children looked after (in the care of the local authority for a day or more or who have been adopted from care).

School disadvantaged pupilsEngland state-funded schools other pupils
Progress in reading (score, description and confidence intervals) -1.7
(-6.0 to 2.6)
(0.0 to 0.0)
Progress in writing (score, description and confidence intervals) 1.3
(-2.9 to 5.5)
(0.0 to 0.0)
Progress in maths (score, description and confidence intervals) -4.3
Well below average
(-8.2 to -0.4)
(0.0 to 0.0)
Percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard 44% 67%
Percentage of pupils achieving a high standard 0% 11%
Average score in reading 102 105
Average score in maths 97 105

Details of our governors and staff are listed below, including Senior, Junior and Support staff.

Parents are asked to contact members of staff either by contacting the appropriate school Reception and leaving a message, or by e-mailing the staff direct to their personal e-mail address.  These are all

The Headmaster can be contacted through his PA, Miss Sue Abram, and the Chairman of the Governors can be contacted by sending a letter or e-mail to The Clerk to the Governors, Miss Alison Higgins at the College.


Dr John Renshaw


Mr Tony Green

Deputy Chairman

Mr Michael Baines

Mrs Gillian Braithwaite

Mr Simon Fairbank

Mr Neil Gardner

Mrs Tory Gillingham


Mr Joe Green

Mr Richard Guthrie

Mr Richard Marshall

Dr Ian Renwick

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mr John Rowlands



Senior Management Team

Mr Charles Ellison


Mr Chris Barker

Head of Scarborough College Prep School and Designated Safeguarding Lead for EYFS

Mrs Helen Devine Costa

Deputy Head and

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Simon Harvey

Director of Studies

Mr James Fraser

Assistant Head (Academic Administration)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Alison Higgins

Business Manager

Heads of Tier

Ms Lynda Powell

Head of Lower Tier (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Mr Phil Wilson

Head of Middle Tier (Years 10 and 11)

Miss Heather Ramsay

Head of Sixth Form

Teaching Staff

Mrs Heather Adams

Teacher of German

Mr Wayne Adams

Teacher of Games and Maths

Mr Stephen Adlam

Teacher of English

Dr Rui Chen

Head of Maths

Mrs Sarah Colbourne

Head of ICT and Teacher of Maths

Mrs Nicola Coombes

Learning Support Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fleur Corich-Hewison

Teacher of Art

Mr James Denton

Teacher of Biology

Mrs Helen Devine Costa

Teacher of Geography and Environmental Systems

Mrs Kate Ellison

Teacher of Games

Mr Peter Finch

Teacher of Maths and STEM

Mr James Fraser

Head of Science and IB Co-ordinator

Ms Bee Galway

Teacher of Drama

Mrs Sarah Grice

Head of English

Mr Simon Harvey

Head of Chemistry

Mr John Horton

Teacher of History

Mr Michael Jackson

Head of Economics and Business Studies

Dr Anne Kehrli

Teacher of Chemistry and Physics

Ms Rose Lavelle

Head of Learning Support

Mrs Helen Lay

Teacher of RE, Philosophy and Ethics

Mrs Rebecca Leeson

Director of Music

Mrs Catherine Lucas

Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Teacher of German and French

Miss Sarah Lusby

Teacher of Biology and Games

Mr Ralf Meijer

Teacher of German

Mrs Jackie Parcell

Teacher of Languages

Mrs Scarlett Pears

Teacher of LAMDA

Ms Lynda Powell

Teacher of English and Drama

Miss Heather Ramsay

Teacher of Games and Geography

Mrs Pascale Rigley

Teacher of English as a Second or Additional Language

Mrs Marta Robledo-Campbell

Teacher of Spanish

Mr Richard Robson

Head of Geography

Director of Co-Curricular Provision

Mr Richard Scott

Head of History

Mr Paul Sutcliffe

Head of Art

Mrs Julie Walsh

Teacher of English and Drama

Mr Peter White

Teacher of Physics

Mr Phil Wilson

Teacher of Business Studies, Psychology and Games

Boarding Staff

Mrs Janet Thomas

Boarding Administrator

Bankory House (Girls)

Mrs Marianne Harvey


Mrs Linda Pinkney

Assistant Housemistress

Mrs Fleur Corich-Hewison

House Tutor

Mrs Rebecca Leeson

House Tutor

Miss Heather Ramsay

House Tutor

Denys Crews House (Boys)

Mr Phil Wilson


Mr Brett Cunningham

Sports Person in Residence

Mrs Julie Walsh

House Tutor

Weaponness House (Boys)

Mr Michael Jackson


Mr Peter White

Assistant Housemaster

Mr James Denton

House Tutor

Willersley House (Girls)

Mrs Heather Adams


Miss Megan Oldcorn

Sports Person in Residence

Mrs Anne Kehrli

House Tutor

Mrs Janet Thomas

House Tutor


Miss Alison Higgins

Business Manager

Miss Sue Abram

Headmaster’s PA and HR Administrator

Mrs Gabrielle Askew

Healthcare Practitioner

Miss Sandra Barber

Minibus Driver & Transport Co-ordinator/Office Assistant

Mrs Allison Barnes

College Secretary

Mrs Amy Bays


Mr Nigel Croucher

Health, Safety & Facilities Co-ordinator

Ms Jackie Daly


Mrs Melanie D’Eath

Science Technician

Mrs Zoe Harrison

Director of Marketing

Mr Mick Hodgson

Minibus Driver

Mrs Julia Huby


Mrs Anna Lowe

Careers Officer

Mr Gary Mortimer


Miss Debbie Nelson

College Secretary

Mrs Linda Pinkney

Healthcare Practitioner

Mr Garry Price

Cleaning Supervisor

Miss Tara Reid

Accounts Assistant

Mr Jon Rewcroft


Mr David Simpson


Mr Paul Swinger


Mr Ben Taylor

IT Network Manager

Mr Ian Thompson

Grounds/Maintenance Supervisor


Mr Chris Barker


Designated Senior Person for Child Protection (BJS and EYFS)

Mrs Julie Barker


Teaching Staff – Juniors

Mrs Angela Bamford


Mrs Lucy Barnes


Mrs Fleur Corich-Hewison


Mrs Jane Eves

Year 3

Mrs Julie Grant

Year 4 – Maths, Games and Swimming

Mr John Horton

Year 6 – History

Miss Sarah Lusby

Years 4, 5 and 6 – Science

Ms Lynda Powell

Years 4, 5 and 6 – English

Mr Martin Richardson

Music Co-ordinator

Miss Vicky Stewart

Year 4 – Learning Support and Games

Miss Debbie Wallis


Mr Peter Wilkinson

Year 5 – IT and Geography

Teaching Staff – Infants

Mrs Hilary Brookes

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Caroline Brown

Year 1 and Head of Infants

Deputy Designated Senior Person for Child Protection (BJS and EYFS)

Mrs Emma Jones


Mr Rupert O’Neill

Year 2

The Pre-school

Mrs Jackie Hunter

Nursery Manager

Mrs Katy Agars

Deputy Nursery Manager

Mrs Jeanette Allport

Holiday Club Manager

Mrs Louise Brazil

Nursery Assistant

Mrs Nicola Feasey

Nursery Assistant

Mrs Lynda Johnson

Nursery Assistant

Mrs Emma Pickering

Nursery Assistant

Mrs Mary Stockill

Nursery Assistant


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