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Kamma (caste)
Kamma (Telugu: కమ్మ) or the Kammavaru are a caste or social group found largely in the Southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. They constitute about 7% of Andhra Pradesh and 5% of Tamil Nadu population and in significant numbers in Karnataka. The Kamma population was 795,732 in the year 1881 [1]. In the last decades of the previous century some of them migrated to other parts of the world, particularly to the USA, UK and Australia.

There are many theories about the origins of the word "Kamma" and the social group known as the Kammas but none is conclusive.

Buddhist origin
The theory is that the people who lived in the Krishna river valley, where Buddhism prevailed, got the name from the Theravada Buddhist concept of Kamma (in Pali) or Karma (in SanskritThis region was once known as Kammarashtram / Kammarattam / Kammanadu, which was under the control of the Pallavas, Eastern Chalukyas and Cholas .Inscriptions mentioning Kammanadu are available since 3rd century C.EAccording to some historians the Kammas existed since the time of the Christ

Kambhoja/Pallava origin
Some historians opined that the name Kamma is probably derived from Kambhoja, an ancient Aryan warrior clan. Avadh Bihari Lal Avasthi comments as follows: We find Kambhi, Kamma, Kumbhi etc castes in South India. Possibly, there has also been a Kamboja country in Southern India. The Garuda Purana locates a Kambhoja principality/settlement in the neighborhood of Ashmaka, Pulinda, Jimuta, Narrashtra, Lata and Karnata countries, and also specifically informs us that this section of Kambojas were living in the southern part of India.

pulinda ashmaka jimuta narrashtara nivasinah

carnata kamboja ghata dakshinapathvasinah[

Kurmi origin
Another origin of Kammas is speculated as: Buddhist Kurmis from the Gangetic plains migrated to the Krishna river delta in large numbers to escape the persecution of Pushyamitra Sunga (184 BCE)Buddhism was already flourishing in Dharanikota, Bhattiprolu, Chandavolu etc in this fertile area Historians surmised that the Sanskrit word Kurmi/Kurma became Kamma in later years The first records of the word Kammarashtram appeared in the Jaggayyapeta inscription of the Ikshvaku King Madhariputra Purushadatta (3rd century CE)Kammarashtram extended from the Krishna River to Kandukur (Prakasam Dt.). The next record was that of Pallava King Kumara Vishnu II followed by that of Eastern Chalukya king Mangi Yuvaraja (627-696 CE). The subsequent inscriptions of Telugu Cholas/Chodas and Kakatiya dynasty mentioned ‘Kammanadu’ This region is also known as Pallavanadu/Palanadu/Palnadu due to Pallava rule.

The kings and military persona of Kammanadu started using the title Nayaka/Nayakudu from 10th century onwards as observed in many inscriptions There are about 1200 Kamma surnames (Intiperu) which are discernible from this time. The surnames and Gothras of Kammas and Velamas were catalogued by Badabanala Bhatta in 1068 CE The names of the ancestral villages were adopted as Gothras. This shows that the ancestors of Kammas and Velamas were either Buddhists or Jains who did not follow Gothra system and that both the social groups had a common history. The historical reasons for the dichotomy of the two groups are not known, although many stories abound[]. The inscriptions of many Kamma Nayaks mentioned that they belong to Durjaya clan (Vamsa)]. For instance, the inscription (1125 CE) of Pinnama Nayudu in the temple of Sagareswara in Madala village mentioned that he belonged to Durjaya clan and Vallutla Gothra Another inscription (1282 CE) in the same temple mentioned that Devineni Erra Nayudu, Kommi Nayudu and Pothi Nayudu belonged to the lineage of Buddhavarma, Durjaya clan and Vallutla Gothra The inscription at Ravuru mentioned that the bodyguards of Queen Rudrama Devi, Ekki Nayudu, Rudra Nayudu, Pinarudra Nayudu and Pothi Nayudu belong to Durjaya vamsa and Vallutla Gothra. ] It is worth mentioning here that many of the martial clans of Kammas belong to Vallutla Gothra []. Many of the Telugu Chodas of Kammanadu had relations with Eastern Chalukyas and later with Kakatiyas. According to many inscriptions and “Velugotivari Vamsavali” Kammas with surnames such as Yalampati, Sammeta, Maccha, Choda, Vasireddy, Katta, Adapa etc., belong to Choda-Chalukya ancestryThe Vasireddy Clan had a title “Chalukya Narayana” Historians surmised that by the end of 10th century Durjayas, Chodas, Chalukyas and Haihayas of Kammanadu merged into Kammas.

Medieval history

The division of warrior class into many castes and their consolidation commenced during the time of Kakatiya king Rudra I (1158-1195 CE). Badabanala Bhatta prescribed Surnames and Gothras of Kammas. The affiliation of Kammas as a caste to the ruling dynasties could not be ascribed till 11th century. Traces of evidence were found in the inscriptions of Telugu Cholas/Chodas of Velanadu starting from Gonka I (1075-1115 CE), found in many places in Kammanadu. The Dharanikota kings (1130-1251 CE) who belonged to Kota clan of Kammas had marital alliances with Telugu Cholas. Similarly, Kota kings married the women from Kakatiya dynasty (E.g., Kota Betharaja married Ganapamba, daughter of Ganapati Deva). The Kakatiya Ganapati Deva married the sisters of Jayapa Senani, a warrior hailing from Diviseema ]. Jayapa Nayudu is also well known for his contributions to the field of Indian dance (1231 CE)] and was the head of the elephant corps in the Kakatiya army. Around this time many other warriors from Kammanadu joined the forces of the Kakatiya dynasty.

Kakatiya period
Kammas grew to prominence during the Kakatiya dynasty's reign (1083-1323 CE) by also holding important positions in their army. One of the most famous commanders during the time of Rudrama Devi and Prataparudra II was Saagi Nagadeva who played a prominent role in warding off the attack of the Yadava king of Devagiri. Nagadeva’s son Ganna Mantri, also called Ganna Senani or Yugandhar, was a great warrior and a patron of arts and literature. Ganna was the commander of Warangal fort. He was captured, converted to Islam and taken to Delhi along with Prataparudra[34]. Subsequently, he rose to the exalted position of 'Wazir' in Delhi durbar and was sent to rule Punjab[35][36]. Poet Maarana dedicated his Markandeya Puranam to Ganna (Malik Maqbul)[37]. Nagadeva’s other sons Ellaya Nayaka and Mechaya Nayaka were also valiant fighters. Another warrior of repute was Muppidi Nayaka who went on an expedition to Kanchi, defeated the Pandya king and merged it with Kakatiya dynasty in 1316 CE. In prolonged battles with Muslims between 1296 and 1323 CE. thousands of Kamma Nayakas perished along with others, in the defense of Warangal. The inhuman atrocities perpetrated by the aliens on Telugu people later prompted two Kamma chieftains, Musunuri Prolaya Nayaka and Musunuri Kapaya Nayaka, who served the Kakatiya king Prataparudra, to raise the banner of revolt[.After the fall of Warangal they united the Nayaka chieftains, wrested Warangal from the Delhi Sultanate and ruled for 50 years ]. (Musunuri Nayaks)

Vijayanagara period
Subsequent to the martyrdom of Kaapaaneedu (Musunuri Kapaya Nayaka) many Kammas migrated to the Vijayanagara kingdom. During the reign of Sri Krishnadevaraya Kammas belonging to thirty seven Gothras were living in the city of Vijayanagar[Kamma Nayaks formed the bulwark of Vijayanagara army and were appointed as governors in many areas of Tamil Nadu[]. Their role in protecting the last great Hindu kingdom of India was significant.Some of the prominent commanders who achieved fame were:

Pemmasani Thimma Nayudu was the commander of Vijayanagara army which fought and won the battle of Gulbarga (Kalubarige) in 1422 CE. The grateful king Devaraya II made him the governor of Gandikota (Cuddapah)Thimma Nayudu constructed a large number of temples and tanks in the Rayalaseema region. The Gandikota Kammas kept the Muslim rulers like the Bahmanis at bay and protected Telugu land for a long time to come.
Pemmasani Ramalinga Nayudu was the most favourite and chief commander of Sri Krishna Deva Raya[46]. The battle of Raichur was won by Ramalinga during which thousands of Kamma warriors perished. The exploits of Ramalinga were extolled by many poets Portuguese historian Nuniz referred Ramalinga as ‘Camanayque’ in his writings[.(Pemmasani Nayaks).
Other illustrious clans which won laurels in Vijayanagara Empire were the Ravella Nayaks and Suryadevara Nayaks. Many commanders of these clans fought and protected the honour of Telugu country[49].
Kammas controlled large swathes of southern and northern Tamil Nadu for several years under the title of Nayacker or Naicker or Naidu, which was a legacy of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Zamindaris of Ilaiyarasanadal and Kurivikulam in Tamil Nadu belong to Pemmasani families[
Martial clans: Many clans belonging to Kamma social group figure prominently in the battles during Vijayanagara era and in the subsequent years. Some of these clans include Pemmasani, Matcha, Vasireddy, Konda, Kodali, Sammeta, Choda/Chode, Dasari, Alamandala, Adapa, Suryadevara, Nadendla, Veliseti, Sakhamuri etc[The most prominent Kamma commanders in Krishnadevaraya’s army belonged to Suryadevara, Vasireddy, Pemmasani, Ravella and Sayapaneni clans.

Golkonda period
Vijayanagara kingdom underwent very difficult times after the battle of Tallikota in 1565. Pemmasani Nayaks, Ravella Nayaks and Sayapaneni Nayaks steadfastly helped the Araviti kings in keeping the Muslims at bay. It took another 90 years to consolidate the Muslim power in Andhra country with the capture of Gandikota in 1652. Kamma nayaks migrated in large numbers to the Tamil region. During the Golkonda period, the Sayapaneni Nayaks (1626-1802) ruled Dupadu region as vassals of the Golkonda sultans ]. Gangappa Nayudu, Venkatadri Nayudu and Rangappa Nayudu were famous among them. Ibrahim Qutb Shah captured Kondavidu in 1579. Rayarao, his Maratha commander, appointed Deshmukhs and Chowdarys in 497 villages. Some of the prominent Chowdarys belonged to Dasari, Kosaraju, Paruchuri, Ravella and Vasireddy clans. The usage of the title ‘Chowdary’ in coastal Andhra Pradesh commenced at this time.

Vasireddy Sadasiva Nayudu ruled Nandigama paragana from 1550 to 1581 He was granted the paragana by Ibrahim Qutb Shah of Golkonda. According to Mackenzie, Virappa Nayudu was appointed as Deshmukh of Nandigama paragana in 1670. Chinapadmanabha Nayudu got a grant of 500 villages from Abul Hassan Tanisha in 1685.[ He built a fort at Chintapalli and ruled it until 1710 CE. His successors ruled until 1760. During this period the French and the British were trying to gain control of the Andhra country. Jaggayya ruled Chintapalli from 1763 onwards. He was killed by French troops sent by Basalat Jung, brother of the Golkonda Nawab in 1771. Jaggayya’s wife Acchamma committed Sati. Jaggayya’s son Venkatadri recovered Chintapalii in 1777 and earned fame as a benevolent and illustrious ruler ]. (Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu and Vasireddy Clan). The British gained control of Andhra by 1788 from Golkonda Nawabs. Another Kamma principality during Golkonda period was Devarakota with Challapalli as its capital. Its ruler, Yarlagadda Guruvarayudu was subdued by Abdullah Qutb Shah in 1576. His successors ruled as vassals of Golkonda till the French took over in 1751 and later the British in 1765.

British period
By the end of 18th century the British East India Company had consolidated their rule in Andhra. The armies of Zamindars and Deshmukhs were dismantled and only the power of tax collection was left intact. The well-known Kamma Zamindaris under the British rule were Muktyala, Chintapalli (Amaravati), Mangalagiri, Challapalli, Devarakota, Kapileswarapuram, Nandigama etc. These Zamindars encouraged modern education by establishing many schools and libraries.

Modern history
After the decline of major kingdoms, Kammas controlled large fertile areas in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, as a legacy of their martial past. The British recognized their prominence and made them village heads(Talari) also known as Chowdary to collect taxes. The association of Kammas with the land and agriculture is legendary. The martial prowess of Kammas was put to good use to tame the lands in modern times. There are many proverbs in Telugu language which speak of the Kammas’ adeptness in agriculture and their emotional attachment to the soil. For example: Kammavani Chetulu Kattinaa Nilavadu (Though you tie Kamma's hands he will not be quiet) and Kammavaariki Bhumi Bhayapaduthundi (The earth fears Kammas)[.English historians like Edgar Thurston and noted agricultural scientists like M. S. Randhawa eulogized the spirit of Kamma farmers [58] [59].

Construction of dams and barrages and establishment of an irrigation system in Godavari and Krishna river deltas by Sir Arthur Cotton was a great boon to the Kamma farmers. Availability of water and the natural propensity for hard work made the Kammas wealthy and prosperous[The money was put to good use by establishing numerous schools and libraries and encouraging their children to take up modern education. Among the non-Brahmin communities, Kammas were one of the first to take to education in large numbers[61]. Over a period of 10 years, in Guntur District alone, 130 High schools and hostels were established by their initiative. The zamindars of Challapalli and Kapileswarapuram founded many schools and libraries. In the modern times, the pace of the growth in wealth accelerated due to their enterprise and notable achievements in business, real estate, farming, arts and movie industry, education, medicine, engineering, media and high technology[

The Kammas of Tamil Nadu who are the descendants of migrant commanders of Vijayanagara empire have also excelled in the cultivation of black cotton soils and later diversified into various industrial enterprises, particularly in CoimbatoreIn the recent past, enterprising farmers migrated to other regions such as Nizamabad, Raichur and Bellary (Karnataka), Raipur (Chattisgarh) and Sambalpur (Orissa) and bought lands. In the past fifty years, the enterprise of the Kammas has profoundly influenced every aspect of social, economic and political life of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and the country in general. The contribution of Kammas to the economy of the state of Andhra Pradesh is significant[68].

With the power of knowledge and education, a large number of Kammas have migrated to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. This migration is continuing unabated.


In total Andhra Pradesh, presently the largest Kamma community are found in Khammam, Prakasam,Guntur and significant numbers in Krishna district and West Godavari districts of Coastal region and in large numbers in Chittoor, Khammam, Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Anantapur, East Godavari, Nizamabad kadapa, kurnool, Nellore and Visakhapatnam districts in Andhra Pradesh; Bellary and Bangalore districts of Karnataka; and Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Kovilpatti, Madurai, Virudhunagar, Theni, Karur, Dindigal, North Arcot and South Arcot districts of Tamil Nadu.

Some of the prominent Kamma Zamindaris in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are:

Challapalli - Yarlagadda Clan
Chintapalli/Amaravati - Vasireddy clan
Kapileswarapuram - Sri Balusu clan
Muktyala - Vasireddy clan
Melkalathuru (Old Arcot Dt) - Bollineni/Bollini Clan
Kurivikulam (Tirunelveli Dt) – Pemmasani clan
Ilavarasanandanan (Tirunelveli Dt) – Ravella clan
Neikarapatti (Dindugal Dt) – Pemmasani clan

Several Kamma surnames that end with 'neni' denote the descent from an ancestor having the title 'Nayakudu/Nayudu/Nayuni'. Other surnames indicate the villages to which the persons originally belonged to. Kammas use different titles in different regions such as Chowdary, Naidu, Rao and Naicker. In Tamil Nadu and Southern Andhra Pradesh, Naidu is commonly used. Naicker title is used in the areas south of Coimbatore district. However, Telugu speaking Kapu, Velama and other communities also use the titles Naidu and Naiker in Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, respectively.

According to the census of British India (1891) there were six divisions viz., Peda Kamma, Godachatu Kamma and Illuvellani Kamma (Krishna, Guntur, Anantapur and North Arcot districts); Bangaru Kamma (North Arcot); Vaduga Kamma (Coimbatore) and Kavali Kamma (Godavari districts)[In addition, divisions such as Gandikota Kamma, Gampa Kamma and Macha Kamma also exist. In modern times these divisions have all but vanished.

While most of the Kammas are Hindus there were conversions to other religions/schools of thought such as Christianity, Atheism, Buddhism and Islam.

Kammas are politically active, especially in the Coastal Andhra region of Andhra Pradesh and parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. During the twentieth century a number of leaders like Prof N.G. Ranga, Kotha Raghuramaiah, Gottipati Brahmaiah, Moturu Hanumantha Rao and Kalluri Chandramouli played prominent roles in the national freedom movement. Several Kammas were also attracted to leftist ideals and joined the Communist Party. It was a strong political force in the state until the mid sixties. Many wealthy Kammas willingly relinquished their lands and actively worked for the land distribution reforms. This helped many landless individuals attain middle class status and brought about greater economic development of the state as a whole rather than to just one particular community. We are witnessing the benefits of this sacrifice now in the state as Andhra Pradesh has developed into an economic hub. However, their affinity towards the Communist party in the early days led them to lose political clout along with the diminished influence of the Communist party throughout the world.

During the 1980s, they again played a key role in state and national politics with the inception of the Telugu Desam Party by its then President Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao also called as NTR Nara Chandrababu Naidu gave a progressive direction to Andhra Pradesh and won global recognition to the Telugu language and the state of Andhra Pradesh[71]

The Kammas are at a crossroads, today. A large number of families has already transplanted themselves to urban centres in India and abroad. Their enterprising nature and hard work created a class of ‘neo-rich’. In villages, land reforms forced many Kammas to give away their lands to the government. Subsequently, land holdings got fragmented and presently most of the Kammas living in rural areas are small farmers. The vagaries of weather and a lack of good "support prices" made agriculture unremunerative. Loss of interest in agriculture and the lure of urban environment have only exacerbated the situation. There are impending signs of a gulf developing between the rural and urban Kammas. Development of collective and corporate agriculture in the near future may obviate this possible scenario ................................................................
Source: Wikipedia

List of famous Kammas

'Kaviraju' Tripuraneni Ramaswamy : Rationalist, Social reformer and writer
'Tenugulenka' Tummala Seetha Rama Murthy : Telugu poet.
'Rasarekha' Suryadevara Sanjiva Dev : Popularly Known as Sanjiva Dev. An eminent painter, writer, philosopher, art critic and above all an aesthete. He was a rare personality among Telugus. His works can be found at Roerich Museum in New York.
'Kalaprapurna' Pandita Kotha Satya Narayana Chowdary : Wrote about 70 books; Famous for his critic of Ramayana Kalpavruksha of Viswanatha Satyanarayana.
Tripuraneni Gopi Chand : Telugu novelist, short story writer, editor, essayist, playwright and film director. Gopichand's writings are remarkable for an interplay of values, ideas and 'isms' - materialism, rationalism, existentialism, realism and humanism. He is celebrated for his second novel 'Asamardhuni Jeevita Yatra' which is the first psychological novel in Telugu literature.
Dr. Nagabhairava Koteswara Rao : Telugu expert for Sahitya Akademi from 1988-1992. Published 17 works characterized by altruism and universal love, with special concern for the downtrodden. Famous among them are Kavanavijayam (Play), Kanneetigadha and Toorpu Vaakillu (Poetry)
Vasireddy Seetha Devi : An acclaimed writer in Telugu. She has published around 40 novels and 10 short story collections. Mattimanishi is one of her best novels which is a landmark in modern Telugu fiction.
Prof. Tumati Donappa : Mecca of researchers, Linguist and former Vice Chancellor, Telugu University. Noted authority on the Semantics and Philology of Telugu language. Famous Literary works - Balala Shabdaratnakaram, Telugu Mandalika Shabdakosam, Vaikrapada Swarupa Nirupanamu, Andhrula Ana Asalukadha and Harikadha Sarwaswamu.
Prof Chekuri Rama Rao : known as CHERA for the literary world. Literary Critique and a famous scholar in Dravidian Linguistics. Visiting Faculty, Cornell University, USA.
Prof. Velcheru Narayana Rao : Krishnadevaraya Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Telugu expert and literary critic.
Chilukuri Narayana Rao : Well-known Lexicographer, historian and scholar. Published "Andhra Bhaashaa Charitram" (1937) and a revised version of Sankaranarayana's English - Telugu Dictionary.
Dr. Medasani Mohan : Satavadhani and the celebrated Philomath, Director of Annamacharya project at TTD, Tirupati.
Mikkilineni Radha Krishna Murthy : Character artist (Films). Did important research in Theatre and Telugu folk arts - Teluguvari Janapada Kalaaroopaalu, Andhra Naatakaranga Charitra, Nataratnaalu etc. Founder member of Prajanatyamandali.
Popuri Lalita Kumari : Known as Olga. Distinguished Feminist writer. Her works include Sweccha, Sahaja, Manavi, Kanniti Keratala Vennela and Gulabeelu.
Koduri Kousalya Devi : Popular novelist
Kalyan Chakravarthi Kanakamedala : An expert viola player, poet, and scholar.
Papineni Siva Shankar : Poet with progressive ideals.
Vaddera Chandi Das (a.k.a. Cherukuri Brahmeswara Rao) : Professor of Philosophy, S. V. University; Novelist and Sahitya Academy Award Winner.
Satysudhi Ratna' Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu : Poet, Scholor and an authority on Srimadandhra Maha Bharatamu, Translated Rabindranadh Tagore's Geetanjali into Telugu and authored Geetabhignanamu
Kondaviti Venkata Kavi
Yetukuri Venkata Narasayya
Tummala Seetarama Murty

Prof N.G. Ranga (Gogineni Ranganayakulu) - An outstanding Parliamentarian, who rendered remarkably selfless service for the cause of the farmers. Also an educationist and freedom fighter. In his honour and memory Agricultural University of Andhra Pradesh is named after him. Entered Guinness Book of World Records as a Parliamentarian with 50 years of service. Served as Professor of Economics at Pacchayappa college, Madras.
Prof. Yalavarthi Nayudamma - Internationally recognized organic chemist who made important contributions to the development of leather industry. Served as Director, Central Leather Research Institute (Chennai), Director General, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (Delhi), IDRC: International Development Research Center (Canada) and Vice-Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
Prof. Vallabhaneni Sita Rama Das - Internationally reputed Botanist (S. V. University).
Prof. M V Naidu - Internationally reputed Virologist (S. V. University).
Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu - Radical humanist and intellectual with progressive ideas; Pioneer in rural development.
Ravi Arimilli CTO (Chief Technology Officer IBM) - IBM Fellow and Chief Architect. Largely responsible for development of the Power5, he is one of the most prolific inventors in the world, being awarded 78 patents in 2002 and a further 53 in 2003. He has won IBM's Inventor of the Year award each year since 1998. He is also the youngest IBM fellow. He has 300 patents to his name and is currently listed among the top 10 patent holders alive in the USA.
U. V. Warlu (Uppala Venateswarlu)- Eminent Electroncis man and was one of the founders of ECIL and catalyst for the growth of electronics industry in A.P., One of the team members of first Indian Nuclear reactor at BARC, Bombay. Managing Director for Central Electronics Ltd. Chairman of Electronic Development Corporation (APEDC). Also the CMD fo APEL, MACE and member of several other central government bodies working on electronic component development, solar energy, material sciences.
Veeragandham Kameswara Rao - Advisor and ITU Expert to the UN organization International Telecommunications Union.
Narla Tata Rao - Legend in Electrical technology; Chairman of APSEB.
Prof. B. V. R. Chowdary - One of the world's leading experts in the field of Material Sciences & Solid State Ionics. Presently working at National University of Singapore. Awarded with the highest French Civilian Honours - Officer in the order of Academic Palms.
Prof.Tummala Madhava Rao - Renowned Statistician; Padma Vibhushan Recipient. He was honored by the US President with the prestigious National Medal of Science “as a prophet of new age” with the citation, “for his pioneering contributions to the foundations of statistical theory and multivariate statistical methodology and their applications, enriching the physical, biological, mathematical, economic and engineering sciences”.
Prof. Yarlagadda Nayudamma - World Renowned Paediatric & Neonatal Surgeon based at Govt. General Hospital, Guntur. Noted expert in the surgical management of Conjoined twins.
Prof. Kakarla Subba Rao - An outstanding Radiologist of global reputation. Recipient of 'Padma Sri' and one of the Founder members of TANA. Former Director of NIMS, Hyderabad.
Dr. Lavu Narendranath - Padmasree in recognition of his work in Poliomyelitis affecting children
Mr. Kamineni Srinath - Reputed Orthopaedic [Sub speciality-Elbow] Surgeon working at Imperial college, London (Senior Lecturer) and Visiting faculty to Mayo Clinic, USA.
Dr Gullapalli Nageswara Rao - Distinguished Chair of Eye Health, LVPEI, Hyderabad.
Dr Mullapudi Venkata Ratnam - Noted Cardio thoracic Surgeon. Founder of Mullapudi Cardiac Research Center in Hyderabad.
Dr Kancherla Ravindranth - Noted Surgical Gastroenterologist. Established Global Hospital, the exclusive institute of Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic Surgery at Hyderabad.
Dr Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary - Founder Chairman of VSNL Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited, Chairman of Pragna Bharati, A.P. IT advisor to Govt of A.P, Satyam & TCS.
Prof.Myneni Hari Prasada Rao - Padma Vibhushan recipient. Famous nuclear physicist.
Dr.Ancha Srinivasan - Leading authority in the fields of Climate Change and Crop Sciences at Institute for Golbal Environment Strategies and Geospatial analysis center at Sapporo, Japan.
Dr Vasireddy Sri Krishna - Vice Chancellor of Andhra University during 1949-1961. Oxford Graduate and a well-known economist who paved the way for the development and vast expansion of the university during his tenure.Former Chairman of UGC.
Chalasani Rao - Wall Street Journal has named him the top investment strategist in 1992 and 1994. A guest speaker on numerous television programs including CNBC, CNN-FN and national and international radio programs. Investment Adviser to many Fortune 500 companies.
Herr Patibandla Chandrasekhara Rao - Judge at International Court of Justice, Hague, The Netherlands. Acting President of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, United Nations.
Avula Samaba Siva Rao - Former Chielf Justice, High Court of Andhra Pradesh. President of first Lokayukta. Former Vice Chancellor of Andhra University.
Dr Nutakki Bhanu Prasad - Padmasree, Former ONGC Chairman who palyed significant role in the development of Indian Petroleum industry.
Dr.Anumolu Rama Krishna - President (Operations) and Deputy Managing Director, L&T (Larsen & Toubro) Ltd. Vice-Chairman of Construction Industry Development Council, Govt. of India.
Prof Avula Manjulatha - Vice Chancellor of Potti Sriramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad. As a Director of Telugu Akademi she compiled number of Dictionaries & Glossaries.
Prof Kotha Sachidananda Murthy - Padmavibhushan, Former Chairman of UGC and Vice-Chancellor, S. V. University, Tirupati; Respected philosopher (Buddhist Philosophy).
G.R. Damodaran - Father of modern education. Former Vice Chancellor of Madras University. Founder of the first private sector Engineering College in India (Coimbatore, Tamilnadu).
Dr.Subbian - First Vice Chancellor of Bharathiar University, Tamilnadu.
Dr. Bala Guru Swamy - Former Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Tamilnadu.
Dr.Velaga Venkatappaiah - Eminent Personality in Indian Library Sciences movement.
Dr G. Bakthavathsalam - Padmashree, Famous Surgeon, K. G. Hospital, Coimbatore.
C. R. Swaminathan - Member, Tamilnadu Planning Commission.
Dr.Kodali Vara Prasad - Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE, USA). First Asian to hold the Secreatry for IEEE. Former Deputy Secretary, Deartment of Electronics, Govt. of India
Dr. I. V. Subbrao - Padmasree, Vice Chancellor of Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University. Current President of Indian Science Congress.
Prof. Vallurupalli Seeta Raghavendra Rao - Former Dean and Professor of Molecular Biophysics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore; Recipient of Hari Ohm Ashram Award.
Prof. Vajja Sambasiva Rao - Deputy Director, BITS, Pilani and Director, BITS, Hyderabad.
Kalagara Samba Siva Rao-Educationist-Principal of Hyderabad Public School,Begumpet for over a decade.
Parvataneni Harish - Acting Chief, Policy Analysis Unit, United Nations Relief and Works Agency.
Nuthakki Ranga Prasad - Former President of The Hyderabad Stock Exchange and among the few key persons instrumental in setting up the Inter-Connected Stock Exchange Ltd at Navi Mumbai.
Katragadda Lalitesh - Google Senior Member of Technical Staff (Co-founder of Google India) joint center. Head for Google’s R&D.
Valluri Rao - Intel Fellow and Director of Analytical and Microsystems Technology in Intel's Technology and Manufacturing group. Rao holds 46 issued patents, 3 Intel achievement awards and has published more than 20 external and 10 internal papers.
Satya Nadella - Corporate Vice President responsible for leading the Product Group within Microsoft Business Solutions.
Madhu Yarlagadda - Director of Engineering, Communications Products, Yahoo!.

Rama Krishna Velagapudi - Industrialist (KCP Group) and ICS officer.
Harish Chandra Prasad Mullapudi - Industrialist and founder of Andhra Sugars.
K.V.R. Chowdary - S.R.M.T Industrial conglomerate comprising Road trasport, Motor manufacturing and TATA dealership for South India.
Ch. Ravindra - Gopal automobiles.
Chitturi Jagapathiramayya - Industrialist - Srinivasa hatcheries.
S.B.B.K.Satyanarayana Rao - Industrialist - Sarvaraya group of companies.
Jasti Sri Krishna Murthy - Industrialist, Chairman, HBC Group & General Secretary, Vignan Jyothi Educational Institutions
Dr. M.V.V.S. Murthi - Industrialist, Founder of VBC Group and Founder/President of GITAM.
Rajendra Prasad Maganti - Soma Enterprises - National Infrastructure Industry.
Rajagopal Lagadapati - Lanco Group - Construction, Hydel Power, Software & Film Production.
Koneru Rajendra Prasad - Trimex Group (Dubai/India); The Middle East & Indian Subcontinent's largest industrial raw mineral conglomerate.
P.B.Anand - Archean Group - Industrialist (Salt,Minerals & shipping).
Pothula Ramarao - Industrialist - Chairmen Southern Rocks,MLA Kondepi.
Murali Mohan Maganti - Jayabheri Group - Real Estate and Film Production.
Samba Siva Rao Rayapati - Jayalakshmi Group - Tobacco, Cotton and Tea Trade.
Challa Rajendra Prasad - Continental Coffee Limited, Coffee processing & exports.
M. Yugandhar & C.Pardhasaradhy - Karvy Consultants, premier integrated financial services provider, and ranked among the top five in the country.
Chowdarayya Sadineni - Dhanalaksmi Group- Cotton & Tobacco Trading.
Ram Chandra Naidu Galla - Amara Raja Batteries.
Venkata Subbaiah Naidu Gogineni - Mica Mines & Gold Mines.
Punnaiah Panda - Navabharat Ferro Alloys & Beardsell Ltd.
Venkateswara Rao Yamparala - Chilli baron.
K.L.N. Prasad - Andhra Jyothy, Lakshmi films, MD, Andhra Bank before it was nationalized.
Yarlagadda Venkanna Chowdary - Freedom Fighter, Industrialist; President, Andhra Chamber of Commerce; Film Producer; Recipient of President's Gold Medal ('Nammina Bantu').
Jai Ramesh Dasari - Vijai Electricals Ltd
Lokesh Machines Limited - Mullapudi Lokeswara Rao.
Satya Narayana Chowdary Yalamanchili - Sujana Group Of Industries (Padmini fans, Power generation, Heavy Engineering etc).
Suresh Kumar Bandi - Vizag Profiles - Steel Trading & IT Industry.
V. C. Nannapaneni - NATCO Pharma.
Krishna Ella - Bharat Biotech.
Venkat Jasti - Suven Pharma.
Radha Krishna Murthy Jetty - Jetty's Pharmaceuticals.
Ravindranath Tagore Ravi - Krebs Chemicals.
Potluri Ramesh Babu - SMS Pharmaceuticals
Prasad Nimmagadda - Matrix Labs.
Murali Divi - Divis Labs.
Samba Siva Rao Kavuri - Progressive Constructions.
Lingamaneni Satyanarayana - ECIL RAPISCAN LTD
Venkataswamy Nannapaneni - J. V. R Constructions.
Dasari Vinod - Chief Operating Officer, Ashok Leyland Ltd
R.P. Rammohan - Energy Auditor
Nageswara Rao Nama - Madhucon Constructions.
Nageswara Rao Vallurupalli - Southern Engineering Works (SEW) Constructions.
Rama Krishna Potluri - Siticable, Pioneer of A.P.'s cable TV sector.
Prabhakara Rao Mandava - Nuziveedu Seeds.
Colonel Ranga Rao Narne - Narne Estates
Venkateswarlu - Kakatiya Cements.
Sheshagiri Rao Jasthy - Suvarna Cements.
Krishnama Naidu Dhondapati - Kaluga EME / Associate Power Team.
Anjaneyulu Kakkera - Trinetra Super Markets.
Hanumantha Rao Paruchuri - Pragati Offset Printers.
Dr. Jayaram Chigurupati - Zenotech Labs
Dr. S. P. Vasireddy - Vimta Labs
P.S.C.Bose (late) - Navata Road Transport.
Rajasekhar Devineni - One of the 500 richest in India for Year 2005.
Krishna Prasad Chigurupati - Granules India Limited; Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Formulations Intermediates.
Seenaiah and Ramayya Bollineni - B. Seenaiah and company - Constructions and Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences.
Sridhar Kamineni - Oil Country Tubular (OCTL)
Krishna Prasad Tripuraneni - Spartek Ceramics.
Dr. G. N. Naidu - Regency Ceramics.
Venkata Rao Muppana - Venkat Rao and Company - Constructions - Vishakapatnam and Goa
Madan Mohan Yalamanchili - MD of Capital IQ India.
Raj Koneru -; Founders of Intelligroup and a venture capitalist.
Srinivas Kommareddi
Sudheer Koneru - Sum Total Systems
Arjun Valluri - Chairman, Lanco Global Solutions; Founder of Intelligroup.
Anil Kumar Jampala - Vice-President, Satyam Computer Services.
Madala Sudhakar - JanaChaitanya Housing Ltd.
Mr Cherukuri Harish & Kodali Srinivas - Priyadarshini Spinning Mills Ltd.
Nara Chandrababu Naidu - Heritage Foods.
Alluri Venkateswara Rao - Avanti Feeds; Aqua Industry.
D. Ramakrishna - Efftronics Systems, IT services.
Abburi Vidyasagar - Avantel, IT services
Valluri Venkatesh - Agilent Technologies.
Parvathaneni Subash Chandra Bose - Navata Road Transport.
Kambhampati Rammohan Rao - Laxmi Motors (Laxmi Hyundai).
Valluripalli Prabhu kishore - Varun Motors.
Modepalle BabuRao - G S B Forge.
Yarlagadda Harish Chandra Prasad - Malaxmi group - Infrastructure/Power generation.
Krishna Murthy Koneru - Vijaya Ferroalloys.
Yarlagadda Krishna Mohan Chowdary - Hellosoft.
Chinta Visweswara Rao - Navayuga group of companies.
Ramakrishna Musunuri - Macro Media Digital Imaging.
Karunendra Jasti - Stypack (P) Ltd & EC Member FAPPCI
Bellam Kotaiah - Tobacco exporter & Industrialist.
Damacherla Anjaneyulu - Tobacco exporter, Industrialist & Ex. Minister of Endowments.
T.V. Choudary - Chairman & Managing Director, SAHITYA HOUSING PVT.LTD
G.D. Naidu - Coimbatore's spirit of entrepreneurship, United Motor Service (UMS) owner; Inventor and philanthropist.
Dharma Veera Annur K. Govindaswmay Naidu - K. G. Group from Coimbatore - K G Denims
G. Kuppu Swamy Naidu (Neerukonda) - Lakshmi Mills (Textiles), Coimbatore.
P. S. Govinda Swami Naidu (Kakarla) - Owner of the PSG Group, industrialist, educationist and philanthropist.
G.V. Govinda Swamy Naidu - Founder of SV (Sri Venkatesha) group of companies (Textiles, Papermills etc). His son-in-law Dr. V.Genguswamy Naidu was the founder president of World Telugu Federation.
Sadhu Rama Swamy Naidu - (Jayavilas Group) Biggest Yarn exporter and Transportation giant - Chennai and Arupukottai.
Suguna Poultry - Udumalpet, Coimbatore Dist. - Poultry Chain
Pioneer Hatcheries - Pongalur, Coimbatore Dist. - Poultry Chain
Crystal Hosieries, Tirupur
D. Vijay Mohan - Pricol, Automotive Instrumentation, Coimbatore.
L. R. G. Naidu - ELGI Equipments, Coimbatore.
Super Spinning Mills - Hindupur and Coimbatore.
Rajshree Pathy - Managing Director of Rajshree Sugars Limited. Contributor to INDIAN EXPRESS.
Rajendran and brothers - CRI Pumps, One of India's largest Pump and Motor manufacturers.
L. G. Balakrishnan - ROLON Chains and Sprockets - L. G. Balakrishnan & Bros, Coimbatore.
S. Karivardhan - Lakshmi Mills; Motorsports pioneer
D. Bala Sundaram Naidu - Founder of TEXTOOL company. He laid foundation for Coimbatore's engineering & industrial growth.
N. Durai Swamy Naidu - Founder DPF,Coimbatore. Pioneer in pump manufacture. President of Southern India Engineering Mfrs. Association for two decades
L. G. Varatharaj - ELGI Equipments, Engineering products and Air Compressors, Coimbatore.
G. K. Devarajulu - Founder of Lakshmi Machine Works, the largest textile machinery manufacturer in India
M. Audiseshaiah - Srinivasa Enterprises, Engineers & Architects Chennai.
Krishna Mikkilineni - CEO, Honeywell International India Pvt Ltd, Subsidiary of Honeywell Inc.
Cherukuri Basavapunnaiah - Chairman, United Telecoms Limited - Telecom, Electronic and Utility systems.
G. Manohara Naidu - Lahari Audio, Bangalore.
Gogineni Damodara Naidu - SPM India Ltd, Bangalore.Special Purpose Machines / Test Rigs, Jigs & Fixtures and Hydraulic Clamping Devices.
K. Ananda Rao - Anupama Group, Bangalore.
J. S. R. Prasad - Greenesol Power Systems Pvt. Ltd.Turbo-Machinery and Power Plants.
S. V. Narasaiah - Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt. Ltd - Vacuum Equipment.
Movva Associates - Construction, Management and Ad agency.
RamaKrishna Maganti - H.R.Manager, Bose Software Systems.
Subba Rao Anumolu - ASR International Corp., Technology and systems to protect the United States' airports, waterways, railroads and highways. Homeland Security Department.
Srinivasa Daggubati - Synerzy Software Solutions (USA)
Murali Atluru - Diversified Technology Consultants(Privately owned $33 million company) - Environmental Engineering consulting.
Sudhakar and Srikanth Raavi - Sonic Systems(USA).
Srini Madala - Softsol USA Inc.,
Ramesh Kodali - OBT Global, Consulting & Management Firm.
Sachin Tummala - Corpus Inc, IT solutions firm
Chand Akkineni - Softpro Systems,Software solutions,High-end techmology base.
Sri Myneni - Knoah Solutions, offshore outsourcing services (BPO).
Venu Myneni - Radiant Systems Inc , Software Service organization
Srikrishna Devabhaktuni - Tropos Networks, proven market leader in delivering metro-scale Wi-Fi mesh network products and services.
Chiplogic - Hari Surapaneni/Roshan Gudapati/Navakrishna Akkineni(now senior VP of BenQ America)/Satya Narayana Prasad Sakhamuri (Sold to Analog Devices for $100 million in Year 2000).
Madhusudhan Tata - Amity Business Group(USA)
Ashwani Jasti - Camo Technologies., multivariate statistical software space.
Suneil Mandava - Mobile Aspects, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions
Krishna Yarlagadda - Hellosoft: (USA/India)., leading provider of high-performance communications software
Koteswara Rao Yedla - Yedla Management: Owner of Hotels in North Alabama (Privately owned more than 7 Hilton based Hotels)
Jayaramarao Komati - Swagath Group of Hotels
Prasad Mandava - Co-Founder and CEO of Visual Collaboration Technologies, Developers of VCollab - Leading Visual COllaboration Tools Company for the science, engineering and manufacturing industries. Recipient of Sir CV Raman Award from Council Of Karnataka Science and Technology - 1998.
Rao Kamineni - Ritenet, IT and Telecommunications services
Viswa Mandalapu - Vision Systems Group, IT solutions to Pharma Industry.
Srinivasa R Arikatla - AJEL Technologies; IT services
Jalaiah Unnam - AS&M Inc., Research and engineering firm specialized in advanced technologies.
Nagesh Challa - Ecrio Inc, Instant communication solutions
Chowdary Yalamanchili - CNC Investments Ltd.
Sean Yalamanchi - Info Vision Consultants, global software and engineering services.
Dr. Gandhiji Yalamanchili - Albany Gastroenterologists Inc.
Ramu Yalamanchi - Sona Networks Inc.
Venu Myneni - Radgov; IT solutions
Ravi Tripuraneni - Aviation Technologies International; Aircraft Development.
Babu Rao Mandava - Indotronix International Corp., IT solutions.
Raj Atluru - Konarka Technologies Inc, Power plastic Manufacturing
Sudhakar Kosaraju - The Crescent Group; Healthcare.
Raj Kosaraju - Maxil Technology Solutions Inc, Innovative Information Technology solutions
Srinivas Kudaravalli - Key Solutions, Inc. IT services and Application Service Provider.
Ramesh Cherukuri - Statdata Inc, high quality, low cost medical transcription
Madhu Kodali - Kodenet Inc, IT firm.
Rao Yarlagadda - KAS Rugs - Floor coverings & Textiles.
Sai Devabhaktuni - Loral Space & Communications - Satellite services and satellite manufacturing
Suresh Vallabhaneni - Adagesoft Corporation; IT services
Suresh Kottapalli - iSpace; BPO Solutions.
Manohar Chapalamadugu - Mantra Group Inc
Hari K. Valluru and Kiran Vallurupalli - Redsalsa Technologies; IT services provider
Vinai Kolli - Team F1 Inc.,leading-edge, high-performance embedded networking and security software components for wired and wireless applications.
Babu Mandava - Beceem Communications, semiconductor solutions for the wireless broadband market.
Ashok Atluri - Zen Technologies, High-end multimedia weapons simulator for security forces
Raj Vattikuti - CEO of Covansys; Philanthropist
Raj Kumar Velagapudi - Sold Innova solutions to Nes Technologies of Israel for $25 Million
Gopi Chand Tummala - MD of TeraSoftware Pvt Ltd
Ram Yalamanchili - TANA Regional Vice President, Founder of Discover Travel
Rao Cherukuri - Capricorn Pharma, Maryland.
Kamal Gogineni - Techquest International, leading provider of global infrastructure management solutions
Sarath Boyapati - Alphasoft Services, CA
Dasari Ravi Kumar - Singapore Book of Records Holder for being the first IT professional in Singapore to receive the National Excellent service award. Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) - IT Professional of the Year award winner. Featured as "The Global Indian" for Dec 2005 & Jan 2006 in The Global Indians e-Zine published from New Zealand.

Civil Servants
P. L. Sanjeeva Reddy, I.A.S
Chadalawada Umesh chandra, I.P.S
Nimmagadda Surendra Babu, I.P.S
Kode Durga Prasad, I.P.S
K. Gautham Kumar, I.P.S
Jasti Venkata Ramudu, I.P.S
Aluri Venkateswara Rao, I.P.S
Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan, I.A.S
M. Malakondaiah, I.P.S
P. Appa Rao, I.P.S
A. Ayyeswara Rao, I.I.S
Atluri Koteswara Rao, I.A.S
Nandamuri Krishna murthy (Ex-Director,Singareni collieries)
J. V. Ramudu, I.P.S., I.G Hyderabad
Narasimhappa I.R.S - Income Tax Commissioner, Karanataka
E. Damodar, I.P.S
Dr. C. R. Naidu, I.P.S

Kamineni Hospital, L.B.Nagar,Kingkoti,Narkatpally
L.V. Prasad Eye Hospital, Hyderabad
Medwin Hospital, Nampalli
SriRanga Hospital,Sivam
KIMS (Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences), Begumpet
Image Hospitals, Ameerpet, Madhapur
Global Hospital, Lakdi-ka-pool
Nikhil Hospitals, Srinagar colony, Dilsukh Nagar
Usha Mullapudi Cardiac Centre, Zeedimetla (Gajularamaram)
Rainbow Children Hospital, Banjara Hills
Vijaya Super Speciality Hospital, Secunderabad
Healingtouch Pediatric Super Speciality Hospital, Secunderabad
Mythri Hospital, Ameerpet
Rama Fertality Clinic, Ameerpet
Seven Hills Hospitals
Pinnamaneni Care Hospital, Siddarthanagar
Nagarjuna Hospital, Kanuru
Sibar Cancer Hospital, Edupugallu
Ramesh Cardiac Hospital, Near: Layola College
Y.V.Rao Cardiac Hospital, Labbipet
Charitha Sree Hospital, Suryaraopet
Vijayawada Superspeciality Hospital
Andhra Hospital,Nakkal Road
G.K.N.M Hospital
Ramakrishna Hospital
P.S.G. Hospitals
Arvind Eye Hospitals -Coimbatore,Madurai...

Raja Venkatadri Naidu Vasireddy - He built many temples in Amaravathi, Mangalagiri, Chebrolu, Ponnuru, Vijayawada, Srisailam and other places.
Rukminamma Achanta - Chief donor of bulidings and constructions of Guntur Medical College, Guntur; Minister in Madras Presidency.
Vallabhaneni Seetharamaiah - Built library & study halls in Vennanapudi, Krishna (Dt.) Andhra Pradesh. Lead of communist party in Gudiwada
Kuppuswamy Choudary Jagarlamudi - Donor to many educational institutions.
G.D. Naidu (Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu) - Founder of many institutions in Coimbatore.
Raj Vattikuti - CEO of Covansys - Largest Donor in Detroit - Donated USD $ 40 Million to William Beaumont Hospital for research on Breast and Prostate cancers. (The $40 million will be donated over a period of 10 years.)
N. Chinna Swamy Naidu- He built the outside pragaram, compound wall and thirupani of Marudhamalai Murugar Temple in 1957 by sheer hardwork, collecting donation from public and also help from his long time friend famously known as Vadavalli Gounder.

Sports personnel
Raman Subba Row Panguluri - Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1961, Test player for England between 1958 and 1961,now an ICC match referee.
Pullela Gopichand - Former all England badminton champion
Koneru Humpy-Former World junior chess champion.
Chetan Anand - Asian Badminton Champion
Pentela Hari Krishna - Former World junior chess champion
Achanta Sharath Kamal - Table Tennis Player.
MSK Prasad Mannava - Cricket - Wicket Keeper
J. Anand - Former Formula 3 Champion (Jaya Automobiles - Automotive Design Company).
Shyam Sundar - Volley Ball. Arjuna Award winner; Indian Captain
Susheel Narla- Tennis Player. Indian National Champion 1996. Represented India in Davis cup 1997. First A.P., person to win the Indian National Men's singles title and the Indian Masters by the age of 19.
Narain Karthikeyan Kakarla - First Indian on the Formula 1 circuit. Grand son of P. S. G. Naidu of Coimbatore. [
V.R.Naren Kumar - 5 time National Rally Champion.(Team MRF & Team JK)
N.Leela Krishnan - 7 times National Rally Champion (Team MRF)
P.V.V Sharada(Badminton) Winners Indian Senior Badminton.

Narla Venkateswara Rao - Eminent Journalist and Parlimentarian, known for his innovations in journalism. Editor of two weeklies - Andhra Prabha & Andhra Jyothy. Gave prominence to not only political issues but also to social, economic, industrial and educational issues and thus laid new trends in journalism.
A.B.K.Prasad- Chairman of the Official Language Commission. Editor of many dailies such as Eenadu, Andhra Jyothy, Andhra Bhoomi and Udayam. Noted for his acerbic and non-partisan editorials.
Ramoji Rao Cherukuri - Indian media baron and Head of the Ramoji Group. Known as the Man with a Midas touch. He is an entrepreneur who has set standards in the print, television and the film industry.
Radha Krishna Vemuri - Managing Director of Andhra Jyothy.
Vemuri Balaram- Owner and Editor of Swaati weekly.
Venkatadri Ravipudi - Founder and Editor of 'Hetuvaadi' monthly.
Velicheti Ravi Prakash -CEO TV9
8. Kolluri Koteswara rao- Editor,Telugu Vidyardhi
9. Kolla Srikrishna rao- Editor, Vhaava veena
10. G.V.V.Satyanarayana Murty-Editor,Psychology (monthly)

Former M.Ps:
Gogineni Ranganayakulu (N.G. Ranga) - Guntur.
Kotha Raghuramaiah (Tenali) - Ex union law minister
Pamulapati Ankineedu prasad - Ex union minister
Kolla Venkaiah (Ongole).
S.P.B.K.Satyanarana rao - Ex Union minister ( Rajahmundry).
Bholla Bhulliramaiah - Ex Union minister (Eluru).
Parvathaneni Upendra - Ex Railway Minister (Vijayawada).
Vadde sobhanadreeswara Rao - (Vijayawada).
Maganti Ankineedu former - (Machilipatnam).
M.V.V.S.Murthy - (Visakhapatnam).
Yemparala venkateswara Rao - (Guntur).
Kota Sadaiah - (Narasaraopet).
Daggubati Rama Naidu - (Bapatla).
Daggubati Venkateshwar Rao - Rajyasabha member.
Thammineni Veerabhadram - (Khammam).
Raja Gopala Naidu - (Chittoor).
Yalamanchili Shivaji - Ex Rayjasabha member.
Yadlapati Venkat Rao - Ex Rajyasabha member.
Dasari Nagabhushanam - Ex Rajyasabha memner.
Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu
Yalamanchili Radhakrishna Murthy - Ex Rajyasabha member.
Kambhampati Rammohan Rao - Ex Rajyasabha member.
Nadendla Bhaskar Rao - (Khammam).
Manchu Mohan Babu - Rajyasabha member.
Rayapati Sambasiva Rao (Guntur).
Lagadapati Rajagopal (Vijayawada).
Kavuri Sambasiva Rao (Eluru).
Daggubati Purandreswari Devi (Bapatla) - Union Minister for Human Resources Development.
Renuka Chowdary (Khammam) - nion Minister for Women and Child Welfare.

Sir Raghavendra Rao Edpuganti - Prime minister of Central Paraganas (Current day Madhya Pradesh).
Muni Swami Naidu Bollina - Prime minister of Common Madras Presidency during 1938-42; Renowned Lawyer.
Basava Punnaih Makineni - One of the stalwarts and foremost theoreticians of the Indian Communist movement. Affectionately known as Comrade MB, he was among the outstanding leaders of the glorious Telangana people’s struggle and along with Comrade P. Sundarayya, was deeply involved in the organisation, execution and conduct of the Telangana struggle.
Chandra Rajeswara Rao - Freedom fighter, eminent socialist and long time general secretary of the Communist Party of India.
Satya Narayana Koratala - Marxist Ideologue and Polit Bureau member of the Communist Party of India.
Raghu Ramaiah Kotha - Minister in Nehru, Lal Bahadur Sastry and Indira Gandhi's cabinets.
Hanumantha Rao Moturi - CPI(M) Polit Bureau Member and Editor of Prajasakti Daily since its inception.
Bala Gangadhra Rao Lavu - Despite coming from a landlord background, Comrade LBG’s Communist life was one of simplicity and unflinching commitment to the cause of liberating the exploited in the country. He served the party in various capacities: Member of the Polit Bureau, Member of the Central Committee and Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh state committee.
Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR), Founder of Telugu Desam Party and Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Pradesh
Nagabhairava Jayaprakash Narayan - Former IAS officer who resigned the post to establish Loksatta, a Reformist political party.
Nara Chandrababu Naidu - Former Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.
Venkaiah Naidu Muppavarapu - President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, 2002-2004
V. Raghavulu Bodapati - Present Secretary of the A.P., state Communist party
Trinadthrao Lavu - Future minister from Nuzvid, Krishna.
Venkatramaiah Lanka - Future minister from Gudivada, Krishna.
Paritala Ravindra - Former minister from Penugonda,Ananthpur.[
Karanam Balaram - Former M.P., now M.L.A.
Chandra Mouli Kalluri - Minister in three provinces: Madras, Andhra and Andhra Pradesh.
Venkata Ratnam Kakani - Former Minister, Govt. of A. P.,
Venkatramaiah Alapati - Former Minister, Govt. of A. P., and Freedom Fighter.
Venkata Ratnam Bikkani - Former Minister in Madras Government; Freedom Fighter.
N. P. Chengalaraya Naidu - Senior Congress parliamentarian from Chittoor.
Bhaskara Rao Nadendla - Former Chief Minister of A. P.,
Veeraiah Chowdary Dhullipalla - Former minister, Govt. of A.P.,
Kondaiah Chowdary Divi - Former minister, Govt. of A.P.,
Hanumantha Rao Gottipati - Former minister, Govt. of A.P.,
Venkata Ramana Devineni - Former minister, Govt. of A.P.,
Ram Bhupal Chowdary Vemula - Former minister, Govt. of A.P.,
Ravindranath Chowdary Maganti - Former minister, Govt. of A.P.,
Siva Prasada Rao Kodela - Former Minister, Govt. of A.P.,
Upendra Parvathaneni - Former Minister in Union Cabinet.
Ankineedu Prasad Pamulapati - Former Minister in Union Cabinet.
S. Rama Devi Vadlapatla - Former Governor of Karnataka and Former Chief Election Commissioner.
P.S. Rama Mohan Rao, IPS - Former Governor of Tamil Nadu.
Daggubati VenkateswaraRao-Former MInister,Presently M.L.A.
Venkateswara Rao Mandava - Former Minister, Govt. of A. P.,
Keshav Payyavula - M.L.A. A. P.,
Muddu Krishnama Naidu Gali - M.L.A. A.P.,
Lakshmi Prasad Yarlagadda - Former Member, Rajya Sabha. Recipient of Central Sahitya Academy Award & "Padmashree".
Lakshmaiah Naidu Kommi - Well known politician, Nellore.
Peda Rataiah Makineni - Former Minsiter,Guntur.
Damacharla Anjaneyulu - Former Minister, Govt of AP (TDP).
Potala Rama Rao - M.L.A. A.P.,
Edara Haribabu - Ex.M.L.A. Ongole & Chairman NTR Kalaparishat.
Gorantla Butchayya chowdhary - Former Minister, Govt of AP.
Garapati sambasiva rao - Former Minister, Govt of AP (TDP).
Boddu Bhaskara Ramarao - Ex M.L.A. A.P.,
Chittori Ravindra -M.L.A. A.P.(cong) and Ex M.P.
S.B.B.K.Satyanarayana Rao - Former central minister (BJP).
Koneru Konappa - MLA (Sirpur Khagaznagar) (Congress).
Thamminei Verabhadhram MLA (Khammam) (CPM).
Maganti Babu (Venkateshwarlu) MLA (Cong)(Denduluru).
Kodali Nani (Venkateshwra Rao) MLA (TDP)(Gudivada).
Devineni Nehru ( Rajshekar ) - MLA (Cong) (Kankipadu).
Devineni Umamaheshwar Rao (Uma) - MLA (TDP) (Nandigama).
Yerneni (sadhu) Subrahmanyam - Ex-MLA (gudivada), A freedom fighter, one among the 70 people(team) selected by Gandhiji in Dandhi march.
Musunoori Kasturi - Ex-MLA(Gudivada)

Yerneni Raja Ramchandhar - MLA (Cong) (Kaikuluru).
Yerneni Sita devi - Ex-MLA (TDP) .
Pinnamaneni Venkateswara Rao - Minister (Cong) (Mudhinapalli).
Koneru NageshwarRao - Ex-MLA (TDP) (Kothagudem).
Thammineni Nageshwar Rao - Ex-Minister (TDP) (Sathupalli).
Kondabala Koteshwa Rao Ex-MLA (TDP) (Madhira).
Bodepudi Venkateshwar Rao - Ex-MLA (CPM) (Madhira).
Puvvada Nageshwar Rao - Ex-MLA (CPI) (Khammam).
Alapati Rajendra Prasad - Ex-Minister (TDP)Guntur.
Nannapaneni Raj Kumari E- Minister - (Guntur).
Gogineni Uma - Ex-MLA (Tenali).
Nadendal Manohar MLA - (Cong) Tenali.
Gadde Rammohan - Ex- MP, Vijayawada (TDP).
Donepudi Ramesh Babu Ex-MLA (TDP) Warangal.
Galla Aruna Kumari - MLA (Cong) Chandragiri.
Nara Rammurhty Naidu - Ex - MLA Chandragiri.
Dasari Balavardhan -Ex- MLA (TDP) DIST Krishna.
K. V. Narayan Rao -Ex -MLA (TDP) (Sirpur Khgaznagar).
Rachakonda Shoba - EX -MLA (Madanapalli).
Bollineni Seenaih - EX - MLA (BJP) - Nellore.
Yellamanchai Nageshwar Rao - EX -MLA (TDP) - Kankipadu.
Raavi Venkateshwar Rao - EX - MLA (TDP) Gudivada.
Gottipati Ravi - MLA (Cong).
Devineni Mallikarjun - MLA.
Nandamuri Harikrishna - Ex- Minister.
Dhullipalla Narendra Kumar - MLA (TDP) Ponnuru.
Paritala Sunita - MLA (TDP) Penugonda.
Y.Anjaneyulu -EX- MLA (TDP) Sathenapalli.
P.Pulla Rao - EX- MLA (TDP) ChilakalooriPeta.
87. Vundavilli Satyanarayana Murty (Rayavaram munsiff) EX-M.L.C

Dr. K. Nagarajan, M.Sc, Ph.D - MLA (DMK) - Vadamadurai - Dindigul
Mundluri Ramappa (Minister for Energy)
Gundarapu Aswartha Reddy (Previous Home Minister)
M.Raghupathi (Minister for Education)
Sandra Gopinath (Minister for Housing)
Mundluri Divakar Babu ( Minister of State for Rural Devalopment & Panchayat Raj)
Katta Subrahmanyam Naidu, BJP (Minister of State for Small Scale Industries)
G.Thippa - MLA
Bandi Krishna Murthy - Minister of State for Health (BJP)- Chattisgarh State

Film industry
(Chakrapani): Venkata Subba Rao Aluri - Chakrapani & Nagireddy duo of famous Vijaya Productions.
(L V Prasad): Lakshmi Vara Prasad Akkineni - Dadasaheb Phalke awardee. Director, Producer, Film lab and IMAX owner. L V Prasad Eye Institute, World class hospital in Ophthalmolgy is named after him in Hyderabad.
Ramanaidu Daggubati (Guinness Book of Records lists him as the prolific producer with 100 films under his banner "Suresh Productions")
Madhusudhana Rao Dukkipati - (Annapurna Art Pictures).
Anumolu Venkata Subba Rao (Prasad Art Pictures)
Sathyam Musunuri(Jaihind Sathyam)-Producer&Still Photographer
Aswini Dutt Chalasani - (Vyjayanti banners.)
Swapna chalasani -(Swapna Media d/o Aswini Dutt)
Pundarikakshayya Atluri (Producer & Actor)
Purna Chandra Rao Atluri - (Lakshmi Productions)
V. B. Rajendra Prasad - (Jagapati Art Pictures).
Bhagyaraja - (Tamil film producer & Actor).
K.L Narayana -(Durga Arts).
Siva Rama Krishna Burugupalli - (Producer & Industrialist).
Gopi Chalasani -(Gopi Art Pictures).
D. Kishore
G. Adiseshagiri Rao - Producer and Chairman, A.P. Film Development Corporation.
G.Ramesh Babu - Padmalaya Studio
Krishna Mohan Rao Kovelamudi - R.K.Film Associates
(Vani) Venkateswara Rao Kakarla - (Producer & Distributor -Vani Film Distributors, Asiatic Traders - Johnson & Johnson distributor).
Visweswara Rao Koganti - (Panchavati Chitralaya & Padmaja Pictures).
Srinivas Rao Katragadda - Freedom fighter and Producer (Navayuga Films )
Yarlagadda Ramesh Prasad - Saradhi Studios
Subbiah Naidu - Central Studios, Bangalore
Venkatesh - Rockline Productions,Bangalore
K. S. Rama Rao - Creative Commercials
Sridhar Lagadapati - Lanco group of companies
M. L. Kumar Chowdary
Kiran - Gemini TV.
Rama Lingeswara Rao Nandigam
Babu Rao Pokuri - (Eetaram Films).
Sravanti Ravi Kishore Polineni - Producer and Charterd Accountant.
Bharadwaja Tammareddy - Producer and Director.
Krishna Murthy Tammareddy - Freedom fighter and Producer (Saradhi Studios and Ravindra Art Pictures).
Surya Narayana Babu Uppalapati
Ramesh Vallurupalli - Maharshi Cinema
Ramesh Vadde -(Vijaya Madhavi Combines).
Devi Vara Prasad (Tarakarama Banner)- Devi Kamal Movies
Lal Mohan Mullapudi (Sindooram)
Manjula (Krishna's Daughter)
Nimmagadda Venkateshwar Rao
Rama Brahmam Gudavalli
Tatineni Prakasa Rao
Tatineni Rama Rao
K.Hemambaradhara Rao
V.Madhusudhana Rao
Krishna Thottempudi
Gopal Bezawada
V.V.Satyanarayana Edara(EVV)
Bapaiah Kovelamudi
Raghavendra Rao Kovelamudi (KRR)
Prakash Rao Kovelamudi (Father of KRR)
Deva Kaushik Katta
A.Mohan Gandhi
K.Murali Mohan Rao
Siva Muppalaneni
Vijaya Bapineedu
Narayana Rao Uppalapati
A.S.Ravi kumar Chowdary
Murali Paruchuri
Ravi Babu
Teja Jasti
Sreenu Vytla
Chandrashekar Yeleti
S.S.Raja Mouli (Koduri)
Siva nageswara rao (money fame)
Krishna Prasad.V.V.
The Legend
Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao (NTR)
Akkineni Nageswara Rao (ANR) - Matinee idol , Dadasaheb Phalke awardee and, Pioneer of Telugu film industry in Andhra Pradesh.
Ghattamaneni Sivarama Krishna (Krishna)
Mahesh Babu Ghattamaneni
Akkineni Nagarjuna
Daggubati Venkatesh
Nandamuri Balakrishna (NBK)
Gummadi Vekateswara Rao - Character artist
Kongara Jaggaiah - A.I.R News Reader, Actor and Former Member of Parliament
Sobhana Chalapati Rao Uppu (Sobhan Babu)
Chalapathi Rao ( Charecter Artist )
Rajendra Prasad Gadde
Maganti Murali Mohan
Mohan Babu Manchu
Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
Jagapati Chowdary Veeramachaneni (Jagapathi Babu)
Gopichand Tottempudi
Venu Tottempudi
Balaiah Mannava
Sumanth Yarlagadda
Giri Babu
Raghu Babu
Vishaal Tummala - Popular stage actor; master of tabala and violin.
Naveen Vadde
Nandamuri Kalyan Chakravarthi
Nandamuri Hari Krishna
Gonigunta Rajendra Prasad (Dongodi Pelli)
Nandamuri Tarakaratna
Nandamuri Chaitanya Krishna
Actresses/Beauty Queens/Singers
Sindhura Gadde - Miss India World 2005.
Valluripalli Smitha- Pop singer Kondaveeti Jyothirmaye- A rare young classical and light vocalist
Pratima Yarlagadda - Miss Indiana USA 1999
Haritha Bodduluri - Miss ATA 2005.
Music Directors
Ramanjulu Naidu Alugulapati
Tatineni Chalapathi Rao
Raghavaiah Chowdary Kosaraju - Lyricist
Chakravarthy Kommineni & his son Sri (Gulabi)
Subbaih Naidu - Early MGR films in Tamil
M. M. Keeravani (Koduri)
Paruchuri brothers
Maharadhi Tripuraneni
V. Vijayendra prasad (Keeravani's Brother)

Educational Institutions
Bapatla Educational Society
Chalapati Educational Institutions
Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions
GITAM - Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, Visakhapatnam
Gowtam Educational Institutions
Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Choudary College, Guntur.
Kamineni Educational Society
Mamata Educational Society - Khammam
Nalanda Educational Institutions
N R I Medical College, Chinakakani, Guntur.
P E S Engineering college, Bangalore.
People's Educational Society [PES] - Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh; Founded by Prof. M. R. Doreswamy Naidu
Ratnam Coaching Centres
Krishnaveni Educational Institutions - Vijayawada, Hyderabad
Vikas Educational Institutions, Guntur.
Siddhartha Educational Institutions
Sai-Sudhir Colleges, ECIL, Hyderabad
Sasi Educational Society, Velivennu, Tanuku.
Vikas Educational Institutions, Visakhapatnam.
Vignan Jyothi, Hyderabad
Vignan Educational Institutions, Guntur.

Engineering Colleges
Vallurupalli Nageswararao Vignan Jyothi Engineering College
D R K Institute of Science & Technology
Hasvita Engineering College
Krishna District
Velagapudi Rama Krishna Siddartha Engineering College, Vijayawada
Nagarjuna Institute Of Technology
Devineni Ramana Memorial Engineering College
Gudlavalleru Engineering College
Sunflower Engineering College
M I C College of Engineering
Guntur District
R. V. R. & J. C. College of Engineering, Guntur.
Koneru Lakshmaiah Engineering College, Vaddeswaram
Chundi Ranganayakulu Engineering College, Chilakaluripeta
Vignan's Engineering College - Vadlamudi
Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla
Loyola Institute of Technology & Management
Prakasam District
Q I S College of Engineering, Ongole
Prakasam College of Engineering
Malneni College of Engineering, Singarayakonda
V. S. R & Y. R. S. College of Engineering
Chirala College of Engineering, Chirala
Swarnabharathi Institue of Technology
Kavitha Engineering College
Mother Theresa Engineering College
Adams Engineering College

B I T Institute of Technology
Anil Neerukonda Institute of Technology & Science
Gandhi Institute of Technology & Management

Madanapalli Insitute of Technology & Science
Sri Vidya Niketan Engineering College, Srikalahasti.
West Godavari:
Sir C. R. Reddy College of Engineering, Eluru
Sasi institute of Technology & Engineering, Tadepalligudem.
Arkay College of Engineering & Tech, Achanapally, Bodhan
Progressive Engineering College
Vignan Engneering College
Coimbatore Institure of Technology (CIT) founded by Rangaswamy Naidu.
C I T - Coimbatore Institute of Technology (Runy by V. Rangasamy Naidu Educational Trust, devoted to the cause of promoting Technical and Scientific Literacy, established in 1956. CIT is one of the prestigious educational institutions in South India.
G. R. G. Institutions - Coimbatore
Krishna College of Engineering and Technology - Coimbatore.
Karpagam Group of Educational Institutions - Engineering College, Polytechnic, Arts and Science College etc., Coimbatore.
P. S. G. Group of Colleges - P. S. Govindaswamy College of Engineering - Coimbatore
S. N. R. Sons Educational Institutions - Coimbatore (Three Engineering Colleges, One Dental College, Nursing College, Arts and Science College)
GTN arts College-Dindigul
Vidhyasagar college of Arts & Science-Udumalpet
S. A. Engineering College
JAYA Institutions
R. M. K.Engineering College
R. M. D.Engineering College
Raaga Engineering College
Venkateswara Engineering College
Sriram Engineering College
Yarlagadda Ranganayakulu (Y.R.N) Engineering College
Vignan Institute of Technology and Science - Deshmukhi.
Gudlavalleru Engineering College
P S R Engineering College, Sivakasi (Founders: Ramadoss and Solaisami).

Medical Colleges:
Dr.Pinnamaneni Siddartha Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences
Katuri Medical College & Hospital
Mamata Medical College
N R I Medical College - Mangalagiri
P. E. S. Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
P S G Medical College - Coimbatore
Dental Colleges:
Sibar Institute of Dental Sciences, Guntur. INDIA
GITAM Dental College, Visakhapatnam.
Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences (KIDS), Nalgonda.
Drs.Sudha and NageswaraRao Siddhartha Institute of Dental Sciences, Chinoutpalli.
Mamata Medical College, Khammam.



Tamilnadu Kamma History ::
The Telugu language is the mother tongue for the 35%+ of the population of Tamilnadu. There are more than 20 Telugu castes living in almost all the Districts of Tamilnadu. Among them Kamma have more population (40 lakhs) whose concentration is in three regions of Tamilnadu. (The Northern region, West and Southern regions). These people are talking Telugu in their home but are not able to read and write except the people of border area of Andhra, but they have been following traditional customs and cultural activities.
The Kamma's had their migration from the earliest period but more people have migrated during the Vijayanagar rule. Today the Kamma people are known as 'Kammavar naidu' in some areas and Nayakkars in some other regions of Tamilnadu, since they were the warriors of Naick Chief in those days. 'Vadugu' in Tamil means Telugu language. All the Telugu speaking people in Tamilnadu are 'Vadugars' including Kammas.Kamma's social, economic and cultural life differs from zone to zone due to the ecological conditions.

South Zone : The South zone consists of present day , Ramanathapuram and Tirunalvely Districts where the Kammavars are living mostly in villages. The black cotton soil and the dry climate were liked by Kammas who were specialist in Cotton and Chilly cultivation in Tamilnadu. Kammas living in villages where the Headman or 'Voor Naicker' (Village Naicker) was a Kamma who controlled the entire village. The Kammas of this region are treated as Backward Class people (economically and educationally) and availed the educational concessions and employment opportunities in the Government offices. The Government policy was helpful to the Kamma people who studied well and got employment in the Government offices and migrated to their work places. Thus they have spread all over the State.

West Zone : TCoimbatore, Erode, and Dharmapuri Districts belong to the west zone where Kamma people are living in villages and doing agriculture. The Kamma people of Coimbatore District were the pioneers in introducing modern inputs in agriculture. They have fitted diesel and electric pump sets in their wells at first in Tamilnadu. Agro based industries were started by Kammas in this region. Further they have cultivated commercial crops like cotton, sugarcane, tobacco and other horticulture. This helped to start Ginning mills, Spinning mills and Textile mills in the area. Most of the people are doing agriculture successfully and interested in agro based small scale industries. The Kamma Textile and Industrial giants of this area are benevolent in starting educational institutions and medical hospitals to serve all the communities. The farmer's movement of 1980's was started from this District by Sri.C.Narayanaswamy Naidu, which got widespread support from all the states of .

North Zone : The North Zone comprises the Districts of Madras, Chengelpat, and South Arcot Districts. The Kammas of this region are the 'Sons of the Soil' and not migrators as the people of Southern and Western zones. So they have followed Andhra customs more than their counterparts in other regions. Most of them were able to read and write Telugu language. This Telugu is pure, which is not understandable by the Kammas of other regions. Here people are identified with their surname ( Intiperu) and they have used their surname (Intiperu) as their initials before their names. Educational concessions were not available by the people of this region because they are treated as Forward Community They are doing their traditional agriculture and raised commercial crops like sugarcane, groundnut, paddy and others. But now some have migrated to urban centres and are doing various businesses and industries. Brick industry near and around Chennai is in Kamma's hands.

Kurivikulam Estate (Tirunelveli Dt) – Pemmasani clan
Ilavarasanandanal Estate (Tirunelveli Dt) – Ravella clan
Naickerpatti Estate (Madurai Dt) – Pemmasani clan
Seevalpatti Estate (Bellam clan)

List of Famous persons from Tamilnadu :

1) PSG Naidu & Sons: (Founder PSG Group of Companies):
The P.S.G. family, traces its history to Periya Veedu Venkatarama Naidu in the later part of the 18th or the beginning of the 19th centuries. The letter `P' in P.S.G. is derived from Periya Veedu, `S' after Sama Naidu, the third son of Venkatarama Naidu, and `G' after Govindadamy Naidu, the second son of Sama Naidu. It was P.S. Govindadamy Naidu, the founder of the legacy, who gave its four illustrious sons — P.S.G. Venkatasamy Naidu,P.S.G Rangasamy Naidu,P.S.G Ganga Naidu and P.S.G Narayanasamy Naidu. The Naidu family, like many others in the region, were simple farmers in Peelamedu.The family established a sizeable cotton trade with many of the mostly British-owned mills in the city. With the flourishing trade, they acquired land, which they irrigated with the help of oil-powered engines and were the first to use tractors in their farms.
A ginning factory was also established in 1911. It was 1918, a war was going on and disaster struck the PSG family. Trade took a beating and P.S. Govindadamy Naidu passed away. The enterprising P.S.G brothers were also the first (in 1931) to use electric power from the Pykara Electricity System, replacing the older technology of generating power through steam engines. Their courage and forethought has continued till date, with the family having many such firsts to its credit. The businesses of the P.S.G family started to grow and flourish and now, one can see its descendants running a diverse pool of large industries.PSG Naidu & Sons Charities (Education)::The P.S. Govindadamy Naidu and Sons Charities was registered on January 26, 1926. P.S.G Rangasamy Naidu was the initial torchbearer and the trust's first managing trustee.The facade of the :It is said that the trust took its form and shape under him. This visionary, termed the trust's architect, was conferred the prestigious honour of Dewan Bahadur in 1941. Technical institute :The P.S.G. Trust and its institutions continued to grow and in 1926, the foundation stone was laid for the P.S.G Industrial Institute. Soon, others things followed. In 1940, P.S.G manufactured the first baling press for the textile industry; in 1947, it set up the first private arts college with the efforts of P.S.G. Ganga Naidu, and in 1951, established the . After a gap of three decades, the and Research came up in 1985. What is most noticeable is that the institutions always worked in relation to reality, producing and providing products and services needed for the industry. Many tall personalities have originated from the P.S.G line, from the great educationist G.R. Damodaran to G. R. Govindarajulu and Chandrakanthi Govindarajulu and the late G. Varadaraj. Many in the P.S.G line continue to make a mark in many areas like educationist Dr. D. Padmanaban, industrialist Rajshree Pathy and racer Narain Karthikeyan.

2) G.D.Naidu: (Founder UMS group):
G.D. Naidu. Born on March 23rd, 1893, in Kalangal near , this school dropout began his Transport business in 1920, with the purchase of a passenger auto-coach, which he himself drove for the service between Pollachi and Palani. In a matter of a few years, his United Motor Service (UMS) owned the most efficient fleet of public transport vehicles in the country. In 1937, the first motor to be produced in , was brought out at G D Naidu's UMS factory.As an inventor, G D Naidu was one-of-a-kind in the country. He invented an Electric Razor - Rasant, that gave users far more shaves than other existing options in the international market. Among his other inventions were the super-thin shaving blades, a distance adjuster for film cameras, a special fruit juice extractor, a tamper-proof vote-recording machine and a kerosene-run fan. In 1941, he announced that he had the ability to manufacture five-valve Radio sets in at a mere Rs 70/- a set. In 1952, his brainchild - the indigenously built Petrol engine two-seater Car (costing a mere Rs 2,000/-) rolled out. But production was stopped subsequently, because of the Government's refusal to grant the necessary license.
His inventiveness was not confined to machinery alone. He is said to have grown ten feet high Cotton plants, millet plants with high yields and several injections for plants that made possible what Sir C V Raman called "Botanic marvels". On his trips abroad, Naidu always seemed to draw appreciation for his innovations and his personal drive. In 1935, he personally filmed the funeral of King George V at . In 1936, he met Adolf Hitler in (even taking Still Photographs of the Fuhrer). Among the Indian stalwarts that GD Naidu's camera captured were Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru and Subash Chandra Bose. GD Naidu remained an outsider to Politics, despite having contested and lost in the 1936 Provincial General Elections. In 1944, Naidu retired from active involvement with his automobile combine and announced several philanthropic measures including grants f or Research scholarships and welfare schemes for his employees and the depressed sections of society. Through Naidu's efforts and his donations the Arthur Hope Polytechnic and the Arthur Hope College of Engineering were set up. In 1967, the G D Naidu Industrial Exhibition, conceptualised, designed and built by the great man himself, was established. With his demise on the 4th of January, 1974, lost its greatest ambassador to the world. There have been several tributes paid to this legend, but none seems as apt as that by Sir C V Raman: "A great educator, an entrepreneur in many fields of engineering and industry, a warm-hearted man filled with love for his fellows and a desire to help them in their troubles, Mr Naidu is truly a man in a million - perhaps this is an understatement!" Sri G.D. Naidu was an Industrialist and a keen educationalist. He started on of the in the year 1945 in under the name "Sri Arthur Hope College of Technology". He donated this college in the year 1949 to the Government . This college is now known as the of technology, . Later in 1946, he started another Institute in the name of Industrial Labour Welfare Association (ILWA) and is presently known as G.D. Naidu Charities. His aim was to impart Higher Education with more emphasis on practical training so that the students can get employment immediately.

3) Mr.P.Ramachandran: (Former Union Minister/ Governor):
Born on July 11, 1921, Mr. Ramachandran, a close associate of Kamaraj. Mr. Ramachandran, popularly known as Paa. Raa., took to politics early in life when he joined the Congress during the freedom struggle. He was a member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from 1957 to 1967 and the chief whip from 1962 to 1967. When the Congress split in 1969, he remained with the Congress(O) and later became its State president. After the death of Kamaraj in 1975, he continued to lead the party, though many of his partymen joined the Congress(I) in 1976. However, he merged the Congress(O) with the Janata Party in 1977. Elected to the Lok Sabha as a Janata Party candidate from the Madras Central constituency in 1977, he served as Union Minister for Energy in the Morarji Desai Cabinet. After the fall of the Morarji Desai Government in 1979, he joined the Congress(I) headed by Indira Gandhi. He was Chairman of the Food Corporation of in 1980 after which, in 1981, he became the Governor of Kerala, a post he held till 1988.

4) K.G.Naidu: (Founder KG Group of Indistries):
Dharmaveera K Govindaswamy Naidu :Annur Dharmaveera Namboorar Sri K Govindaswamy Naidu (July 12, 1907 - January 28, 1995), popularly known as KG, was an industrialist and philanthropist from , in Tamil Nadu, in . Background : Annur Dharmaveera Namboorar Sri K Govindaswamy Naidu was born to an agricultural family. His formative years were difficult, and he had very little formal education. For a while he worked with his father who was a highway contractor. He started his own business before he was twenty years old, after gaining experience in a grocery shop as an assistant.
Industry : In 1932, KG started his first ginning factory. Over the next six decades, his industrial ventures were in cotton ginning and spinning, weaving denim fabrics, manufacturing terry towels, castings, motor pumpsets and entertainment with an asset base of Rs.200 crores and sales of Rs.300 crores, of which more than 25% came from exports. He believed in modern technology and set high standards in the business practices and for products manufactured.Philanthropy : KG was a proponent of such ideals as vegetarianism, teetotalism, piety, simple living and punctuality. He was an early riser who believed that hardwork and discipline helped achieve whatever goals you set in business. His favourite deity was Palani Sri Dhandayudapani Swamy, who he believed to be the source of all his achievements.KG donated generously to a number of causes: religious, educational, medical service, social services, and poverty alleviation. Among his good works are six schools, a hospital with 300 beds, and scores of temples. Annandhanam – serving food - was his favorite act of service. He donated to mosques and churches also. He believed that he was only an instrument in the hands of Lord Muruga in his service to humanity.HISTORY : Dating back to 1932, the group was founded by Mr.K.Govindasamy Naidu, a leading industrialist and philanthropist from , thus earning its acronym 'KG' and the Trademark. With its deep rooted base in Coimbatore, 'The Manchester of South India' the KG Group made its mark as a cotton-trading venture and today stands as an USD 150 million company with diversified interests. Pre-eminent among the K.G. Group units is the , a 300-bed specialty facility offering a multitude of services through different departments equipped with the newest technology with the most dedicated, caring, and excellent team of physicians and surgeons. The is committed to Total Heart Care aided by its most modern facilities. Additionally the K.G. Eye Hospital with its latest additions in eye care equipments reaches out far and wide to the poorest and the tribal areas with its free vision camps and programs

5) Justice V.Ramaswamy: (Former Punjab& Haryana High Court Chief Justice):
Justice.V.Ramaswamy was the High Court Judge, Madras and also was the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court. After that he was appionted as Supreme Court Judge in 1990. After the retirement he was appointed Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Law Commission. His son Sanjay Ramaswamy, former MLA from Sivakasi, also he is the husband of Srilatha, sister of famous heroin Sreedevi.

6) V.Genguswamy Naidu:
Born on 1931 in Pethappampatti village near Udamalpet, Coimbator District. He married Mrs. Rajyalakshmi, the illustrious Daughter of Sri. G.V.Govindas Swamy Naidu, The First Generation Industrialist of Udamalpet. His Associationsand contacts with various industries, educational institutions, service organisations and religious institutions would bear ample testimony to his splendid personality. He is the Chairman of Srivenkatesa Group of Industries, which include Textile and Paper mills. Was farmer Chairman All Small Scale Papaer Mills Association. South India Paper Mills Association. He is the Founder, Trustee and member of many Educational Institutions in and around Udamalapet and . He is the Founder President, Tamilnadu Kamma Naidu Mahajana Sangam, President, TamilnaduTelugu Federation He is one of the founders of World Telugu Fedaration and currently he is the Advisor. The honoured him by conferring Doctorate in 1989.

7) V.Gopalaswamy:
Vaiko (Mr. V.Gopalswamy) is a prominent politician in Tamil Nadu, in south . Born in Kallingappatti, Distt. Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu) in 1944, he is the founder of the MDMK, a political party that espouses the cause of the Tamil people and Tamil nationalism. He is a well known orator , known for his fiery political speeches. Vaiko is well-known for his unequivocal support for the LTTE and other organizations fighting for T amil nationhood. In 2001, Vaiko was arrested by the Government of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at that time, J. Jayalalitha, for making a speech supporting the LTTE, under a controversial law called Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA). Vaiko refused to back down, and spent 19 months in prison. Vaiko has never sought the post of a minister, though he was as instrumental in being the king maker, making his colleagues cabinet ministers and minsters of state. He was Member Rajya Sabha (1978-1996), Member Loksabha, 1999.Website :

8) S.R.Balasubramanian:
He was, Union Minister of State for Personnel, Pension and Public Grievances in the United Front Government (1996-1998), after he won the Nilgiris Lok Sabha seat in 1996 as Tamil Maanila Congress candidate. Member, Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 1989-1991; 1991-1996 (Leader of Opposition); Pradesh Congress Committee Member from 1964-1996; Convenor, District Youth Congress from 1967 to 1968; General Secretary, District Congress from 1968 to 1971; All India Congress Committee Member 1969-1996.General Secretary, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee 1980-1982; Chief Whip, Congress Legislature Party 1989-1991; Leader, Congress Legislature Party, and Leader of Opposition, Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 1991-1996.

9) Velagapudi Lakshman Dutt:
He was the Former Chairman, FICCI (Federation of Indian Industry and Commerce). He is the Vice-Chair of International Chamber of Commerce. He is the Chairman and Managing Director KCP Group.

10) K. Damodaraswamy Naidu (Annapoorna Group of Restaurants) :
Founder of the Sree Annapoorna chain of restaurants, K Damodaraswami Naidu, came from Peedampalli vilage. He opend a small canteen in a theatre in 1962. Heand his brothers opened their first vegetarian restaurant at R S Puram in 1968. Since then their chain of restaurants have enjoyed continued success with their centralised kitchen concept and their emphasis on quality in procurement of groceries, preparation and handling of food. The company is also into catering, retailing and manufacturing of masalas, curry powders and pre-cooked items.

11) K. Ragupathy (Mayor-In_charge)/Deputy Mayor , Coimbatore Municipal Corporation :
K.Raghupathy, born and grown at peelamedu.Date of Birth 08.09.1949 was a student of PSG primary school,Peelamedu.Had his High school education at Sarva Jana Higher Secondary School.Undergone PUC at Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyalaya,Coimbatore.Passed B.Com., from APSAC College. Elected as Councillor (Cong-I) in Ward No.1, Coimbatore Municipal Corporation from 1996-2001. From 2001 he is re-elected from the same ward and elected as the Deupty Mayor of Coimbatore Corporation.

12) D.Sudarsanam :
D. Sudarasanam (MLA) elected from Poonamallee was chosen leader of the Congress Legislative Party (CLP). He was the pro-tem Speaker of the 234-member house but his party with 34 seats was denied the posts of both speaker and deputy speaker. Sudarsanam Senior Congress leader and TNCC treasurer.

13) Dr. E. Balagurusamy :
Dr. E. Balagurusamy, the Vice Chancellor of Anna University holds a doctorate in Systems Engineering. He also serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Governing Council of Mahaveer Academy of Technology and Sciences, . He was also the founder Director of PSG institution of Management at for six years, advisor to the Andhra Pradesh government for 10 years and the Chairman, EBG Foundation, . He has devoted himself to promoting computer education and training in the country for the last two decades. He also served as a consultant to and Rajasthan Governments on Science and Technology Development. Dr. Balagurusamy has established a large number of institutions and computer centres and serves on the boards of a number of universities and organisations, both in and abroad. He continues to serve as a consultant to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation on expert systems since 1991.

14) Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam, , , FICS, FCCP, FAMS, FMMC :
Dr.G. Bakthavathsalam is Chairman, , . Dr. G. Bakthavathsalam is an eminent surgeon, philanthropist, a dedicated teacher and founder of world class health care institutions. His passion is to serve the less fortunate people. Born on April 5, 1943 at , an alumni of , he obtained his post graduation in , Chicago (USA); he was the Visiting Professor in twelve countries, including ; was the first Non-Resident Indian to return and create a modern medical facility at in the year 1974. He is the Chairman & Managing Trustee of K.G. Hospital & Post Graduate Medical Institute, . Hw awarded "Padma Shri" from the President of India (2005).Achievements
MBBS : Madras Medical College -1964
MS : Madras Medical College -1968
Asst. Professor of Surgery : Kilpauk Medical College - 1968-1969
Registrar of Surgery : Coimbatore Medical College - 1969-1972
Registrar of Surgery : Mt. Sinai Hospital, Chicago - 1973
Sr. Registrar of Surgery : Altoona Hospital, Pittsburgh -1974
Dr. B.C. Roy Award from the Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi (1984),
Seva Ratna Award from Centenarian Trust (1999),
Vaidya Ratna Award from Sri Adichunchanagiri Math (2001).
The Jewel of Coimbatore Award (2005)

15) Prof. G.R.Damodaran :
Prof G R Damodaran (1914-1986) was one of the great educational visionaries and institution builders of our country. Over a period of four decades, totally dedicated to the cause of education, Prof G R Damodaran made outstanding, unparalleled contributions to educational development. He developed the PSG Group of institutions into nationally renowned centres of excellence in Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Applied Sciences and Management. Dr G R Damodaran held, with distinction, numerous positions of leadership, at the regional and national levels which included the following:
Chairman of the Southern Regional Committee of the All India Council for Technical Education (1971-77)
Member of the All India Council for Technical Education and some of its boards
Chairman of the Government of India’s High Power Committee on the Reorganization of Polytechnic Education (1969-71)
Member of the Lok Sabha and the Tamilnadu Legislative Council spanning over two decades
Vice-Chancellor of the University of Madras
Chairman and member of a large number of high level Committees related to several aspects and sectors of Education

16) K. Bhagyaraja :
Bhagyaraja was born on 7 January 1953 at Vellangkoil, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a famous Director, Actor, Writer in Tamil. K. Bhagyaraj - known as the heir of 70s matinee idol and late founder of AIADMK M.G. Ramachandran. He was once described by AIADMK founder M G Ramachandran as his 'heir'.Filmography as: Director, Actor
Director - filmography (2000s) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)
Actor - filmograph (In Production) (1990s) (1980s) (1970s)
Papa the Great (2000) (as K. Bhagyaraj)
Mr. Bechara (1996) (as K. Bhagyaraj)
Oru Orle Oru Rajakumari (1995)
Veetla Visheshanga (1994)
Rasukutty (1992)
Sundara Kandam (1992)
Pavunnu Pavanuthan (1991)
Pava Mannippu (India: Tamil title)
Avasara Police 100 (1990)
Aararo Aariraro (1989)
Vaddante Pelli (1988)
Enga Chinna Rasa (1987)
Aakhree Raasta (1986) (as K. Bhagya Raj)
Chinna Veedu (1985)
Chithirame Chithirame (1985)
Mayadari Mogudu (1984)
Munthanai Mudichu (1984)
Dhavani Kannavukal (1983)
Darling Darling Darling (1982)
Poyi Satchi (1982)
Thooral Ninnu Pochhu (1982)
Antha Ezhu Natkal (1981)
Indru Poyi Naalai Vaa (1981)
Mouna Geethanagal (1981)
Vidiyum Vari Kaathiru (1981)
Bhama Rukmini (1980)
Oru Kai Osai (1980)
Suvar Ellatha Chitrangal (1979)
Asokamithran (2006)
Suyamvaram (1999)
Veetla Visheshanga (1994)
Rasukutty (1992)
Sundara Kandam (1992)
Pavunnu Pavanuthan (1991)
Avasara Police 100 (1990)
Aararo Aariraro (1989)
Naan Sigappu Manithan (1985)
Anbulla Rajanikant (1984)
Dhavani Kannavukal (1983)
Darling Darling Darling (1982)
Thooral Ninnu Pochhu (1982)
Antha Ezhu Natkal (1981)
Vidiyum Vari Kaathiru (1981)
Puthiya Vaarpugal (1979) .... Teacher

17) Sridevi :




S/o|D/o|W/o: Krishna Murthy

Age: 50

Address: Residence of 3-6 188/A, Hydraguda Hydrabad

Name Enrolled as Voter in: Khairtabad (Andhra Pradesh) constituency , at Serial no 733 in Part no 27

Contact Number: 98495999999

Self Profession:Business
Spouse Profession:House Wife

Assets & Liabilities

Assets:Rs 6,24,98,393 ~6 Crore+

Liabilities:Rs 10,00,000 ~10 Lacs+


Number of Criminal Cases: 2

Educational Details


Board of Intermediate Education 1980 in Venkateswara Tutorials, (B.A.) in 1983, Osmania University Hyderabad


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