Direct Quote From Journal Apa Bibliography

In APA style journal citations, journal titles are written in title case and followed by the volume number. Both of these fields should be italicized.

Citing a journal article found online (in a database or elsewhere)


Author, F.M. (Publication year). Article Title. Journal Title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp. doi:XX.XXXXX or Retrieved from journal URL


Note: Database information and retrieval date are not required in APA journal article citations.

Trier, J. (2007). “Cool” engagements with YouTube: Part 2. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 50(7), 598-603. doi:10.1598/JAAL.50.7.8

Note: If no DOI is listed, use the periodical’s homepage URL (e.g., Retrieved from

Citing a journal article found in print


Author, F.M., Author F.M., & Author F.M. (Publication year). Article Title. Journal Title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp.




Lin, M.G., Hoffman, E.S., & Borengasser, C. (2013). Is social media too social for class? A case study of Twitter use. Tech Trends, 57(2), 39-45.


Helpful Tips:             

DOI: If a journal article has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) listed, you will always include this identifier in your reference.  You will not have to include the URL of the journal's home page or of the database from which you retrieved the article if a DOI is available.

Online Database: If you viewed a journal article in an online database and it does not have a DOI, you will need to do a quick search outside of the database to locate the URL for the journal's home page (pp. 191-192).  This information must be included in the reference.  If the journal is no longer being published and it does not have a home page, then include the URL for the home page of the database from which you retrieved the article (p. 192).

Print: If you viewed a journal article in its print format, be sure to check if it has a DOI listed.  If it does not, your reference to the article would end after you provide the page range of the article.

Date: When possible, include the year, month, and date in references. If the month and date are not available, use the year of publication.

General Format

      In-Text Citation (Paraphrase): 

      (Author Surname, Year)


      In-Text Citation (Quotation):

      (Author Surname, Year, page number)



      Author Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year). Article title: Subtitle. Journal Title,

            Volume(issue), page range. doi:xx.xxxxxxxxxx OR Retrieved from URL of journal

            home page [if available].  




      In-Text Citation (Paraphrase):

      (Pettigrew, 2009)


      In-Text Citation (Quotation):

      (Pettigrew, 2009, p. 61)



      Pettigrew, T. F. (2009). Secondary transfer effect of contact: Do intergroup contact

            effects spread to noncontacted outgroups? Social Psychology, 40(2), 55-65.



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