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Hi Lavender. This is quite a difficult question but let me try to explain. The sentence is trying to emphasise the verb 'prepare'. (In comparison, Preparing anti-bullying lessons is another thing teachers could do - 'preparing' is less emphasised because it's at the beginning of the sentence.)

There are many sentence beginnings like this.

  • Another thing teachers could do is ...
  • Something teachers could do is ...
  • What teachers could do is ...
  • The best thing teachers can do is ...

After all these, put the verb we want to emphasise. It can be with 'to' or without it.

  • The best thing teachers can do is (to) prepare anti-bullying lessons.

We can also put a noun there instead of the verb. That's why it's also ok to say the sentence below (because the -ing form functions as a noun).

  • The best thing teachers can do is preparing anti-bullying lessons.

Does that make sense? :)

Jonathan (LearnEnglish Teens Team)

100 Story Holidays

 Be an AUTHOR in these school holiday writing workshops!

To support our free programs for children and young people in Melbourne’s west, we run 100 Story Holidays. Come and write stories and comics with us!

100 Story Holidays are also available for group bookings by schools, councils and other organisations. We can travel to you. Contact us for a quote or for more information.

When: Wednesday 4 April, Thursday 5 April, Friday 6 April, Monday 9 April and Tuesday 10 April 2018
Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm
For ages: 7-11 years
Where: 100 Story Building, 92 Nicholson St, Footscray 3011
Cost: $49/workshop
Includes: all materials, takeaway stories, fruit for morning tea

Level 43 Comic BOOM!

Wednesday, 4 April

Here at 100 Story Building, we are an undecided lot. We just can’t decide which story bits we like better – words or pictures. Luckily for us, some smart cookie went and created a storytelling format that puts the two together. Comics! We love ‘em, and we would like to share ‘em, particularly the making of ‘em. Make your own 8-page comic from one giant sheet of paper and start your own publishing empire.


Level 88 Spacecraft

Thursday, 5 April

Calling intrepid space rangers! The ‘100SB Intergalactic Space Federation’ has bought a whole new galaxy and we need you to explore the planets in it. Your mission: discover your own planet, name it and create a diorama of all the strange, wonderful, mysterious flora and fauna that inhabit it.  

Just be careful, terrible things could happen there! Return to Planet Earth with your diorama, drawings and tales of amazing rescues.


Level 63 Podscapade

Friday, 6 April

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a ride in our glass (quartz, dodecahedron, smokey bbq) elevator up and down the levels of 100 Story Building. In this workshop you will select a level, illustrate a panoramic view of the stories you find there, script a radio play using a simple story structure (fun fact: Pixar movies often follow this!) and then collaborate with fellow podcasters to record your very own play.


Level 92 The Hero That Went That Way

Monday, 7 April

You know how sometimes you’ll be reading a story and a character makes a decision to do something that you think is really stupid? And you throw the book across the room and yell ‘WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!’? Well, here’s your chance to write a story where your reader gets to decide what happens. A choose-your-own-adventure, one might say. So no one will ever throw your story across the room and yell at it … because they’ll just be yelling at themselves. Make your very own many-ended comic thing.


Level 6 Trapdoor Quest

Tuesday, 8 April

Xendria the Wizard and her friends turn the corner and are surprised by a fire-breathing dragon. What should they use to defeat it – a wrestling move, a burst of magic or … magic watering can?

In this exciting new role-playing workshop you will make up your own fantasy characters like Xendria and team up with fellow adventurers to tell the story of your group’s quest. The random turn of the cards will determine whether you find yourself knocked over by a giant or racing against time to save the world from saber-wielding shapeshifters. Log your exploits in an Adventurer’s Journal to take home as an inspiration for new fantasy adventures.


Can’t decide which workshop? Book a gift voucher!

Please sign up to our e-news or join us on social media to find out about our next 100 Story Holiday sessions.


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