Measures To Remove Poverty In Pakistan Essay

If you are curious about knowing Causes of Poverty in Pakistan and its Solutions with complete facts and figures then you are at the right place as the cause of poverty is not depend upon a single factor or a reason so it is very important issue to discuss and resolve. This poverty rate is also effecting the economy rate of Pakistan because it is also a main source of causing inflation in Pakistan. Poverty cannot define in a single way as poverty is hunger, It is lack of Shelter, its like a disease but person is not being able to go to a doctor any how, Poverty is when our children cannot go to school because of the huge fee, it is that educated person do not have jobs, it is the fear of the future that what to do. Hence poverty is every where in Pakistan that are cutting our roots and if it this issue is not resolve early then it may cause a huge problem for the whole Nation. The situation in Pakistan is that the rich become more richest and poor becomes more poorest.

Poverty in Pakistan did not even has a single face as is changing its faces from place to place and time to time so we can simply say that poverty is like a situation but everyone is trying to escape form that situation so that they could have enough to eat, Have proper shelter to live, Can have easily access to education, healthy environment and protection of their lifes. So that is why if you want to know exactly that how we can reduce the poverty in Pakistan and what we have to do is then first of all we have to study the poverty by going to its roots. We have to measured its causes and should experience the pain of poor people. As we mentioned above that it does not have a proper shape or dimention so we have t study this through a variety of indicators that could be income, social, vulnerability to risk social access. That is why in this article we come to know the main causes and its solution of Poverty in Pakistan.

Pakistan is an under developing and poor country and that is a fact, no one can deny this fact because the economy of Pakistan is facing fluctuation these days and the main cause behind this ups and downs is that the political leaders of Pakistan is not much aware of the global system and the ways to lead their country to the progressive way. This is their bad policies that we are facing this situation now as the policies are nothing but a failure excuse but this leads us and our nation into the miserable condition. On the other hand if we look from other dimension then the major cause of the crime and social disorder increasing day by day in Pakistan is also due to the Poverty rate in Pakistan.

Causes of poverty in Pakistan

It is not possible to point out all the causes of the Poverty in Pakistan but here we have discussed some points that are the main causes so have a look down and read these causes carefully

Policies of Government:

The government of Pakistan is not aware of the exact present condition of the nation and its people. Our nations policies are made by the suggestion and these suggestions are collected from the person who really did not know that in what situation does a common man in this country live, how he earn and spend his whole month. So when these policies are made by the politician these are implemented on the people but as it is not for the right reason so the result is not so effective which come out of these policies so when the effective result did not comes form the first policy the government official announce another policies without reading and thinking that why first policy is not so good and then again the procedure is repeated and a new policy takes over and the process continue. Heavy taxes are imparted on the people but they do not have employment source so these are our government policies that are causing poverty in Pakistan and force people to live below the poverty line.


Another main and biggest cause of poverty is corruption in our country that is increasing day by day. There is no concept of morality among the people of Pakistan so that is why everyone is busy in earning and earning more no matter the way to earn money is fair or unfair. We do not care about our relations even our blood relations because of this money, people has just one relations that is in between the money and them. Law and order conditions in our country reaches to the miserable standards which is a huge failure to create and provide justice to a common man. Now in this country if you have money the justice is amongst your side otherwise it is not did is just due to the increasing rate of corruption. Our politicians are not spending the common man rupees into the right way. What they just want is to fill their own pockets with a lot of money.

Division of Agricultural Land:

No one can deny the fact that Pakistan is an agricultural land that is the reason that most of the people are belonging from the profession of farmers. That farmer had one land from where he fulfills the need of his family but he is not in a state to purchase a new land because of the hand to mouth condition so what happens when their children are brought up he has to devide that part of land equally into the children. Now the area in each children hand is not enough that they can fulfill their family needs now the poverty comes in between the families and they have to live below the line of poverty.


Another big reason of the Poverty Rate in Pakistan is the increasing rate of Materialism because  in out societies the relationships and bonding are becoming thinner and more thinner. Now every one is taking part in the race where material objects are more important then the real person. We even do not have a time to listed to the other problem to solve them is so far. That is why for the people of Pakistan it is said that people there are changing from Humans to Bioman, The person who only cares about his own needs but also at the same time have no limit to fulfill these so people use unfair means to earn. We do not want to help even our brothers as we are losing trust on other that are in our blood relation.

Lack of Education:

Level of Education in Pakistan is almost near to nothing that is why the literacy rate of Pakistan is very low.  The people of Pakistan do not have the basic concept of the modern earning sources which is being used by the modern world. we did not even access to the modern ways of education. But now the government authorities and the some educational NGOs are working on this matter to remove the education hurdle among the people of Pakistan so they also have access to the modern educational techniques.

Large Scale Import:

Another major reason of poverty in Pakistan is that our nations import is in greater number than our export. Nation huge revenue every year is consumed by these thing which we import from other countries so our government should have to focus on this point too whether to increase the exports or decrease the imports.

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Poverty is a curse. It is consistently on the rise around the globe. According to the latest report of the World Bank, global poverty ratio is on the rise and Pakistan is not an exemption. The ongoing global financial and banking crisis, especially in the USA and the EU has already pushed millions of people into deeper poverty.

According to the latest estimates of the World Bank, almost 40 percent of 107 developing countries are highly exposed to the poverty. Pakistan is ranked among the 43 countries most exposed to poverty risks. Poverty is widespread in Pakistan and is predominantly a rural phenomenon. Nearly two thirds of our population lives in rural areas. Most of them depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Many of them lack basic needs such as safe drinking water, primary health care, education and other social services.

A World Bank report titled Sparing lives, better reproductive health for poor women in South Asia has revealed that Pakistans 37.4 percent children under the age of five are malnourished. The South Asia region still has nearly 400 million poor people out of a population of 1.42 billion. Poverty is not just endemic; it is increasingly becoming concentrated with the passage of time. A high poverty ratio has decreased Pakistans spending on social sector further.

According to Pakistans Planning Commission, poverty rate has jumped from 23.9 to 37.5 percent in the last three years. The commission has estimated that in 2005 there were 35.5 million people living below the poverty line but in 2008 their number increased to over 64 million. Consequently, unemployment has also increased.

Moreover, 40 percent of the urban population lives in slum areas. Reduction in social sector spending is increasing poverty and has reduced the standard of living in the country. High inflation, price hike and shortage of commodities have also added to the problem. It is the hallmark of our macro-economy.

I would like to suggest the following steps to the government to wage a war against poverty. A massive effort for job creation and employment generation in order to reduce the high levels of poverty must be launched. Infrastructure development would be an effective tool to curb the rising ratio of poverty. Housing is another sector which needs to be promoted and encouraged through a well planned incentives package. Transportation sector should also be reactivated. Better law and order situation would be helpful in the restoration of business activities and to reduce rising poverty.



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