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Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper

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Week 5 final: Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper Our ability to communicate well with others is important to personal and professional success. The interpersonal communications course is planned to help us in being familiar with the system of effective, and to assess our own interpersonal ability to sharpen our critical understanding of the communication, also to improve the interpersonal skills. Mainly assess our interpersonal skills and to put in goals for improving our communications ability. To development of self-concept and identity are examined as basics for understanding personal communication. We explore our own communication behaviors and to identify areas of personal strengths and…show more content…

When I was sixteen I had my first child and then turn around at seventeen and had another one. Soon after having my second child I got a place of my own and met a guy who was good to us but also was abusive in every way. While going through an abusive relationship my two boys were taken from me and placed in foster care. At that point I knew that enough was enough and it was time for a change. A change that makes me wiser but stronger and more independent on my own. So as of today it takes a lot for me to trust and love another man. As of now my self - concept is all about me and my family needs and wants. I let nothing stand in my way. I have a good job for myself and currently going to school and depend on no one but myself and the grace of God. So believe me when I say God is good. I just have to keep the faith no matter what comes your way. We had to write a paragraph summarizing a situation in which you had a misunderstanding with someone. Speculate on the cause of this misunderstanding. For example, was it due to differences in interpretation of the denotative meaning of a particular word? Was it caused by the emotional impact of a word’s connotation? Or, was the

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Interpersonal Communication Essay

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In every society nonverbal communication is one of the most powerful tools that a person can use to interpret the message that is being delivered. Even though verbal communication is fairly straightforward, nonverbal communication allows others to sense the true emotions of the person that is expressing them. For example even though a person may say that they are not irritated, their usage of voice may display otherwise. Nonverbal communication not only reveals hidden messages, but it also complements, substitutes, and exaggerates verbal communication.
      It was 8:00 a.m. on April 9, 1999 and I was saying goodbye to my parents at the San Francisco Airport. While I was walking away from my parent’s gate I…show more content…

Many people formed this personal space by placing luggage around them, extending a body part, or using a companion to consume space. Most people stood at least a half an arm’s distance away from each other, but if this distance felt threatened people were sure to express nonverbal and sometime verbal behaviors.
Some individuals gazed away and let out a loud sigh, while others would just gaze at the person invading their space to hopefully make them realize that they were getting too close for comfort. Individuals would also try and avoid the person invading their space while moving forward, but to the side to also avoid the person in front of them. Some people would just avoid the line all together and go sit back down in their seat, while others would verbally say “excuse me” to make the person realize that they were causing uncomfortable feelings.
     Verbal behavior was not uncommon in the boarding line, but the way people delivered the messages they spoke had many different meanings. For example some people would sarcastically say, “Boy this line is moving fast.” Sarcasm was obvious in these situations because of the irritating tone of the sentence, and the chuckles and gasps sometimes followed at the end. Even though most of the people that talked displayed rude and irritated behaviors, some people were actually patient and concerned. For example one lady actually thought the boarding line was moving pretty fast. Her

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