Homework Charts For Girls

Are you having a difficult time getting your kids to do homework? Homework time is difficult in most families since most kids do not like to do homework. There are always better things to do – watch TV, play computer games, friends, telephone and many other distractions. Some parents find themselves arguing, begging, bribing and nagging their kids to do their homework.

A homework reward chart might be just what you need to end the homework nightmare!  In many cases, the chart will assist you to make homework time more pleasant and motivate your kids to do homework without even having to ask!

These free printable homework charts can be used not only by parents but by teachers too. If you have students who do not do homework on a regular basis you can suggest to their parents that they use a homework chart (or even print one for them) to help provide them with a useful tool that might encourage your student to do homework.

Printable Homework Chart

Print out this chart and hang it near your child’s desk or somewhere even more accessible like on the fridge.

Homework Completion Chart

Write a list of subjects in the top line and each time your complete your homework in that subject mark the chart.

Weekly Homework Chart

This chart will track your homework for the entire school  week (from Monday to Friday).

 Study Charts

Some children do not like the work “homework”. It makes them resist automatically. Their first reaction is “I have no homework”. Some children find it better to relate to the term “study time”. They prefer “study time” to “homework time”. Studying is something that you have to do whether you have homework or not.

If you find that your child relates better to study time than homework time you might want to change your terminology. The following charts are titled “Study Charts” instead of “Homework Charts” for those who prefer to refer to this time as study time instead of homework time.

These charts are also very suitable for teenagers who need to study and not necessarily only do homework. These charts will help them plan their study time to ensure that they don’t need to cram before exams.

How do you use a homework chart to get your kids to do homework?

A homework chart will very often help to motivate your children to get their homework done but it is important to understand WHY your child is having problems with homework. Sometimes, understanding WHY your child doesn’t want to do his homework will help you use the homework chart in a more efficient manner.

Does he find it boring because he has more interesting things to do? In this case, a homework chart can make homework more interesting. It will enable the child to focus on the incentives that she could receive if she completes the homework chart. For example, once the chart is complete she can get her allowance. Each time she does her homework she gets a sticker for that day. If she gets a sticker every day she will get her full allowance. For each day that she does not do her homework or she does a poor job, she can either choose to redo her homework or to forfeit the sticker for that day. If she forfeits the sticker then she will not get a full allowance.

Does he find homework too difficult because he is behind the class? If this is the case, then he might need a more hands on approach and he might need you to help him catch up with the class.

Is your child too insecure? Does he think that he can’t do the homework without you.

Does he never have the right equipment and keep leaving the books at school if he even remembers what the homework is? If this is the case, you might want to give him a sticker each time that he is organized, writes down what needs to be done and brings home the necessary equipment. For these kids, learning to be more organized is half the battle and will help them in the future.

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Top Selected Products and Reviews

  • "Very Cute Chart but Heavy and Some Negatively Worded Magnets" - By Gina Marie
    We received this chore chart a few days ago and my 3 year old is already obsessed. She's scrambling in the morning to make her bed as fast as she can so that she can earn her first magnate smiley face for the day. You have to love a preschooler excited to help out.

    Pros: The chart is very cute and the white board features is nice (though you'd need a way to store the magnates to use it). The magnates are well designed. They stay well without being too hard for little fingers to move.

    Cons: It's heavy!! I probably should have realized that ahead of time but there is no way this chart will hang on our fridge. It's going to need a nail in the wall or to hang on the closet handle. I also wish it had more "choose your own" ... full review

  • "This chart was exactly what my 7 year old needed ..." - By Jennifer Hansen (New Mexico)
    This chart was exactly what my 7 year old needed to remind her of what she needs to get done throughout the day. It's especially helpful with her back in school too. We made the top half of the list stuff she needed to do before school and the bottom half of the list things she needed to get done before bedtime. She loves to fill up her chart with the magnets and get her allowance at the end of the week based on how much she completed. I will be ordering another one of these from my 4 year old as she loves watching her sister get to do hers and wants to join in.

  • "Improved behavior" - By s perkins (Sarasota, FL)
    This chart worked great at helping my kids (ages 6 & 9) be self motivated in doing their homework, getting ready for bed and school, using table manners, picking up, etc. We took a lot of time and as a family came up with the list that would earn them stars. Then we gave them a few rewards to pick from each week, like picking dinner, choosing dessert, extra technology time, etc. We also came up with a list of behaviors that would result in loss of stars. We agreed in advance that the chart could not be used as a bartering device or it would go away. It was a great experience during the school year. We are now looking into how we can use it during the summer break.

  • "so far this one is the best. This chart worked great at helping my kids ..." - By yt
    I have bought several different types of charts over the years (like putting stickers onto little 5" x 5" paper charts etc.), so far this one is the best.
    This chart worked great at helping my kids be self motivated in doing their homework, getting ready for bed and school, using table manners, picking up, etc.
    The dry-erase marker is perfect as I could write their name in the designated box, and or select a chore.
    I love that its magnetic and i could hang it on the fridge!

  • My 52 year-old daughter Theresa is developmentally and physically disabled. She lives in a nursing facility where the staff found it difficult to enforce healthy habits. They wanted to treat her as an adult but Theresa can be stubborn. Just like pre-teens don't like being forced to do chores, Theresa did not react well to being "told" she should brush her teeth and walk to meals rather than use her wheelchair. I don't have to resort to negative pressure when Theresa becomes stubborn. This chart is the only one I've seen not "babyish" in design. I created a custom board using my computer & printer. Theresa & the nurses now have a non-combative way to encourage good habits & I can treat her as an adult by rewarding her with her favorite things! Designed for positive reinforcement, this chart is exactly as described. This is one excellent quality product!!

  • "Good board for basic chore keeping" - By klynn0218
    The board is made with good quality and the look is very appealing. Has plenty of space for writing, though I used it only for 1 kid, i still think the space is adequate. The only bad things I have to say about it are the star stamp on the end of the dry erase marker is pretty useless. It makes marks, not stars. I ended up going to buy my own star magnets to use for showing completion of a chore. Also, the magnets that are included in the packaging to hang the board on a fridge, as I tried to do, do not hold up the board. I hang it and it just slides down, so had to make my own way of keeping up. Other than that, I would recommend it. Accomplishes what I needed to accomplish, especially for the price!


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