Living In A Multiracial Community Essay

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Is Multiculturalism Positive Or Negative?

by Qin Wan

Different people have different views to things, like or dislike, agree or disagree. Multiculturalism is a controversial issue in America. Some people think that multiculturalism is negative, whereas some others think that multiculturalism is positive. In my opinion, I agree with the second view, that multiculturalism is positive.

Multiculturalism is diversity of two or more culture in some region or country. America is an immigrant country; most people in America are immigrants. They come from different countries and different ethnic groups; they have different languages, educational backgrounds, customs, values and religions. When they arrive America, they must communicate with other people in English. They learn English and the culture from American people or earlier immigrants who are around them. In their public activity, they must accept American cultural traditions, but in their private lives, they inevitably use their own customs, values, religions, traditional festivals and experiences to influence their behaviors. They are still retaining their own cultures.

Since the 1960s, The America government has admitted, encouraged and supported cultural diversity. Fair policies allowed all citizens to have the right to preserve their cultural inheritance. Public school has bilingual education programs for new immigrant children. Under the laws, racism, discrimination and prejudice are significantly decreased. The relationships of people in the country are friendly and harmonious, and people’s lives have become rich and colorful. We are understanding and learning from each other more easily than before. We can eat different cultural style foods. We can watch different country’s performances. We can enjoy the celebration events of different country’s festivals. Kids growing up in this multicultural background are easy to accept different views, values and behaviors of foreign countries. Especially, following the development of the Internet and wireless communication technology, the distance from country to country and people to people has becomes closer, and the economies between regions and countries are connected more closely. The whole world became a global village. Multiculturalism is becoming more important than at any other time in history.

In conclusion, multiculturalism is a good thing for society and people, so it is positive. We need to enhance and develop multiculturalism in our lives.

Pros and Cons of Living in a Multi-Ethnic Society Essay

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A multi-ethnic society is a society which includes people from a variety of different races, religions, cultures, backgrounds etc. Multi-ethnic societies can have many negative and positive effects which I am going to explain in the following paragraphs.

The benefits of living in a multi-ethnic society are that you get to meet new people and learn interesting things about them. People get a chance to understand others and realise they’re equal to us. It makes people less ignorant and alters stereotypical views they may have had beforehand from media influence or friends/relatives. We begin to respect them more and understand their views on specific subjects. This could help people become less racist. Also, you get a chance to learn a…show more content…

Some of the world’s best chefs are from other countries so food standards would decrease too. Also, many of our favourite films and TV programmes wouldn’t exist because many are made by foreign directors. Lots of famous actors/actresses are also foreign so our standard of films wouldn’t be as good. People from other cultures may have better ideas about behaviour and what rules to live by which could improve our society. We’ve gained different fashion designers such as Versace and have more clothes to choose from as a result. Exciting festivals such Chinese New Year wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have a multi-cultural society. We get a wider choose of music to listen to by different artists and different genres of music such as bollywood and country and western. For many of our Olympic medals we’ve received we can thank black and Asian athletes such as Kelly Holmes who won 2 gold medals in the 2004 Olympics. More sports are available now too and many of our favourite sporting achievers are foreign. Technology has advanced because of foreigners coming up with new ideas. We’ve got improved health care because of accomplished foreign doctors uncovering new medicines. Education has improved because of knowledgeable foreign teachers and books written by people from different cultures. Also, without people from other cultures living in Britain we’d have a shortage of qualified people to employ

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