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    • World War One Round the World
    • Work-Life Balance
    • Winterwalks
    • William Hazlitt - Philosopher
    • Wild Things II
    • Wild Things
    • Why Poverty?
    • Why I Write
    • When Writers Play (Series 2)
    • When Writers Play
    • What Is History, Today?
    • What Is a Nation?
    • WB Yeats at 150
    • Walking The Lobster
    • Wagner's Philosophers
    • Visions of Mary
    • Venice Unravelled
    • Vaughan Williams in the BBC Archives
    • Unknown Cities
    • Under the Influence
    • Under the Influence
    • Under the Influence
    • TV Dinners to Roadside Diners
    • True Venetian
    • Trip Sheets 2 - An Actor's Life
    • Trip Sheets
    • Transformations: 5 stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses
    • Tomorrow is Today
    • Tolstoy
    • To Russia with Love
    • The Writer's Dickens
    • The World Turned Upside Down
    • The Utopian Dream - and its Disappointments
    • The Team Photo
    • The Strangeness of Memory
    • The Stewarts
    • The Sound and the Fury
    • The Somme
    • The Shopping News
    • The Secret Mathematician
    • The Scientist and the Romantic
    • The Retreating Roar
    • The Piano in Five Pieces
    • The Path and the Poem
    • The Other Empire
    • The Other Auld Alliance
    • The Mystical Turn
    • The Music Appreciation Movement
    • The Monumental Imperative
    • The Mews
    • The Meaning of Trees
    • The Meaning of Flowers - Series 2
    • The Meaning of Flowers
    • The Mabinogion Revisited
    • The Love that Wrote Its Name
    • The Long Road to Peace
    • The Lives of Others
    • The Life Cycle of a Fictional Character - An Alternative History of the Novel
    • The King Returned
    • The Islamic Golden Age
    • The Great Essayists
    • The Great and Good Mr Handel
    • The Genius of Disability
    • The Future's Not What it Used to Be
    • The Further Realm
    • The Free Thinking Essay
    • The Five Photographs that (You Didn't Know) Changed Everything
    • The Feast of Language
    • The Fall and Rise of the British Castle
    • The Existential Me
    • The Essay: The Father Instinct
    • The Elephant in the Poetry Reading
    • The Earl Grey Whistle Test
    • The Darkest Hour
    • The Culture of Partition
    • The Cult of Childhood
    • The Case for Doubt
    • The Book that Changed Me
    • The Book that Changed Me
    • The Book that Changed Me
    • The Book that Changed Me
    • The Birthday Treat
    • The Art of Storytelling
    • The Antarcticans
    • The Age of Creativity
    • Tennyson 200
    • Ten Artists that Shook the World
    • Tagore and the Bengali Sensibility
    • Symmetry and the Monster
    • Swimming Stories
    • Stuff Happens
    • Strange Justice
    • Strange Encounters - Series 2
    • Strange Encounters
    • Strange Beds
    • Stories That Sing
    • Staging Arthur Miller
    • Springwalks
    • Sound of Cinema: You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet
    • Signs and Mythologies - The Significance of Roland Barthes
    • Shaping the Air - Writers and Radio
    • Shakespeare Around the Globe
    • Shakespeare and Love
    • Shakespeare 400
    • Secret Places in the Four Quartets
    • Secret Admirers
    • Samuel Beckett - Happy Days
    • Running the World
    • Robert Graves and the Poetic Myth
    • Roald Dahl at 100
    • Richard Cork's Great Encounters
    • Rewiring the Mind
    • Requiem for Networks
    • Religion in the North
    • Reflections on Caravaggio
    • Raising My Voice
    • Raising My Voice
    • Praising Powell and Pressburger
    • Postcards from Istanbul
    • Postcards
    • Portraits of Capa
    • Pinter's Voices
    • Paulin on Blake
    • Paris 1913
    • Paradise Lost
    • Painting Genesis
    • Other People (Hell Is...)
    • On Excess
    • On Earth, as It Is in Heaven
    • On Directing
    • Nothing Is Real - Pop's Struggle with Authenticity
    • North East Free Thinkers
    • No Particular Place to Go
    • Nightwalks
    • Night Walks
    • New Ways Through the Glens
    • New Mystery Plays
    • New Generation Thinkers 2017
    • New Generation Thinkers
    • New Generation Thinkers
    • New Archaeologies
    • Nature in China
    • Naturalists: Animals and Human Nature
    • Napoleon and Me
    • My Son the Fiddler
    • Music in Its Time
    • More Letters to Writers
    • Montaigne
    • Modern Morality Tales
    • Minds at War - Series 4
    • Minds at War
    • Mentors
    • Meeting the Giants of Jazz
    • Meanings of Mountains
    • Maths and Music
    • Luther's Reformation Gang
    • Loving the Raven
    • Looking Good
    • Looking for Ghosts
    • Looking and Looking Away
    • Living Abroad
    • Listener, They Wore It
    • Listener, They Wore It
    • Listener, They Wore It
    • Listener, They Won It
    • Lingua Franca
    • Lines of Work
    • Life in Fragments: Stories from the Cairo Genizah
    • Life But Not As We Know It
    • Letters to Writers
    • Letters to a Young Poet
    • Let There Be Dark
    • Late Style
    • Land and Sea and Sky
    • Karachi Postcards
    • Just Juvenilia
    • Johnson Now
    • John Milton, the Essayist
    • It's Big and It's Beautiful
    • It Talks
    • Islands
    • InterRail Postcards
    • Inspiring Women in Music
    • Inspirations of Visual Art
    • In the Shadow of Kafka
    • In Search of Contentment
    • In Praise of the Midlands
    • If Walls Could Talk
    • I've Never Told Anyone This Before
    • I Confess: The Power of the Confession
    • I Am, Yours Sincerely, C Bronte
    • How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear
    • Home Rule for the Soul
    • Homage to Caledonia
    • Here's Looking at Me
    • Henry, King of Kings
    • Heffer on Film - Kitchen Sink Cinema
    • Heffer on British Film
    • Head in the Clouds
    • Haydn Essays
    • Hay Essays: How to Write a Book
    • Happily Ever After
    • Hanging On
    • Half Shame, Half Glory - Postcards from the Acting Profession
    • Gun Culture
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Virgil)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Thucydides)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Tacitus)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Sappho)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Plato)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Juvenal)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Horace)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Herodotus)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Euripides)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Cicero)
    • Greek and Latin Voices (Augustine)
    • Greek and Latin Voices
    • Goodbye to All That
    • Golding Remembered
    • Get Playing
    • Germany Dreaming
    • Georgian Portraits
    • Furniture - A Personal History of Movable Objects
    • From Pens to Ploughshares
    • Freedom
    • Free Thinking 2017
    • Free Thinking 2010
    • Free Thinking 2007
    • Forgiveness
    • Forgetting
    • Five Seismic Moments in New Music
    • Five Screen Goddesses
    • Five Portraits of Science
    • Five Poems I Wish I Had Written
    • Five Imaginary Scottish Places
    • Five Easy Pieces
    • Finish the Bottle
    • Fear Itself
    • Explaining the Explicit
    • Enlightenment Voices
    • English Takeaway
    • England Ejects
    • Emotional Landscapes
    • Emotional Landscapes
    • Elgar's 150th Anniversary
    • Earth Music Bristol
    • Dylan Thomas Centenary
    • Doctoring Philosophy
    • Desperately Seeking Eternity
    • Decameron Nights: Ten Italian Indelicacies Remixed from Boccaccio
    • Death and the Philosopher
    • Dawnwalks
    • Darwin's Children
    • Dark Arcadias
    • Crisis of Care
    • Couples
    • Cornerstones
    • Cornerstones
    • Cornerstones
    • Cornerstones
    • Conflict and Culture
    • Commonwealth Questions
    • Classical Music's Unsung Heroines
    • Cities on the Brink
    • Christmas Close Up
    • Chopin
    • Chekhov Essays
    • Checkmate
    • Changing My Mind
    • Changing Climates
    • Burgess at 100
    • British War Films of the 50s
    • British Film Comedians
    • British Cinema of the 40s
    • Britain's Hidden Slave Trade
    • Brick, Stone, Steel, Glass
    • Brick, Stone, Glass, Steel
    • Breaking Free
    • Bram Stoker
    • Brahms Experience
    • Bliss Was It in That Dawn
    • Black and White
    • Beyond 'Silent Spring'
    • Between the Essays
    • Between the Essays
    • Between the Essays
    • Being Orson
    • Before 'Silent Spring'
    • Autumn 1973
    • At the Speed of Thought
    • Aspects of Grainger
    • Art in a Cold Climate
    • Are You Paying Attention?
    • Architecture: The Fourth R
    • Antony Gormley's Seminal Sculpture
    • Another Giant Leap
    • Anglo-Saxon Portraits
    • An Informal History of the Male Nude
    • All My Presidents
    • All Miss Brodie's Girls
    • About Average
    • A Tribute to Mr Purcell
    • A Taste of Summer in America
    • A Taste for the Baroque
    • A Sporting Lexicon
    • A Short History of Indian Art
    • A Sense of Ourselves
    • A Robert Schumann Album
    • A Reflection on Worrying
    • A Passion for Opera
    • A New Cycle of Mystery Plays
    • A Letter to My Body
    • A Laureate's Life
    • A Good Death
    • A Five-Day Journey
    • A Dark History of British Gardening
    • A Cretan Spring
    • A Body of Essays
    • A Beep Heard Around the World


    Leading writers on arts, history, philosophy, science, religion and beyond, themed across a week - insight, opinion and intellectual surprise

      Name Description Released Price  
    1CleanBeyond the Crisis of AttentionIn her final Essay, writer Madeleine Bunting asks whether we are in a crisis of attention.2 3 2018FreeView in iTunes
    2CleanPrayer and Snake OilWriter Madeleine Bunting explores some key moments in the history of attention.1 3 2018FreeView in iTunes
    3CleanEscaping the OnslaughtWriter Madeleine Bunting presents her third Essay on attention in the digital age.28 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    4CleanMultitaskers and GorillasThe writer Madeleine Bunting continues her exploration of how we pay attention.27 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    5CleanA Worldwide PreoccupationThe writer Madeleine Bunting explores why attention has become a major social concern.26 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    6CleanThe Last WolfKenneth Steven sees the new routes opening the Highlands to tourists for the first time.23 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    7CleanThe Great GlenKenneth Steven looks at the project to build a canal through the heart of the Highlands.22 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    8CleanThe Moss LairdsKenneth Steven explores how the central belt of Scotland was transformed by land clearance20 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    9CleanThe Dark YearsPoet Kenneth Steven remarks on the history of the Scottish Highlands.19 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    10CleanEpisode 5Writer John Walsh examines the male desire to stand out, sartorially and in attitude.16 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    11CleanEpisode 4Writer John Walsh examines the male desire to stand out, sartorially and in attitude.15 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    12CleanEpisode 3Writer John Walsh examines the male desire to stand out, sartorially and in attitude.14 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    13CleanEpisode 2Writer John Walsh examines the male desire to stand out, sartorially and in attitude.13 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    14CleanEpisode 1Writer John Walsh explores the male desire to stand out, sartorially and in attitude.12 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    15CleanLouise WelshLouise Welsh reflects on the Uncanny in the novels of Muriel Spark.9 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    16CleanVal McDermidVal McDermid discusses Muriel Spark - crime novelist.8 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    17CleanJanice GallowayJanice Galloway discusses Muriel Spark- code maker and code breaker.7 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    18CleanKate ClanchyKate Clanchy discusses the work of Muriel Spark - poet.6 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    19CleanAli SmithAli Smith presents the first in a series of essays celebrating the work of Muriel Spark.5 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    20CleanLavinia GreenlawFive writers on the pleasures of viewing a phenomenon or social activity closely.2 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    21CleanRachel CookeFive writers consider the pleasures of viewing a phenomenon or social activity closely.1 2 2018FreeView in iTunes
    22CleanNicholas ShakespeareFive writers consider the pleasures of viewing a phenomenon or social activity closely.31 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    23CleanLauren ElkinFive writers consider the pleasures of viewing a phenomenon or social activity closely.30 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    24CleanJames FoxFive writers consider the art of viewing a phenomenon or social activity closely.29 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    25CleanClay BricksPoet Fiona Hamilton contrasts clay's different states, before and after it's baked hard.12 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    26CleanGypsum and AlabasterArchaeologist Rose Ferraby gets to grips with gypsum, the key mineral in plaster.11 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    27CleanNorth Sea Oil and GasEsther Woolfson contrasts Aberdeen, the 'Granite City', with its oil and gas industry.10 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    28CleanLewisian GneissThe writer Sara Maitland conjures with Lewisian gneiss, two-thirds the age of the earth.9 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    29CleanFlintAlan Garner sparks with flint, the stone that has enabled human civilisation.8 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    30CleanWatershedNikesh Shukla on Watershed in Bristol and how it helped him fall in love with the city.5 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    31CleanHafod EryriTravel writer Phoebe Smith on Hafod Eryri and the chutzpah of building on mountains.4 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    32CleanChingle HallAndrew Hurley on the haunting qualities of a 17th-century manor house near Preston.3 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    33CleanGladstone's LibraryNovelist Melissa Harrison on the joy of 'sleeping with books' at Gladstone's Library.2 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    34CleanWigmore HallPianist Stephen Hough on Wigmore Hall and how its 'shoebox' design catches the ear.1 1 2018FreeView in iTunes
    35CleanDear Dante ...Ian Sansom drops a quick line to Dante.27 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    36CleanDear DanteIan Sansom drops a quick line to Dante27 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    37CleanDear Mary ShelleyIan Sansom writes to Frankenstein author, Mary Shelley, to ask her how on earth she coped27 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    38CleanDear Oscar WildeIan Sansom is in the gutter looking at the stars as he writes to Oscar Wilde27 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    39CleanDear William TrevorIan Sansom writes to Irish novelist and playwright, William Trevor27 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    40CleanDear Marianne MooreIan Sansom writes to poet Marianne Moore and asks her about that tricorn hat27 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    41Clean10 EisensteinSilent movie accompanist Neil Brand reappraises Eisenstein's influential film October.17 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    42Clean9 Moisei GinzburgPolitical historian Tariq Ali recalls a tour of Constructivist Moscow in the 1980s.16 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    43Clean8 The State Porcelain FactoryCeramicist Claire Curneen tells the strange story of the State Porcelain Factory.16 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    44Clean7 Akhmatova and TsvetaevaWriter Elaine Feinstein compares the impact of the Revolution on two great Russian poets.15 11 2017FreeView in iTunes
    45Clean6 Mosolov


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