Accounting Assignment 2 3a

Page 2of 182017 Assignments[AFE3871 – FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 3A] Dear Student, Welcome to the University of Namibia and to the Centre for Open, Distance and e-Learning (CODeL) in particular. We hope your studies will be rewarded with success. We kindly advise that you get all the relevant information and booklets available for distance students from your nearest UNAM centre (including the 2017 CODeL Letter to Distance Mode Students and the Online Assignment Submission Guide on Moodle). These documents will provide advice on how to approach your studies and will guide you through your study materials as well as providing useful administrative information in submitting assignments. Study materials Your study guide is essentially your “teacher/lecturer”. However, in addition you are required to visit the library to consult prescribed books and recommended readings that are indicated in the study guide. You are also responsible to purchase any prescribed textbooks required for your respective courses/modules. Furthermore, you are strongly advised to follow the guidelines in the Online Assignment Submission Guide on Moodle. Submission of assignments It is very important to complete and submit a clean, clear and well-argued assignment for marking. Make sure that you have answered the questions correctly. It is the responsibility of you as a student to make sure that every page of the completed assignment is correctly numbered before submitting your assignment. From 2017, ALL assignments would be submitted through the Moodle Learning Management System. This is an online platform where you will access all your modules and related information such as course outline, course notes and other learning materials that your tutor may choose to share, as well as communicate with your tutors and with fellow students through forum discussions or other available communication tools. Moodle is accessible here: refer to the 2017 CODeL Letter to Distance Mode Students).You should complete and submit all assignments on or before the given due date in the assignment letter if you wish to be admitted to the next examination. Due Dates All assignment due dates for 2017 are published on the cover of this letter. With the shift from manual to online assignment submission, due dates would be automated. This means that you would be required to submit your assignments on the due date set on your assignment before 11h59 PM. After the date has passed (i.e. 12h00AM the next day) the assignment submission will be disabled and you would no longer be able to submit your assignment.

Problem 2-3AName:Section:Score:99%Key Code:2Answers are entered in the cells with gray backgrounds.Cells with non-gray backgrounds are protected and cannot be edited.Enter the appropriate amounts/formulas in the answer cells, or select from the drop-down list. In journal entries, dates will not be graded. In the general ledger accounts, only the final balance of the account wgraded. For correct grading in the trial balance, enter a zero where you would otherwise leave an amount cell blanAn asterisk (*) will appear to the right of incorrect entries in outlined answer cells.1.JOURNALPostDateDescriptionRef.DebitCredit2016Nov.1 Cash1127,750 Patty Cosgrove, Capital3127,750 2 Rent Expense534,000 Cash114,000 6 Equipment1612,880 Accounts Payable2212,880 8 Truck1832,500 Cash116,500 Notes Payable2126,000 10 Supplies131,860 Cash111,860 12 Cash117,500 Fees Earned417,500 15 Prepaid Insurance142,400 Cash112,400 23 Accounts Receivable1212,440 Fees Earned4112,440 24 Truck Expense551,100 InstructionsPage1


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