Successive Assignments Ncoer Form

A Soldier could expect to pin-on SGT when they reach 5 years of service.

FACT: All Soldiers must complete Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT) within 2 years of enlistment.

ASSUMPTION: A Soldier enlists as an E1.

FACT: Promotion to E2 requires 6 Months Time in Service (TIS). TIS is computed from date of entry on Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT).

ASSUMPTIONS: Soldier completes IADT within 2 years of enlistment. Promotion to E2 could take up to 2.5 Years.

FACT: Promotion to E3 requires 12 Months TIS and 4 Months Time in Grade (TIG) as an E2. TIS is computed from date of entry on IADT.

ASSUMPTIONS: Soldier completes IADT within 2 years of enlistment. Promotion to E3 could take up to 3 Years.

FACT: Promotion to E4 requires 24 Months TIS and 6 Months TIG as an E3. TIS is computed from date of entry on IADT.

ASSUMPTIONS: A Soldier is promoted to E4 at 24 months TIS and 6 months TIG as an E3. TIS computed from date of entry on IADT. Soldier completes IADT within 2 years of enlistment. Promotion to E4 could take up to 4 Years.

FACT: Promotion to E5 requires 12 Months TIG as an E4.

FACT: Promotion to E5 incurs a 12 Month Remaining Service Obligation (RSO).

ASSUMPTION: Structured Self Development 1 (SSD1) is under consideration as a prerequisite for promotion to E5.

ASSUMPTION: Promotion to E5 could take 3 years or more.

EXPECTATION: All E5 NCOs complete Warrior Leader Course.

EXPECTATION: All E5 NCOs will serve a minimum of 2 years as a Team Leader (or equivalent).

Narrative Examples

• SGT Smith’s has strong potential; promote to Staff Sergeant now. Assign as MP Squad leader immediately, and send to ALC as soon as possible. He will continue to succeed and will make an outstanding squad leader. Every effort needs to be made in order to retain Soldiers like him.

• SFC Smith is a stellar NCO, and will absolutely be a CSM someday. Promote now and send to Non-Lethal Weapons Trainer Course immediately. Afford him every opportunity to complete his college education.

• SGT Smith potential as an NCO and a Armor crewman is unmeasurable. He is by far the top Sergeant out of three that I senior rate. SGT Smith has the knowledge, work ethic to be a outstanding Tank Commander, and Section Sergeant. SGT Smith has the tools to serve in any position that the Army has to offer. Keep him in leadership position, send to ALC, and promote to SSG immediately.

Promotion Potential

• promote ahead of peers

• outstanding potential for greater responsibility

• has the ability to excel as a platoon sergeant

• promote to Sergeant Major in secondary zone

• promote now; select for 1SG, send to 1SG course and groom for sergeant major

• has clearly demonstrated the potential for increased responsibility; assign as a food service sergeant of a major subordinate command

• assign as company first sergeant now

• this NCO will make an outstanding 1SG, promote to MSG now

• assign immediately as MP company 1SG

• outstanding leader, will excel in any position

• continue to challenge this NCO with increased responsibility

• keep in leadership positions; will continue to make a difference

School Assignment

• send to Advanced Leaders Course now

• send to Advanced Leaders Course when slots become available

• highly intelligent NCO, should be sent to Military Police Investigations immediately

• every effort should be made to allow this NCO to complete her bachelors

• send to Battle Staff Non-commissioned Officers Course now

• excellent NCO, send to WLC as soon as possible

Performance Potential

• this NCOs potential is unlimited and will succeed in any position

• put this NCO in higher demanding positions

• demonstrates the potential to excel; continue to groom for increased responsibility

• demonstrates potential to excel in leadership positions with greater responsibility

• place in more demanding assignments; he/she will excel

• has unlimited potential; assign as First Sergeant immediately

• assign this Soldier in demanding and critical positions immediately to take full advantage of this Soldier's skills and expertise

• unlimited potential; will be successful at any echelon

• capable of excelling, no matter what position he holds

• challenge with only the most challenging and demanding assignments as he surely will succeed

• unlimited potential, recommend for sergeant major's academy and promote

• greatest potential of all maintenance team chiefs in the battalion

• possesses exceptional potential as a division, installation or MACOM CSM

• unlimited leadership potential

• best potential is as a trainer of Soldiers

• unlimited potential; must be promoted immediately and assigned as an infantry battalion CSM

• potential for major contributions as a corps artillery or division CSM

• his greatest contribution to the army will be leading and training armor Soldiers in a line tank platoon

• should not hesitate to place this Soldier on demanding and critical positions

• should always be assigned with Soldiers, MACOM CSM after Division CSM or Commandant of Sergeant Major Academy

Retention Potential

• every effort should be made to retain this NCO

• retaining this NCO should be a unit priority


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