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Wisconsin Hills Middle School

  • Elmbrook School District, WI
  • 6-8
  • 7

4 Best Public Middle Schools in Wisconsin

High School Sophomore: I attended Wisconsin Hills for my entire middle school. The teachers were friendly, helpful, and good at teaching, although the classes could have been a little more interesting. I really loved the Student Teacher Period, because I could go to the library, visit teachers to review lessons or receive extra help, get a start on homework, or just relax. The orchestra department was also wonderful, especially due to the wonderful teacher. One thing that really jumps out at me when I remember my middle school experience was Paw Prides, or behavioral incentives. These motivated behavior that highlighted the school's motto: Respect and Responsibility. Also, some of my favorite memories in middle school were the March Madness Staff versus. Students annual basketball game. The entire school enjoyed this event, and everyone looked forward to it. If I could redo my middle school years, I would still choose Wisconsin Hills.
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  • 816 Students

  • 15:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School

  • Sun Prairie Area School District, WI
  • 8-9
  • 12

High School Freshman: Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School is the best school in this region, and I would not want to attend any other school. My reasons for this are simple: the school provides many extra-curricular activities, the type of school is unique to many other schools, and there are many different class options. In this school, there are many different sports that all students are allowed to participate in, but besides athletics there are so many unique options for a student to stay involved. These include clubs like DECA, HOSA, NJHS, drama club and after-school activities like ultimate frisbee, student dance team, and so much more. On the other hand, the make-up of the school is different from most high schools or middle schools. Instead of being 9-12 building, like most high schools, a new high school was built containing only grades 10-12 and the old one was used for an upper middle school, which I now attend. By cutting the freshman off from the high school and combining them with eighth graders, it allowed students to better prepare for their freshman year by taking the same kind of exams and finals that high school students are taking. Lastly, in this school there are expanded classes offered to help prepare for AP classes. This year, as a freshman, I took Expanded English and Expanded World History. These classes were much more challenging with a lot more homework to set an example for what college credited course may look like. Overall, I am very privileged to have attended Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School and I hope more kids get the chance to go to great schools like Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School.
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  • 1,165 Students

  • 13:1 Student-Teacher Ratio


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