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Essay on My Senior Year of High School

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Having spent twelve years of my school life in just one small red brick building, the years tend to fade into each other. But the year I remember most clearly and significantly is my senior year of high school, where I finally began to appreciate what this institution offered to any student who stopped to look. Before, school had been a chore, many times I simply did not feel motivated toward a subject enough to do the homework well, and seeing the same familiar faces around ever since I was 5 years old grew very tiring soon enough. But I began to see things from a different angle once I became a senior.

First of all, there are roughly only 800 students in my entire school, from kindergarten up to upperclassmen and women, and my…show more content…

Teachers came in a variety. Some were genuinely interested in what they were teaching us, and some seemed even more bored than the students themselves. But for the most part, all the teachers cared about each student as an individual, and would always greet you in the hall or ask how you were doing. As I entered 12th grade, I began to notice a change in my classes- most of the time, there was more emphasis on participating in discussions than just completing homework exactly to the mark. For instance, my AP English class solely focused on debates over what we were reading, to the extent where everyone, both students and teacher, had a particular view to express.

My school's philosophy on teaching was to turn out well-rounded individuals who did their work, and everyone was treated equally. The only exceptions were that since my school was very focused on athletics, kids who played a lot of sports seemed to be the most popular with teachers, while the abilities of drama students and musicians seemed almost entirely overlooked. Also, because of the small size of the school, once you gained a reputation it really stuck to you, so there was definitely a difference between how the "slackers" and the "responsible" ones were treated by teachers.

In 12th grade, everything seemed to come together for the departing seniors, and I noticed a change come over us. For once,

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When you reach your senior year at high school it is time to stop for a moment and think seriously about your current position and the future. After all, it can without an exaggeration be called one of the most important and even decisive periods of life, the last step before your life becomes completely independent. Just a year separates you from taking independent decisions, choosing a college, taking some actions concerning your future career – in other words, grown-up life. And like with many other things, it is never too early to start preparing to it – you may be sure that an extra mile you walk right now will pay off many times over later on.


The Best Way to Be Prepared

A lot of students perceive their senior year as the last piece of true freedom in their lives. After that they will have to think about jobs, families and career, but right now it looks like it is very far away. Isn’t it better to enjoy yourself while you still can?

In the long run this approach doesn’t pay off. What most students learn by the end of their senior year is one simple truth – namely, that it is never too early to start preparing. In the beginning it seems that examinations, choice of a college, application essays and suchlike are very far off indeed; and then suddenly they are not. Believe those who are more experienced than you are – it is much better and more enjoyable to take your time and go ahead steadily than to try desperately to catch up during the last weeks. Don’t make the same mistakes hundreds of students made before you – it is exactly the main difference between being stupid and being clever: clever people learn from mistakes done by stupid ones.


Things to Take Into Account

There are so many things to pay attention to that your head is probably in a whirl. Let this short list help you a little bit in setting your priorities:

  • Don’t be insincere in your application essays and during your interview. What college wants from you is, firstly, good language (to show that you can express yourself) and, well, expression. The essays should be about something you actually care about – it should, in a word, be real. Professional committee will feel insincerity from a mile off.
  • Don’t spread yourself thin. People tend to trust specialists more than universalists. If you enumerate half a dozen talents it is simply hard to believe that you are equally proficient in all of them; if, however, you find your niche and stick to it you will find yourself in a much better position.
  • Be prepared to your interview. Decide beforehand what you are going to say: why you like this school in particular, what are your ambitions, why you think this school is going to give you what you need.

And, more than anything, be reasonable. Look at what lies ahead and tell yourself: “My senior year isn’t going to be a waste of time”.

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