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Mega Man: The Wily Wars - Walkthrough

"Good times never seemed so good." - "Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond #### M##### .####### ######W ;### ####. .##### ###: ##### ### ##### ###### :####### ######## M#### ##### M##### ##W#: ##### ### #### ##### ,## ;## ######## ## M## #### M#### #M ##W ##;## #, # ,# # ### ## ## ### ##M ## ### #, # W W## #W ##: ## ## # # ,### ### ##### ### ####, M# ### #. ### ### #W ##. ## ### # # ;### ### ## ### ####. ####### #, ### ### ####### ## #W # # ### ### ## :## ### ##: # ### #, ### W## #M ## ## #### M## W# M#### .###M### ###M###; ### M#### ### # .#### ###M ####. #### ### ### ## ##### .####### #######, ### ##### ### # ##### #### ####. #### ### ### W# ##### .####### ###W;#: ### ##### ### # W#### ###W ####. #### ## # ## W## ##### ;###M # ## ## ## # # ## ## #: # # ## ## ##### # ## ## #W # ## ## #; #M ## ## ##W## ## # ## :## ##W ## ##: ##: #; ##; ;## ##### #### M# ##M .## :## ### ## ## ##M ## ##, # #: ## .##; ##, ## ##: ## :## ### ####: ## ## :## # ## ## ,## ## ## # # ## :## ### #### ## # #; ## # #M ## :## ## #M # # ## :## ### ## ## # ## ## ## ## ####W ### ##W# # ## :## ### ## W# # # # ## ## ## W#; ##. ### M##, :## ### ## ### ### ##### ## ##W ## ### ,##: :## ##; ## ##W ### ## #, ## ## ## ##, ##: :## #### ##. ## ## ##. ## ## ## #### ASCII art by Kyle Barr +-------------------------------------------+ | | | Megaman: The Wily Wars | | For the Sega Genesis | | FAQ/Walkthrough | | By T. Jackson ( | | Last Updated: 2/16/04 | | Version 0.25 | | | +-------------------------------------------+ This guide is best vied in 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution with Courier New font in your browser's "small" size setting. Table of Contents: I. Introduction 1.01: Table of Contents 1.02: Introduction 1.03: Dedication 1.04: Blanket Basics 1.04.01: Characters 1.04.02: Differences 1.04.03: Controls 1.04.04: FAQ II. Walkthrough - Megaman 2.01: Basics 2.01.01: Story 2.01.02: Boss Order 2.01.03: Differences 2.02: Walkthrough 2.02.01: Bombman 2.02.02: Gutsman 2.02.03: Cutman 2.02.04: Elecman 2.02.05: Iceman 2.02.06: Fireman 2.02.07: Wily Stage 1 2.02.08: Wily Stage 2 2.02.09: Wily Stage 3 2.02.10: Wily Stage 4 2.03: Appendices 2.03.01: Bosses/Damage 2.03.02: Master Weapons 2.03.03: Items 2.03.04: Secrets 2.03.05: Enemies/Damage 2.03.06: FAQ 2.03.07: Maps 2.03.08: Ending 2.03.09: SPECIAL: Points Guide III. Walkthrough - Megaman 2 3.01: Basics 3.01.01: Story 3.01.02: Boss Order 3.01.03: Differences 3.02: Walkthrough 3.02.01: Metalman 3.02.02: Woodman 3.02.03: Airman 3.02.04: Crashman 3.02.05: Bubbleman 3.02.06: Heatman 3.02.07: Flashman 3.02.08: Quickman 3.02.09: Skull Castle Stage 1 3.02.10: Skull Castle Stage 2 3.02.11: Skull Castle Stage 3 3.02.12: Skull Castle Stage 4 3.02.13: Skull Castle Stage 5 3.02.14: Skull Castle Stage 6 3.03: Appendices 3.03.01: Bosses/Damage 3.03.02: Master Weapons 3.03.03: Items 3.03.04: Secrets 3.03.05: Enemies/Damage 3.03.06: FAQ 3.03.07: Maps 3.03.08: Ending IV. Walkthrough - Megaman 3 4.01: Basics 4.01.01: Story 4.01.02: Boss Order 4.01.03: Differences 4.02: Walkthrough 4.02.01: Topman 4.02.02: Shadowman 4.02.03: Sparkman 4.02.04: Snakeman 4.02.05: Geminiman 4.02.06: Needleman 4.02.07: Magnetman 4.02.08: Hardman 4.02.09: Doc Robot Stage 1: Sparkman 4.02.10: Doc Robot Stage 2: Needleman 4.02.11: Doc Robot Stage 3: Geminiman 4.02.12: Doc Robot Stage 4: Shadowman 4.02.13: Breakman 4.02.14: Skull Castle Stage 1 4.02.15: Skull Castle Stage 2 4.02.16: Skull Castle Stage 3 4.02.17: Skull Castle Stage 4 4.02.18: Skull Castle Stage 5 4.02.19: Skull Castle Stage 6 4.03: Appendices 4.03.01: Bosses/Damage 4.03.02: Master Weapons 4.03.03: Items 4.03.04: Secrets 4.03.05: Enemies/Damage 4.03.06: FAQ 4.03.07: Maps 4.03.08: Ending V. Walkthrough - Wily Tower 5.01: Basics 5.01.01: Story 5.01.02: Boss Order 5.02: Walkthrough 5.02.01: Buster Rod-G 5.02.02: Mega Water-S 5.03.03: Hyper Storm-H 5.03.04: Skull Castle Stage 1 5.03.05: Skull Castle Stage 2 5.03.06: Skull Castle Stage 3 5.03.07: Skull Castle Stage 4 5.03: Appendices 5.03.01: Bosses/Damage 5.03.02: Master Weapons 5.03.03: Items 5.03.04: Secrets 5.03.05: Enemies/Damage 5.03.06: FAQ 5.03.07: Maps 5.03.08: Ending VI. Last Words 6.01: Copyright Information 6.02: Revision History 6.03: Contact Me 6.04: Credits 6.05: Thank you for Playing! Whoa. A table of contents over 100 lines. This is gonna be fun. If you need to find anything, press CTRL + F and type in the section number for the section (i.e. 6.01). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I. Introduction -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 1.01: Table of Contents | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 It is up there. I'm not even about to paste that thing down here. 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 1.02: Introduction | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 Hello and welcome to this guide for the obscure Sega Genesis game, Megaman: The Wily Wars. This game was available in Europe (since when do they get games before we do?) and on the Sega Channel. I have the Mega Drive version (European) and have played the North American version both on ROM and on the Sega Channel back in the day. There is no difference. Your best chance is to get it via a ROM. It's illegal to explain where to get it here but I can say that even if you get the ROM, you cannot access the Wily Tower. If you want to do that, stroll over to and grab a save state for it. Sega did to the first three Megaman games what Lucas did to the Star Wars series with its remakes, namely enhancing the graphics, sound, and adding some nice extras. Sega did this very nicely, actually. While there are a few differences (see sections 1.05, 2.01.04, 3.01.04, and 4.01.04), it's still the Megaman we know and love. Wily Tower, while short, fuses elements from all three Megaman games, making it a Megaman lover's paradise. I can't say much else. You have to discover it. About this guide. I'm changing my style to fit the game. As always, comments are welcomed. Also, some people for whatever reason, hate using master weapons during the stages of the game. If this is you, find another guide. I tend to use them. 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 1.03: Dedication | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 This guide is dedicated to the, using scientific terms here, other master blaster of disaster himself, Brian Sulpher. He's a cool fella who is not too modest but not too arrogant. While he is the master of NES games and writing for them, SURVEY SAYS THAT HE ISN'T THE MASTER OF FAMILY FEUD. He rocks anyway. And for the record, at the time of this writing, he's 1-2 with me on that game but it looks like the Jackson family gets a chance to steal those points. And also to Devin Morgan, a person who has written for more games than anyone could possibly imagine. A respected writer and good friend who can actually act. He's amazing. 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 1.04: Blanket Basics | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 This section covers the basics that apply for all four games. ======================= = 1.04.01: Characters = ======================= Unlike its successors, the original Megaman games weren't heavy with story and revolved around 2-3 basic characters. However, I'll list all relevant characters to the first three Megaman games. Megaman AKA Rock AKA Rockman ---------------------------- The star of our show. Throughout his life, he's earned several nicknames ("Super Fighting Robot," "Blue Bomber," "Meddlesome Blue Robot," etc.) and foiled Dr. Wily multiple times. He likes to avoid fights when possible (story- wise. Depending on who is playing, however...) and find more peaceful solutions to problems. With Megaman around, the adventures in this game are gonna ROCK! Get it? 'cause he's Rock and it's gonna...yeah. Dr. Light --------- Dr. Light created Megaman, his brother Protoman, his sister Roll, and along with Dr. Wily, created the six robot masters of this game. He is a benevolent person with Megaman's best interests in mind. He is always creating new gadgets for Megaman to use in defeating Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily -------- It's impossible to have a good character list without Dr. Wily. Even for, say, Mario. You still need Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily was Dr. Light's assistant before Megaman 1. However, one day, he decided that he had enough. He left the lab, taking Megaman, Cutman, Gutsman, Fireman, Iceman, Elecman, and Bombman with him. He reprogrammed them all. Megaman alone was able to resist the evil programming and escaped. Since then, Dr. Wily has been building all new robots to defeat Megaman. In Megaman 3, however, he has amnesia and goes back to helping Dr. Light. What will happen in this new-found partnership? Protoman -------- My favorite character in the series. Protoman left the lab shortly before he was finished. He was the first self-aware robot ever created. He first appears in Megaman 3 as Breakman, called this because he breaks through floors. Simple. He shows up to attack Megaman occasionally as well. Whose side is he on? Roll ---- She's the caring, worrying sister who plays a roll (ha ha!) no bigger than standing with Dr. Light all worry-like. While she does come in to play in later games, that's all she does in this game. ======================== = 1.04.02: Differences = ======================== This section will list the differences (from their NES counterparts) that exist in all three games. The differences for the individual games are in the differences section in that game. I thank the MMHP ( for helping me with some of these. -The graphics have obviously been updated to 16 bits. -The music has been remixed. The Wily Tower has all-new music. -The Arm Cannon seems to move slower. -The titles are different. Instead of being the classic North American style (a sort of pyramid), they have the triangle backdrop. This was the trademark of the Japanese version of the Megaman games. -Instead of a password system, you've got saves. -Either Megaman is taller or everyone else is shorter. -Megaman is wearing blush. -There seems to be a delay in between the time you push a directional button and moving. -It's a little harder to land jumps. You'll miss some that you should have made. -It's slower. -Some enemies are more or less resilliant than they used to be. -The backgrounds are better. -There are no passwords so it's a save system. -Bosses and enemies (moreso with the bosses) are invincible for a second after being hit (like Megaman). If you've got more, feel free to drop me a line. ===================== = 1.04.03: Controls = ===================== Basic controls -------------- -------------------------- | Button | Function | |--------|-----------------| | A | Pause | | B | Shoot | | C | Jump | | Start | Pause | | Mode | Nothing | | Up | Ascend ladders | | Down | Descend ladders | | Left | Move left | | Right | Move right | -------------------------- Note: Some Genesis controllers also feature X, Y, and Z buttons. These serve as backups to A, B, and C and are the exact same in most games. The three extraneous buttons do nothing in The Wily Wars however. Advanced controls ----------------- In Megaman 3, holding down while jumping will cause you to slide. In Megaman 2/3, holding the control pad in a certain direction will aim the Metal/Shadow Blades. Wily Tower's controls are identical to Megaman 3's (i.e. you can slide). ================ = 1.04.04: FAQ = ================ 1Q: Where can I get this game? 1A: eBay. You'll probably get the PAL version, though. 2Q: PAL? 2A: It's Europe/Australian games. Their TVs are different. 3Q: Will it still play? 3A: Probably, although it couldn't hurt to get a PAL TV. I've heard that many TVs nowadays come with PAL support, though. 4Q: Will you sell yours? 4A: No. === Alright, so the game starts out with Dr. Light giving a lecture on Megaman. Suddenly, everything goes dark. Eyeballs start popping up everywhere. The lights come back on and all of the robot masters from Megaman 1-3 and Roll are in the room. The title screen comes up with slides of Megaman and foes in the background. Select Game Start and let's get going! Choose whichever file you want and then pick the game we'll start out with -- the original Megaman! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- II. Walkthrough - Megaman -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 | 2.01: Basics | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~0 ================== = 2.01.01: Story = ================== This is taken from the NES Megaman instruction booklet, so it's copyrighted to Capcom 1988. It's MEGAMAN versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis -- that strange multi-faceted land of robot-like Humanoids. Brilliant scientist Dr. Wright conceived the construction of fully-operational human-like experimental robots to perform specific everyday duties. Dr. Wright, and his assistant Dr. Wily, encouraged with their very first near human robot -- MEGAMAN -- proceeded to develop six additional Humanoids, all programmed to perform prescribed rituals: Cutman: Designed to function as a lumberjack. Powerful saw-toothed Scissorlike instrument protrudes from head, capable of gnawing through giant forest timbers Iceman: Impervious to chilling sub-zero temperatures, capable of human-like performances under extreme climatic conditions Gutsman: A bulldozing character capable of lifting and transporting huge boulders Bombman: A real "blaster" as a heavy duty laborer who uses intensely powerful explosives to clear lands for Dr. Wright's construction projects Fireman: Melts and molds metals with a flamethrowing torch flaring from atop his head. Elecman: Dr. Wright's electrifying creation - planned for conducting electrical operations - even supervising nuclear power plants. But, with the exception of MEGAMAN, all of Dr. Wright's near-human robot experimentation went awry. Assistant Dr. Wily turned disloyal, re-programming Dr. Wright's Humanoids, now bent on destroying opposition so Dr. Wily could control the world and its resources. Resisting re-programming, MEGAMAN is chosen the defender of the universe and its inhabitants. MEGAMAN dares to single-handedly penetrate seven separate empires of Monsteropolis, eliminating the leaders and followers of these sovereignties. Get ready for some very exciting challenges! Alrighty then. ======================= = 2.01.02: Boss Order = ======================= This is for those who just want a recommended order and didn't look at the table of contents. BOMBMAN -> Use Arm Cannon -> Go to Gutsman GUTSMAN -> Use Hyper Bomb -> Go to Cutman CUTMAN -> Use Super Arm -> Go to Elecman ELECMAN -> Use Rolling Cutter -> Go to Iceman ICEMAN -> Use Thunder Beam -> Go to Fireman FIREMAN -> Use Ice Slasher -> Go to Wily Stages ======================== = 2.01.03: Differences = ======================== -One of the most obvious things is that, when you're flashing, you cannot die if you touch spikes. In the original version of this game, any time you touched the spikes you died. Now the window of invincibility extends to spikes. -The pause button brings up the menu. There is no way to pause without doing this. Because of this, the pause/resume glitch no longer works. GOTTA GET SOME SKILL NOW, DON'T WE? -The clear points seem to come up slower. -The water in Iceman's stage actually DOES make you jump higher. -Instead of Dr. Wily appearing at the center of the screen when you defeat all six robot masters, his logo appears. -While we're at it, the robot masters' faces are their logos on the stage select screen as opposed to their whole sprited body. -On screens with the Watcher enemies, it used to be that once they were destroyed, they'd come back in a few seconds. Watchers no longer regenerate. 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 | 2.02: Walkthrough | 0=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=0 Press start on the title screen to access the Stage Select screen. Here you see closeups of all of the robot masters of this game. Remember to take your time. Choose Bombman and let's get this party started! ==================== = 2.02.01: Bombman = ==================== Enemies: Screw, Popper, Screw Turret, Pea Shooter, Sniper Joe, Spike Bot, Bullet Bill, Flying Metool, Suzy, Bombman Note: Does anyone know what those yellow balls in the background are supposed to be? Start by going right. A red screw will jump at you. Let it jump over you, turn around, and blast it with the Arm Cannon. Continue on. Jump on the platform to have two more red screws jumping at you. Repeat the previous strategy to deal with them. Jump onto the next step and from there to the top, dealing with the red screws as they jump at you. Drop off the next two steps and continue going right. When you reach the next step (there's a fence), quickly jump onto the platform and hug the wall to your right. A guy we'll refer to as a Popper will Popper up (heh heh. I'm here all night) and break in to four pieces. If you're hugging the wall, you'll be able to dodge these pieces. Jump onto the top ledge and jump over the gap. Repeat this process with the next Popper. However, as soon as he is gone, be sure that you hurry and jump to the next platform, as the Popper from the previous gap will be coming back up for more Poppin' goodness. Repeat this strategy for the next Popper. When you jump down to the blue and green ledge that is closer to the ground, go right and jump on the thin ledge. That ends the Popper section. Jump onto the column and fall off to the right. When the blue screw that is in the ground comes up, it will fire off shots like so: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.01a | ----------------- . . . . === . | ------------- |, = - Screw | . - Shot | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jump over its shot and then blast it three times to destroy it. Continue to the right to find two more screws that should be dealt with in the same manner. Jump over the blue and green = looking platform to find a weapon capsule in a small niche. Because you have no master weapons as of yet, you don't need this. Jump on the first = platform. From there, jump to the second and from there to the longer platform to your left. This has two energy pellets on it. Grab them and jump back onto the = platform to your right and from there to the long ledge to the right of that platform. Go to the right and ascend the ladder. Climb all the way up the ladder without stopping. On the adjacent wall to your left are four Pea Shooters. At the top, wait for the top two Pea Shooters to open fire (visual gag). Destroy them while they're firing. Jump onto the ledge in front of you and from there to the top of the enclosure. Descend the ladder to your left. As you go, destroy the remaining two Pea Shooters. Grab the energy capsule at the bottom and then ascend the ladder again. Go left and climb the far ladder to leave this area. Start going right to meet the classic enemy, Sniper Joe. Sniper Joe jumps and shoots a lot and he has a shield. The only two times you can hit him are when he is firing at you (shoot, jump over his shot, shoot, jump, repeat) and when he is jumping. When he is destroyed, continue right. You'll now encounter a steady stream of foes who look like Bullet Bills from the Super Mario series of games. They only take one shot to destroy, but when they explode they really explode. If you go into the explosion, you'll take damage, so be sure to stop briefly after you shoot them. Sometimes it's best to just ignore them. Once you get to a column, jump onto it. You see a hole. Beyond the hole is a Pea Shooter. Jump over the whole hole and start shooting as you fall. With any luck, you'll hit the Pea Shooter on your way down. If not, you'll have to jump and try to hit it afterwards. Once it is destroyed, jump onto the platform that it was guarding and from there to the column. Jump across the gap and try to hit this Pea Shooter on your way down. If not, you'll have to dispose of it afterwards. Jump onto the column and across yet another gap to encounter yet another Pea Shooter and yet another repeated section. Destroy it and hop onto the column. From here, jump down to the ledge to your right and then climb the ladder. Go right to enter a sort of building (that's what you assume from the background anyway). Drop onto the small ledge below you and then drop again before the Spike Bot gets ya. Note that the Spike Bots will speed up when they see you, so act fast! Talk about a repeated situation. This looks exactly like the end of the first screen but with different enemies. Go right, jump over the Spike Bot and onto the blue and green = platform. Jump from there to the next = platform and from there to the long blue and green platform. Go all the way right and then ascend the ladder. [Halfway point] - From here on in, when you die you'll end up here. Stop! Don't go all the way up. A Bullet Bill will hover past you. Once he is gone, climb up a little. At this point, you have two options. You can continue climbing or stop climbing. Daredevils should stop climbing. If you take this route, go left across the platform and jump over the spike pit. When you reach the ladder, press up to grab on to it. If you decided to continue climbing up, climb to the top and start platform hopping to the left. This puts you at a better height from which to reach the ladder. Regardless of which route you took, continue up to the next area. Now we encounter a flying Metool. He floats around and fires a shot in all directions when he pauses. Shoot him when he pauses. Once he is destroyed, jump onto the = platform. Jump from there to the next one and from there to a final platform. From there, fall to the ground. Not the spiked ground, mind you. Continue right, dealing with the flying Metools as you go. At the end of the path, you'll discover a ladder. Climb it. At the top, jump off the platform and to your right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.01b | ----------------- | | || |-| | || |-| | || |-| | -> |-| | || |-| | || SJ 1up |-| | -------------------- |-| | |-| | |-| | --------------------- ------------------------------ -------------------- - - Floor | |-| - Ladder | | - Wall | SJ - Sniper Joe | 1up - Extra life | -> - Go here first | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Land in there to find a Sniper Joe. Defeat him as you have defeated the other Sniper Joes (they don't change) and grab the 1-up. Leave this compartment through the hole through which you entered it. Drop to the ground and continue right. At the far end of this path, you'll find a platform with a Sniper Joe atop it. Defeat the Sniper Joe and then enter the boss gate. Megaman 1 is the only Megaman game to feature an enemy-ridden boss gate. Jump across the gap and onto the ladder. Once on the ladder, jump to make Megaman let go. He'll fall all the way down, missing all of the Suzies. At the bottom, we meet... <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOSS: BOMBMAN In case you didn't figure this out, Bombman's weapon is a bomb. He'll run and jump around the room chucking bombs at you. He's very slow but never let him get you in a corner. As I said, he'll throw bombs at you. Not only do you have to watch out for the bombs, but you also have to watch out for their explosions. Like the Bullet Bills of his stage, they leave an explosion behind that is just as damaging. Using your Arm Cannon, shoot at him a few times and then run away from him. If he looks like he is going to jump way over you, turn around and run back. Always run under him if you've got a chance. Just keep pelting him with your Arm Cannon and he'll go down. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Grab the orb to leave this stage with the Hyper Bomb in hand. ==================== = 2.02.02: Gutsman = ==================== Enemies: Metool, Met Miner, Blader, Hopper, Gutsman Now we start the classic stage. The one everyone remembers... ...because it is EVIL With the enhanced backgrounds, we can finally figure out that this is a mining stage. Start off by going right to find a Metool on the "step" created by the rock. When you get close enough, he'll come out from behind his hard hat and fire three shots at you at different trajectories. Jump and blast him once to destroy him here. He cannot be damaged while under his hard hat, hence the reason you have to wear them in construction areas. Jump to the next step and go right to find another Met. Destroy it in the same manner, being sure to jump over his shot. Go to the right side of this ledge to activate another friend. Destroy him like you destroyed the first Metool and jump onto the ledge that he was guarding. Jump to the final ledge and go to the right side to discover the greatest evil known to the Megaman series... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.02a | ----------------- ___ O=========================0 0====-----===========-----===0 0=====----===---===---===---====0 _____________ ------------------------------------- _ - Solid ground | 0 - Start of the conveyor belt thing | = - The platform is raised | - - The platform drops | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When the green platform is close enough, jump onto it. Wait for it to go out to the other end of the belt. When you see a platform below you, jump down on- to it. Now is when things get tricky. You'll notice parts of the belt that are thinner than others. When the part of your platform that is touching the belt (the far left) reaches these thin parts, the platform will drop out from under you. You want to jump here. Be sure to jump forwards so that, when the platform gets back to the thicker part of the belt, you'll land on it. Drop to the lowest platform when you can. Repeat the fun of the above belt on the bottom one until you reach the end. At the end, jump over to safe ground and start singin'. Go right and you'll meet these flying green things. Jump and shoot the lowest one but ignore the others. Keep moving (this is important). When you reach the rocks, you'll notice that they make a sort of stair. Jump onto the first rock and from the first rock to the second. Walk along this ledge and jump from there to the third "step." Jump again to the top. Drop down the next two steps to find an energy capsule. Hop up the two steps to your right and then fall off. At this time, you will want to turn around and destroy any of those green machines that are still following you. Go right to meet a Met Miner. Met Miners are tall, so they can't fit under the helmet; however, they do have a shield. When they throw their pickaxes (Hamma' Time!), like the Sniper Joes, they put their shields away so you can attack them. Once he is destroyed, jump up the rock steps. Go to your right to find another Met Miner. To deal with him, run towards him as you are firing. When you get next to him, start running back. Once he's destroyed, continue forwards. On an adjacent platform, you'll see another Met Miner who should be dealt with in the same manner. Jump to the platform that he was previously guarding now and from there to a final platform to deal with a final Met Miner. Go to the right side and drop down. [Halfway point] When you land on this platform, drop off the right side and then hug the platform from which you dropped. You'll land on a platform with an energy capsule atop it. Ignore the other capsule for now and drop off the left side of the column while holding left so that you miss the bottom platform but are still on the left side of the screen when you drop to the next screeen. You'll land on a small niche atop a column. Jump off to the left to land on a ledge with a 1-up. Grab it and drop down to your right. Down here, you'll meet an enemy called a Hopper. He does a lot of damage to you if he hits you and can take a lot of punishment. Your best bet is to wait for him to take a big jump and run under him. Drop off the steps, go all the way right, jump up one step, and enter the gate. In the gate, run forward while firing. You'll hit the Metools that you encounter on the way. Enter the gate at the far end to meet Gutsy! <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOSS: GUTSMAN Gutsman occasionally walks around the room, but his favorite attack is to jump which causes a boulder to come down. Note that you should also jump when he jumps because if you're on the ground when he lands, you'll be shocked and cannot move. When he throws the boulders, they'll split in to four pieces, all of which can damage you equally. As with Bombman, never let him get you into a corner. Speaking of Bombman, use your Hyper Bomb here. Throw a bomb so that he'll get caught in the explosion. Jump over a boulder and repeat. While it is hard to hit him with the bomb (if he is moving), it only takes three bombs to permanently demolish him. Or that's what I'd like to say. He's one of the most recurring bosses in the series with no less than three forms -- not including remade games. If you're wondering, those forms are in Megaman, Megaman 2, and Megaman 7. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Grab the orb to get outta here with the Super Arm! Remember rock, paper, scissors? If Gutsman is rock and rock beats scissors, let's go to the guy with the big scissors on his head! =================== = 2.02.03: Cutman = =================== Enemies: Blader, Pea Shooter, Screw, Flying Metool, Suzy This music rocks. After teleporting in, go right and jump on the set of blocks. Equip the Super Arm (labelled G on your menu), pick up the block in front of you, and lob it at the oncoming blue Blader. Climb up the ladder where the block used to be and jump to the platform to your right. The Blader below you won't do anything but you may want to jump over the next Blader whose altitude is a bit higher. Jump over the Super Arm Block in front of you and carry on. Jump over to the blue and white platform that looks like an = platform from Bombman's stage. Jump from the first to the second and from there to the top step on the series of steps. Jump on top of the Super Arm Block and use that as a stepping stone to jump across the pit. Descend the stairs and go right. There is a narrow gap that will allow you to take a shortcut and jump onto the ladder from here. You will want to hurry as you probably have a nice little line of Killer Bullets following you. Climb up that ladder, jump over to the right, and climb up the final ladder to go to the next screen. Go to the left edge of this platform, turn around, and start with a jumping/ shooting combination to destroy the turret above you. The turret can only be damaged when it opens up to fire. It's just like the turrets from Bombman's stage. After it is destroyed, hop over the gap (if you fall down the gap, you'll be back at the previous screen. Go right and climb up the ladder to return to this spot) and go to the ladder on the left side. Two turrets await you up here. Destroy them in the same manner in which you destroyed their pal. Hop over to where the turrets were, jump up the stairs, and finally climb up the ladder. There's an easy way and a hard way to do this screen. When you get to the top of the ladder, start with the jumping and shooting to nail the turret on the left side of the screen. Climb up the closest ladder to you to avoid the second turret. Jump onto the stair in front of you to find yourself in front of another turret. Start firing at it to destroy it when it finally opens up. Jump onto the final stair and climb up the ladder. Go left and jump over the pit (you'll find yourself on the previous screen if you miss). Climb up the ladder and go right. Ignore the turrets and hop onto the ledge above you. Go left and climb the ladder. Finally no turrets! Go right and you'll see a building. Someone in the building starts to chuck Rolling Cutters at you. Ignore it and continue to the right. Those little screws from Bombman's stage will start to fly at you now. Let them all jump over you. When they start to jump to come back, blast them. It's as simple as that. Hop up these next few stairs and jump onto another Super Arm Block. Jump from there over the pit and down the stairs that you come to. Now you meet the Suzy enemy. Suzy is an eye with suction cups attached to all four of its sides. When Suzy is on the bottom level, shoot it. Once this Suzy has been destroyed, you'll notice two more on the screen: one moving up and down and one more moving side-to-side. Stand on the far right side of the ground. When the side-to-side Suzy is on the left side and the up and down Suzy is down, jump and throw a Hyper Bomb at them. If it stays on the platform, it will destroy both of them in one hit. Jump onto the platform, go left, climb the ladder, go to the right, and finally climb up this last ladder. [Halfway point] Now we start the fun part of this stage: a few screens filled with Suzies. To your left when you climb up is a Super Arm Block. Wait for the lowest three Suzies to be on the left side of the screen. Jump and throw it at them to take them all out. Climb the ladder and wait for the last remaining Suzy to go to the right side of the screen. When this happens, start jumping and shooting at it to destroy it. Jump over to the platform in the middle of the screen and from there to the far right platform to find a ladder. Climb the ladder. More Suzies. Destroy the one closest to you when it is on the ground. Go all the way to the left and hug the left wall. When the Suzy above you goes to the right, jump through the gap to avoid it. Go left to find another Super Arm Block. Jump on top of it and start climbing the ladder when the lower of the Suzies starts moving to the right side of the screen and don't stop. More Suzies! When the up/down Suzy is on the ground and the right/left Suzy is on the right, throw a Hyper Bomb to get rid of them both. Jump and climb up the ladder to your right. When the left/right Suzy up here is on the right side of the screen, climb to the top of the laddee, jump up to the final ladder and climb it. No more Suzies here! Go right to dodge the Rolling Cutter building. Jump up the stairs and go righ tto find a blue Blader foe. Destroy it quickly. Drop off the stairs to meet two more Bladers. Destroy them and drop off the ledge to the right. If you need it, go through the nook to your left to find an energy capsule. Grab it, go right, and descend the ladder. Down here, we meet a Flying Met from Bombman's stage. There are two ways of dealing with this screen: the easy way and the hard way. The hard way is more fun but the easy way is more reliable. Because it continues into the next screen, I'll divide it. Easy way: Go left and down the ladder. Drop off so that you land on the floor. Go right and descend the ladder. On the next screen, drop off to the right. You'll land on a platform. Jump off to the left and descend the ladder on the far left-hand side of the screen. Hard way: Go to the right side of the screen and jump off so that you are holding right and hugging the invisible wall. When the screen switches, wait a second and start holding left. You'll hit the Flying Met and land on a platform. Jump to the left to another platform. Jump from here to the ground and descend the ladder on the right side. Regardless of which route you took, you'll end up here. You've got a Hopper enemy here. Wait for him to get onto the top level of Super Arm Blocks and hope he does a high jump. When he does, run under him and don't stop running until you reach the gate. The gate is filled with the screw enemies from Bombman's stage that pop up and fire in five directions. When they pop up, blast them really quickly. The middle one is on the ceiling, so beware! Once you've destroyed all three, enter the gate on the far side to meet... <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOSS: CUTMAN Cutman is fast and hops around the room a lot, throwing his Rolling Cutter blades at you. How do you cut him down to size? You cut him down to size with the two Super Arm Blocks that are in the room. Ignore Cutman and concentrate on picking the blocks up. It takes two blocks to destroy him but there are only two blocks in the room, so each block has to count! The Wily Wars version of him is a great deal slower than the NES one was. When Cutman is in the air, throw a block at him. Jump over any Rolling Cutters and then hit him again to finish him off. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Grab the orb and take off with the Rolling Cutter in hand! Be sure not to run! Because, you know. You've got scissors. Tough crowd, tough crowd. ==================== = 2.02.04: Elecman = ==================== Enemies: Spike Bot, Watcher, Hopper, Elecman Time for the hair-raising stage! In all seriousness, this stage has caused a few eyebrows to be raised. If you listen to the music, the first four notes resemble the chord used in "Faithfully" by Journey and the whole thing is like "All the Right Friends" by REM. The question being: which came first? You're at a power plant tower. You've got three ledges above you with little moving Spike Bots on each. To deal with them, equip Rolling Cutter and hit them each. You could also hit them with an Arm Cannon shot to stun them, but Rolling Cutter offers a more permanent solution. Hit the first two from the ground. Jump onto the first ledge, jump again, and fire a Rolling Cutter at the Spike Bot above you to destroy it. Jump from here to the first ledge on the right side, from there to the second ledge on the left side, and from there to the second ledge on the right side. Ascend this ladder. More Spike Bots. Take the first one out from the ground and jump to its platform. Fire a Rolling Cutter without jumping to destroy the second one. Jump onto its platform and from there to the top. Climb this ladder. While I'm thinking about it, when you see a weapon energy capsule/pellet, be sure that you collect it with the Rolling Cutter equipped so that you don't run out before you reach Elecman himself. Now you've got some Elec Beams to deal with. Jump over to the left side so that you are in between the gap and the left side of the platform with the first Elec Beam on it. When the second Elec Beam goes away, jump onto the first platform and from there left to the second platform. Because of this, you avoid all Elec Beams here. Jump to the top of this platform and climb the ladder. Here you have what looks like a ladder that goes way up to your left and just that. Wait for a second and these green enemies called Watchers will come down. When they are on the same level as you are, they'll open up and fire two beams of electricity at you. Jump and fire one shot at them to destroy them. Three will come from the bottom of the screen and three will come from the top. Once you've destroyed all six, quickly climb up the ladder before they regenerate. Climb up the ladder here (it's still the same ladder) until you reach a small platform. Drop off on to this and wait for the six watchers. Destroy them like you destroyed the others. Jump back onto the ladder and quickly climb up to the top. Now it's time for the classic vanishing block game! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.04a | ----------------- |-| |-| |-| |-| |-| |-| === |-| |-| 4 |-| |-| 3 === 2 1 == |-|==== |-| ----------------------------- *------------------------------------* |-| - Ladder | | 1 vanishes shortly after 3 appears | = - Block/floor | | 2 vanishes shortly after 4 appears | 1 - First block to appear | | 3 vanishes right when 1 reappears | 2 - Second block to appear | | 4 vanishes right when 2 reappears | 3 - Third block to appear | *------------------------------------* 4 - Fourth block to appear | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jump up onto the small platform above you. Continue jumping up and down until you land on a block that appears from out of nowhere. To its left is another block. Go jump on it. A block will now appear to the right of the first block. Following this, another block will appear above you and to your left. Equip Rolling Cutter and climb up the ladder to grab three weapon energy pellets. Edge out to the right. On the other side, you'll see four vanishing blocks creating a bridge. When the one closest to you appears, jump out on to it and from there up and left to a ladder. Climb the ladder, go left, and climb a final ladder. [Halfway point] At the top of this ladder, jump on to the ledge up here and walk to the right. Jump down onto the small block. If you're feeling daredevilish, jump to the niche to your left to grab an energy capsule. The hard part is getting back out again, so be sure that Megaman doesn't hit his head and fall down. Jump to the block to your right. Jump from here to the next block and make your way up the last three remaining blocks. Jump from the top to the ladder and climb up. More Watchers here. Take them out from the ground and then ascend the right ladder. Go right to find some more Elec Beams. When the lower Elec Beam is gone, jump as high as you can and then press up. You'll be on top of the ladder. Run left and climb halfway up this ladder. Wait for the top Elec Beam to go out, climb up the rest of the way, run right, and then climb up the ladder. There's a Super Arm Block that you could take out if you wanted to switch sides, but believe me, we don't. Wait here for a second to cause some Watchers to appear (better to take them out now than on the ladder). Destroy them and climb up the ladder. At the top, go all the way left and climb this ladder. Go right and use the Super Arm to get rid of the three Super Arm Blocks in your way. Once they've been cleared away, you'll find the Magnet Beam! The Magnet Beam can create platforms and is necesary later in the game. Jump on the small blocks on the left side and from there to the ledge on the right. Climb up the right ladder. More Elec Beams. Wait for the first one to disappear and then climb beyond it so that you are in between the bottom and top Elec Beams. When the top Elec Beam goes out, climb all the way to the top of the screen. Go left and climb this ladder. Go right, wait for the Elec Beam to disappear, and climb that ladder. Simple enough. This part is interesting. Start off by hugging the left wall. This will cause the top red screw, who is busy trying to stay parallel with you, to jump off the building! Go right long enough to make the bottom red screw go to the right side of his area. Run to the ladder, jump to the top of it (press up at the top), and blast the red screw. Now we have gotten ourselves into a jam. Use the Super Arm to get the block out of your way. Megaman can't jump high enough to get out! What do we do? Use our new-found Magnet Beam, that's what we do! Equip it and fire it at the right wall. You might want to do a little jump first (but not too big). Jump on the platform that is created and from there to the top ledge. Jump to the left to land on a ladder. Climb the ladder. We're almost there! Jump on the ledge to your right to be at a familiar screen. Go right along the ledge and jump to the platform that is down and to your right. Jump from there to the platform to the right and from there to the next platform and so on until you reach the top. Climb up this ladder. We've got some Elec Beams here. There is a small window of time where both the first and second Elec Beams are out. When this happens, jump onto the first Elec Beam's platform and from there to the second. Jump from here to the ladder. At the top, you've got a Hopper. Go right and wait for him to high jump. Go under him and enter the gate. The gate is basically a climb up the rest of the tower. There are two screens of Elec Beam dodging. The way this works is thus: there are three Elec Beams. The middle one will activate and a second later the top and bottom ones will activate. Wait for the bottom one to deactivate and then climb so that you are in between the bottom and the middle. When the middle one goes out, climb so that you're in between the top and the middle. When the top one goes out, climb up the rest of the way. Repeat this for the next screen to reach... <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOSS: ELECMAN Elecman is really fast. At least in the NES version. He's slowed down in The Wily Wars. Also unlike his NES counterpart, he only fires sideways so it's safer to jump over him. There are two Super Arm Blocks in here but don't bother. You've gotta be fast. You can only take three hits from his Thunder Beam but he can only take three hits from your Rolling Cutter. Start off by throwing a Rolling Cutter at him and then taking off to the far left side of the room (on the Super Arm Blocks). Jump over any Thunder Beams and fire Rolling Cutter at him. You'll probably take a hit or two. Beat him first. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Grab the orb and take off with the Thunder Beam! =================== = 2.02.05: Iceman = =================== Enemies: Crazy Razy, Flyin' Penguin, Spike Bot, Hopper, Iceman This stage begins the tradition of ice making your character slide in video games. A tradition that this water stage does NOT start, however, is the ability to jump higher. In this stage, you can jump just as high in water as you can in any other terrain. Be careful! When you teleport in, you'll find one of the most evil enemies in the game: a Split Personality (yeah, I'm making these names up as we go). If you hit the lower part of his body, it will be destroyed but the head will fly up and act like a Blader. You want to aim for his head. Destroy him and carry on. At the far end of this stretch will be a set of steps from which a Split Personality will come running at you. Defeat him like you did the other and jump up the stairs. At the top, you'll find another Split Personality. Make him explode and continue right. Yet another Split Personality will come running towards you like an idiot. Take a shot at his head to destroy him and jump up this next step. Yet another of our friends will start speeding towards you. Blast him and continue right. Jump onto the final step to meet -- you guessed it -- nothing. Drop off this step to the right and from that step into the water. Remember what I said about water not making you jump higher? In the Genesis version, it actually seems to. The water section is too shortlived for it to matter though. Anyway, jump over the obstruction here to come face- to-face with a Flyin' Penguin. Blast it once and then jump over the next obstruction. These Flyin' Penguins will continue to fly at you, hoping to kamikaze with you, so keep shooting. Go right and jump onto the next obtrusion. Jump over the space in between it and the next one so that you avoid the Spike Bot. Drop off the water tank and continue right, avoiding the Flyin' Penguins as you go. Jump onto the next water tank and from there jump to the next to avoid the Spike Bot below there. At the far end is a Spike Bot on a step that you need to get onto in order to finish this section. Pull out your Rolling Cutter and destroy it. Jump up the next two steps to exit the water section of this stage. Go right and jump onto the next stair. Go right to encounter a hole. Drop down the hole, destroy the two Suzies to your left, go right, and drop down a shaft. [Halfway point] More vanishing block fun! The first thing that you will want to do is destroy the Spike Bot with a Rolling Cutter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.05a | ----------------- | | |Strt| | | | | | || | | |Goal|| | | || | | || 7 | | || | | || | | || 6 | | || | | || | | || | | || 5 | | || | *--------------------------------------* | ||2 4| | 1 vanishes shortly after 3 appears | | || 3 | | 2 vanishes shortly after 4 appears | | || 1 | | 3 vanishes shortly after 5 appears | | || | | 4 vanishes shortly after 6 appears | | ||~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 5 vanishes shortly after 7 appears | | || | | 6 vanishes shortly after 8 appears | | || | | 7 vanishes shortly after 1 reappears | --------------------------- | 8 vanishes shortly after 2 reappears | *--------------------------------------* ----------------------------------------------- Strt - Where you enter the area | Goal - Where you exit the area | | - Shaft-looking thing/wall | ~ - Water | 1 - First block to appear | 2 - Second block to appear | 3 - Third block to appear | 4 - Fourth block to appear | 5 - Fifth block to appear | 6 - Sixth block to appear | 7 - Seventh block to appear | *, - - Not part of the screen; guide to timing | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was difficult. There are two ways to do this. Hard-working way: Jump on block number one. When it appears, quickly jump to block number three. When it appears, quickly jump to block number five. When it appears, jump to block six, from there to block seven, and from there to solid ground. Easy, cheap way : Using the Magnet Beam found in Elecman's stage, simply create a column of platforms to the top. Create one, jump on it, create another, and so on until you reach the top. Either way, drop down the shaft. You get a cold reception here (you know you love it) by a Spike Bot and MORE vanishing platforms! And they form two at a time! You try diagramming those! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.05b | ----------------- | | | S | | | 10 11 Goal 8 ------- 9 | *---------------------------------------* | | 1 appears at the same time as 8 | 7 | | 1/8 disappear when 3/10 appears | 6 | | 2 appears at the same time as 9 | 5 | | 2/9 disappear when 4/11 appears | 1 | | 3 appears at the same time as 10 | 2 3 4 | | 3/10 disappear when 6 appears | ===~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| | 4 appears at the same time as 11 | | | | 4/11 disappear when 7 appears | | 5 disappears soon after 7 appears | | 6 disappears soon after 1/8 appear | | 7 disappears soon after 2/9 appear | *---------------------------------------* ---------------------------------------- S - Start | 1 - First block to be significant | 2 - Second block to be significant | 3 - Third block to be significant | 4 - Fourth block to be significant | 5 - Fifth block to be significant | 6 - Sixth block to be significant | 7 - Seventh block to be significant | 8 - Eight block to be significant | 9 - Ninth block to be significant | 10 - Tenth block to be significant | 11 - Eleventh block to be significant | Goal - Where you want to be after this | | - Wall | - - Ground | ~ - Water | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phew. As complex as this looks, it's really simple. Again, you could just use the Magnet Beam to make some platforms on the right side. Start off by using Rolling Cutter to take the Spike Bot out. Run over to the right side and jump onto platform number four. Jump from there to platform five and from there to platform six. Jump from there to platform seven. When it appears, quickly jump to platform nine. Start jumping when you think platform ten is going to appear to land on it. Jump from here to platform 11 and from there to the end of it all. Jump onto the ice pillar and go to the right. Drop off to come to yet another challenging section. You have to jump from eyeball platform to eyeball platform. To make things worse, they are moving and shooting too. Jump from the ice ledge to the first one. Wait for it to be really high and to the right and for the second one to be low and to the left. Jump off to land on the second platform. Wait for the third platform to get close enough to the second (on my cart, this takes quite awhile) and jump over to it. Make the easy jump to the fourth platform and from there to an icy column that serves as a reprieve. There's a weapon energy capsule here. At this point, Flyin' Penguins will start to fly at you so be shooting forward at all times. Jump to the platform. When these two platforms are about to intersect, jump to the other platform. Wait for the third platform to get close and then jump to it. Wait for the third platform to be very high up and to the right (so the fourth should be below it) and jump to the fourth eyeball platform thing. When it climbs high enough, jump to the solid ground to the right. Go all the way to the right to the point where you have to fall down a shaft. Fall off but hug left to find a niche with an extra life inside. Grab it, go right (if Megaman stops moving, jump), and fall down the shaft. Be sure to hold left. If you held left, you'll land on a platform with three energy pellets and three weapon energy pellets. Grab them (be sure to have, say, Rolling Cutter or Magnet Beam equipped), go right, fall off, go left, and drop down the shaft to get to the final part of Iceman's stage. Of course we have a Hopper here. Wait for him to high jump and run under him. Go to the far side of the screen, jump onto the ledge, and finally enter the gate. In the gate, just run while shooting. You are facing an onslaught of Flyin' Penguins. At the far end of the gate, enter the final set of shutters to reach Iceman! <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOSS: ICEMAN Equip Thunder Beam and get to work! Iceman will hover up and down while shooting Ice Slasher at you. He's got a really simple pattern. He'll go to the top of his "hover range" and start going down. While he is going down, he will fire three Ice Slashers at you. He'll pause briefly, fire another, and go back up while firing two more Ice Slashers. He'll now drop, run towards you a little, and repeat the process. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.05c | ----------------- < < 16 <. . . < 25 ........ < < . -> 34 ------------------------------------------------- < - Ice Slasher | . - Megaman's path | 1 - Iceman when he fires the first Ice Slasher | 2 - Iceman when he fires the second Ice Slasher | 3 - Iceman when he fires the third Ice Slasher | 4 - Iceman when he fires the fourth Ice Slasher | 5 - Iceman when he fires the fifth Ice Slasher | 6 - Iceman when he fires the sixth Ice Slasher | -> - Fire Thunder Beam now | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thunder Beam kills him in three shots. At the start of the battle, jump a little and fire one. When he comes down, fire another. Run and jump over the lowest set of Ice Slashers and blast him in mid-air. If you missed on any occasion, hit him while he's running towards you to destroy him before this battle even heats up. Of course, having the battle heat up would be a good thing in that weather. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Grab the orb-thingy and take off with the Ice Slasher! One more robot master left! ==================== = 2.02.06: Fireman = ==================== Enemies: Screw Turret, Fire Tackle, Bullet Bill, Spike Bot Hot, hot, hot! This should go without saying, but if you fall into the lava, you'll die. When you teleport in, position yourself so that you are directly under two of those five-directional-shooting blue screws. Equip the Elec Beam and fire away. This should take them both out (it fire upwards). Go right and climb the ladder. Go left, over where the first screw was, and climb the ladder there. Go right to find another screw. Take him out. Go right to find another "S" formation with your path. Position yourself over the blue screw robot right under you and fire the Elec Beam to destroy that robot as well as the screw in front of you. Go right and descend the ladder here. Go left and descend that ladder too. Now to go right. Out of the fire pit in front of you will come three fireballs. They'll fire (hah!) way up into the sky and slowly come back down. Each of these guys can be destroyed with one Arm Cannon shot each. While they're in the sky, jump over the fire pit to reach a fire barrier. When the fire barrier is extended, fire an Ice Slasher shot at it to freeze it. Jump up onto it and from there to the left to get an energy capsule. It doesn't stay frozen for long, so drop back down beside the fire pillar, fire another Ice Slasher at it, jump up on it, and this time jump off to the right to save yourself some trouble. Go right and ascend the ladder here. More fire pillar fun. Unless you're really hurting (you shouldn't be, what with the energy capsule on the previous screen), just ignore the energy pellers and climb the first ladder. Go right and climb the second. Go left and jump (it's probably best to wait for the fire to be out before you jump) and grab onto the ladder. Climb up to the next area. If you did want those energy pellets, grab the bottom one when the fire pillar is not there. Return to where you were and wait for the fire barrier to be extended. Blast it with Ice Slasher and jump on it. Wait for the second fire pillar to be gone and then jump up to the energy peller. Turn around, hit the fire pillar with Ice Slasher and use it as a stepping stone to reach the ladder at the top. Go right and blast the first fire pillar with Ice Slasher. Use it as a boost to reach the top of the enclosure. Grab the two weapon energy capsules here (remember to have Ice Slasher equipped as you grab them!) and then drop off the right side of the platform. You are now faced with some fire beams. This will certainly heat things up! When the fire is extinguished, jump to the right as far as you can to land on a small platform in between the two fire beams. Wait for the fire beams to disappear and then jump out and to your right. Jump onto the ledge above you and once again jump over to the right (when the fire beam is gone!) to land on a small platform in between the two ledges. Drop down to the right and wait for the fire beam to extend and then go out again. Jump back onto the platform and from there to the ledge to the right. Wait for both of these fire pillars to disappear and then jump to the right, jump over the small gap, and then drop down to the right so that you land on the small ladder. Jump from there to the left to grab three energy pellets. Jump back over to the ladder and descend it. The second you enter this screen, three fireballs will be shot up and the two fire pillars in this room will extend. Stand on the ladder and wait for the fire pillars to go down. Drop down to where the first fire pillar will come up and go left into the gap. Wait for the pillars to go up and back down again. Jump back onto the ledge, over the gap, and finally climb down the ladder. [Halfway point] When you drop off the ladder, hold right to land on the small platform with a fire pillar on it. Wait for the fire pillar to go up and back down. At this point, you should jump to the next platform. While you're waiting for the fire pillar to go up, some fireballs will start coming down. Jump up and shoot one or two. By that time the fire pillar will have gone down. Jump over to the platform on the right where you should climb the ladder and continue right. Jump over to the small grey platform to the right and climb the ladder there. Run right and wait for the fire barrier below you to go back down. Drop to it and quickly jump to the right. Wait for the fire pillar beside you to descend and then jump to the long platform to the right. Run right and climb the ladder here. This is evil. Remember how on Cutman's stage you had that building that shot scissor blades at you and that turned out to be Cutman's weapon? Well now you have a steady steam of Fire Storm coming down at you. Go left and climb up the ladder. You COULD try to time this thing by waiting for one Fire Storm to pass and then running through, but you wouldn't make it. You'd then go up the ladder, go left, get hit by another Fire Storm blast, and finally climb up the ladder. BUT THERE IS AN EASIER WAY TO DO IT! Turn left, fire the Magnet Beam, jump up to the ladder, and climb up. The Bullet Bills are back! Be sure that you are shooting them as you jump up the stairs here. Run right and equip the Elec Beam. This is difficult to pull off. While standing over the Spike Bot below you in the "S" formation, fire an Elec Beam. With any luck, this destroys the Spike Bot below you and the one in front of you. If it didn't get the one in front of you, jump over it and descend the ladder. If you missed the one here, stand on the ladder and fire Rolling Cutter until you hit it. Now go left, descend the ladder, and go right. Fire an Elec Beam at the oncoming Spike Bot if it gives you any trouble. At the far right side of this platform, equip Ice Slasher and climb the ladder to get a weapon energy capsule. Drop off the ladder, jump over the next two platforms (watch out for fireballs!), and continue to the far right. Jump onto the ledge, wait for both fire pillars to not be ignited, and enter the gate. Start off by jumping and firing a few shots at the screw turret on the ceiling. Run right a little and repeat the process when you see the next screw turret. There are four screw turrets in here. When you've taken care of them all, enter the final gate. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOSS: FIREMAN I've been saving this joke up ever since Gutsman. Ready? As you can tell from his name, Fireman has a flare for fire! Fireman has a simple pattern. He runs around the room. If you fire at him and hit him, he'll counter with Fire Storm. Fire Storm is a shield-looking blast that comes at you and leaves a small fire where you were so when dodging it, be sure to jump over and forwards. Equip Ice Slasher and beat him down. Hit him, jump over Fire Storm, and hit him again. Since he won't attack unless you attack first, you can get away from him before your next shot. Another thing that you have working for you is that he never jumps. You always know to fire Ice Slasher on the ground. He'll go down nice and quick. <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> Take the final orb and take off with Fire Storm! Now select Dr. Wily's logo to wrap things up! He'll call his saucer, do the Dr. Wily trademark eyebrow wiggle thing, and take off. ============================= = 2.02.07: Dr. Wily Stage 1 = ============================= Enemies: Hopper, Screw, Bullet Bill, Rock Monster You teleport in right outside of the evil Dr. Wily's fortress. It's time to begin the final battle! On a slight aside, I was bored during history years ago and I tried to draw a map of what this would look like in Skull Castle map form. Suffice it to say that I figured out why there was no map here. Go right to meet a Hopper. Let him jump over you and then run to the right. After going right for a ways, you'll meet another Hopper. Let him jump over you and run to the small pyramid-like stair. Jump on top of it and then off of it. As soon as you do, another Hopper will appear to greet you. Let him jump over you again and then run right to the next set of pyramid blocks. Jump over them and then continue to the right to find the entrance to the fortress proper. There's one very small, insignificant problem here, though. I don't know...oh yeah. THE ENTRANCE IS BLOCKED. Of course, you can deal with this easily. Just whip out the Super Arm. Now if Dr. Wily had done this in future games where you did _not_ have the Super Arm, he'd take over the world, now wouldn't he? But I digress. With the Super Arm equipped, hug the blocks so that they flash (they flash because you can pick them up with the Super Arm). Jump until the second block from the bottom begins flashing. Use the Super Arm to pick it up and force Megaman into the niche where the block used to be. Throw the block away and repeat the process for the next two blocks in front of you. Unequip the Super Arm and equip the Ice Slasher. Hug the block in front of you and wait for the first fire pillar (from Fireman's stage) to come up. Perform a small hop and fire the Ice Slasher to freeze it. Quickly jump onto the block and from there onto the frozen fire pillar. Jump from here to the next block. When this fire pillar is down, jump up (being sure to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling) to the next block. Wait for the final fire pillar to go up, blast it with Ice Slasher, jump on it, and climb the ladder. Be sure to unequip Ice Slasher! Climb the ladder to the top and edge out over the block. When you are as far out as you feel comfortable, press left just a little and jump. If you did it right, you've just grabbed an energy capsule. If not, you've landed on the block below. Jump to the right, climb the ladder back up, and repeat. Obviously if you're good with health, then there's no need to get this at all. Regardless of what you do, drop down to the first block being sure to hold left during the fall. Those spikes are nasty. Jump over to the large block and from there to the ladder. Climb up! Note: it would be to your advantage to equip the Thunder Beam before coming up here. The second you get up here, you are assaulted by red screws. Your best bet is to use the Thunder Beam to take them out as they're coming down the ladder. Go right and jump up onto the ledge. If you are in need of health, take the upper route here. Destroy the red screw that assaults you on your way. This is really tricky to pull off. I'm sure there's a better way. Go to the wall and use the Magnet Beam to extend a platform. When you think it will disappear (this'll take practice), jump off and hug the blocks at the top-left corner of the enclosure. If you did this right, the Magnet Beam will now disappear. Pause the game and take out your Super Arm to grab this thing. Fall back to the ground, throw the block, use the Magnet Beam again, and take care of the other block. Throw it at the red screws in here, grab the energy capsule, and drop back down to the middle part of this area. Go left until you can drop down again. Look to the right to find three Super Arm Blocks. Do your thing with those until they're all cleared away. Go to the right and descend the ladder. [Halfway point] The Bullet Bills are back! For the first section of this screen, it is best to just ignore them. Run left and drop down onto the platform to the left of the spikes. Carefully jump from platform to platform. By about the second platform, the Bullet Bills will become slightly more than a nuisance (they can knock you down into the spikes) so destroy them quickly. At the far end, drop down, run left to outrun the Bullet Bills, and finally descend the ladder here. Oh boy. More of those floating, shooting platforms from Iceman's stage! Hop on the first one when it hovers over the small block where you dropped. It is important that you do not use the Magnet Beam as a bridge here. When the first platform is higher than the second, jump to the second. At one point, the second platform will be diagonall sloping while the third is moving left. At this time, you'll want to jump to the third. The third and fourth ones, at one point, create a sort of "V" formation. At the lowest point here, jump to the fourth. Whem the fourth platform is slightly near to the solid ground, equip the Magnet Beam and jump off. Two weapon energy pellets await you here and you will need for the Magnet Beam to be at full power on this next screen. After you've collected both powerups, jump on the ladder and ascend it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.07a | ----------------- To next section ||-|--------------------------------------------- ||-| | | | ||-| | | | ||-| | | | ||-| | | | ||-| | | | | | | ------- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |== | |== | | | | | | ------- | | | | | | ==| | == | | | | | | | | | |== | | | | | | | | | --------------------------- | |--- | | | |-| | | |-| From previous section ------------------------------------------------ - - Ceiling, floor | | - Wall/pillar border | = - Where the Magnet Beam platforms should go | |-| - Ladder | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hate to toot my own horn, but that is pretty. Anyway, just follow the diagram. Put a Magnet Beam in those spots, BEING SURE THAT YOU: 1.) Do not jump too high. You've gotta be able to reach it and 2.) Don't put it so far into the wall/pillar that you cannot step on it. If it takes you too many Magnet Beams, go back down the ladder and power up again. [This area serves as a halfway point] In the next area, jump onto the ledge and go right to hear the now-classic music and fight a now-classic boss... <-----------------------------------------------------------------------------> BOSS: ROCK MONSTER AKA YELLOW DEVIL "And I go to pieces and I wanna cry." This describes the upcoming battle. Go to pieces. Get it? YOU WILL! Yeah, back in the day, we called him the Rock Monster. He's a lot easier in the Genesis version of this game. Start off by running to the right side of the screen as he does his version of teleporting in from the left side. The Rock Monster has five levels to him: top of his head, bottom of his head, torso/hands, legs, and feet. Why is this important? The Rock Monster has two attacks, one of which is disassembling itself, shooting its pieces across the room, and reassembling it. After he does this, he'll briefly open his eye and fire one shot at you. He'll close his eye again and repeat the process. To avoid getting hit by his pieces, follow this simple guideline: if it is the second-lowest level of body parts (leg) or below (foot), jump. If it is not, do not jump. It's as simple as that. If he fires them so that the foot is followed by the leg which is followed by the torso, then jump over the first two in one jump and then stop. Each part will fly four times and the middle will fly five times (his hand sticks out). The shot is very easy to avoid. So how do you tackle this behemoth? When he opens his eye to shoot at you, blast him once with the Thunder Beam. You can't hit him again so don't try. Once you've hit him, get ready for the next barrage of blocks. Repeat this process until he dies. Note: The Thunder Beam is so slow that you may want to jump and fire at where his eye will appear once the last part of his body, his near hand, gets reattached. When he moves, he moves thusly: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagram 2.02.07a | ----------------- L E F T 8 12 14 4 7 13 18 1 5 11 16 20 3 6 10 17 2 9 15 R I G H T 14 12 8 18 13 7 4 20 16 11 5 1 17 10 6 3 15 9 2 ----------------------------------------------------- Left - Rock Monster on the left side of the screen | Right - Rock Monster on the right side of the screen | 1 - First piece to move | And so on | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <----------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Слова приятеля его очень удивили. Дело в том, что АНБ не только существовало, но и считалось одной из самых влиятельных правительственных организаций в США и во всем мире. Уже больше полувека оно занималось тем, что собирало электронные разведданные по всему миру и защищало американскую секретную информацию. О его существовании знали только три процента американцев.

- АНБ, - пошутил приятель, - означает «Агентство, которого Никогда не Было».


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