Persuasive Essay On Why Schools Should Start Later

Why School Should Start Later Essay

Have you ever felt like if you just had one extra hour of sleep you would be able to function better in school? Lack of sleep to our teenage brain is a big deal; less sleep can limit our brain development. Our bodies naturally wake up later, we are more alert then. We should delay our first hour to get that extra hour of sleep. The government is starting to notice that teens need more sleep to concentrate in school, so they are working on making laws and bills to get us that extra hour of needed sleep. We teenagers should be allowed an extra hour of sleep. Research has shown that even with an extra hour of sleep our performance is better throughout the school day!
Teens need as much sleep as young children need; teenagers have different brain biology than children and adults. Sleep deprived teenagers display lower brain activity while working than they do rested. More activity comes from the prefrontal cortex, which helps coordinate attention and memory, and the temporal cortex, which contributes to listening and reading comprehension, when well rested. Sleep deprivation also reduces the supply of cortisone and growth hormone that regulate appetite. It is a proven fact that fatigue causes more than one-hundred thousand traffic accidents each year. Adequate sleep contributes to brain development, memory circuit growth, and replenishing the neurotransmitters and endorphins, needed to maximize healthy emotions, mood, attention, memory and thinking. Such sleep defects may interfere with brain development and increase the chance that a teen will develop attention defect disorder and other cognitive problems. Sleep deprivation may also lead to risky decision making and behavior, higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression are also included. Studies have shown that seventy-three percent of teens that are sleep deprived have feelings of sadness and depression, fifty-eight percent report excessive worrying, and fifty-six percent report feelings of stress. There are many effects of sleep deprivation to the brain, such as fatigue, lack of
motivation, irritability, reduced creativity and problem solving skills, and inability to cope with stress. Teens need extra sleep because our bodies and brains continue to grow and change rapidly.
Our internal clocks change as we go through puberty, losing two hours of sleep on average, making it natural for us to stay up later and wake up later. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need eight and a half hours to nine and a quarter hours of sleep each night, but it is also a proven fact that only fifteen percent of teens get at least eight and a half hours of sleep each night. Everyone has an internal clock that influences sleep cycles, temperature, appetite, and hormonal changes. The biological and psychology process that follow the cycle of this twenty-four internal clock are called circadian rhythms. Teens with changes in the circadian rhythm experience sleep pose delay; this rhythm...

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Later School Start Times Essay

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Later School Start Times
Everyone has always hated getting up super early to go to school. As children get older they move to different schools, from elementary to middle to high school, and the start times get earlier. In elementary school it was never a problem getting up but getting older, it always got harder to get up and the days were always longer. Schools start so early in the morning that it is hard to focus and students tend to miss more of their earlier classes and attend all of their later classes. Schools everywhere should start later because it would benefit the students and teachers.
All children need sleep and want sleep during the weekdays and that is very difficult. It has been noticed that older students and younger…show more content…

Adolescents and adults need around 9 hours of sleep daily (De Souza 5). Since schools are starting so early, they can not get the needed sleep time, eight to nine hours. Even though teachers go to school the same time as students, consequences are worse in students and it seems to have more of a critical effect on students. No matter if it is a student or a teacher, the quality of sleep is very important for everybody.
Students need a good amount of sleep to be able to focus and get through the school day. Students ability to function during school is impacted by the quantity, regularity, and quality if their sleep (Wolfson 1). The quality of sleep is not only important for the students but it is also important for the teachers. The quality of sleep affects the way students and teachers act throughout the day. Daytime sleepiness and poor sleep quality on school days in students and teachers may comprise school and work performance (De Souza 5). Since students and teachers stay up so late at night, they tend to be very tired during the day. It is important to get sleep but it is more important to get a good sleep. There is not really a point in sleeping or trying to get sleep when it is not a good sleep because no matter what students will be tired during the day. While the quality of sleep is important, so is the amount of sleep a student or teacher is getting on school nights.
The amount of sleep students

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